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How To Build an ESports Gamer Setup

How to build an esports gamer setup

Whether you are an aspiring esports player, a hardcore gamer playing with anti-aliasing and ultra settings, or a pro streamer, you certainly need to build a starter gamer setup.

The challenge here is to pick up the right equipment for your own usage without being too greedy.

After all, all games don't require the same performances or the latest component generations to work with clarity.

In this article, we talk about must-have equipment to build a starter gaming setup for esports, whatever you're playing on console or computer.

15 Must-Have Equipment for an Esports Gamer Setup

Below are some must-have gamer gears to prepare yourself for eSports competitive games.

Top-Notch Gamer Computer

You'll need first a computer that can play anything on ultra settings.

Of course, it's a requirement only if you focus on PC games.

This computer should be able to run all graphics-intensive websites and programs, including video editing software.

You should focus on one with the most advanced graphics cards, processors, and RAM.

Considering the possible time to play to train and make game matches, you should also invest in a high-end cooling system.

Esports team complete setup for high-level players
Esports team complete setup for high-level players

Finally, an SSD is also a priority.

In fact, the load times will be significantly faster than playing with a game installed on an HDD.

Last Generation Console

You aim for competitive game matches, so you should have the last and best console version.

Pick a PS5, one Xbox Series X, or a Nintendo Switch and fancy playthroughs in 4K or full HD.

Some games, even if they are cross-platforms, have better esports capabilities and communities on consoles.

Depending on your preferred video games, you could have to switch to a console for these specific games.

Competitive sports games like FIFA, eFootball, or NHL actually have more possibilities on consoles than on computers.

Some pro gamers are also not related to only one game or a single platform.

They are then as skilled on both.

Cooling System

Whether you're on a computer or console, there are many possibilities to have your system overheat after long and redundant game sessions.

Ignoring your system temperature could be a potential mistake as frequently playing with such temperature reduces his performance on duration.

Worst, some internal components could simply not work anymore due to their overheating.

Advanced cooling system for an esports gamer setup
Advanced cooling system for an esports gamer setup

But it can easily be fixed by a cooling system.

Computers have air cooling and liquid cooling systems, 2 good options for pro gamers on PC.

Those on the console will need to look for an external cooling system for their consoles.

By plugging one of these cooling systems directly on your console, you ensure to properly maintain your gear for competitions, hardcore gaming, or streaming.

Large Screen Size Monitor

A monitor is one of the essential parts of your gamer setup.

It has to be large enough to display enough visuals and information on-screen.

It also has to enhance the image clarity to avoid unexpected blurs.

However, the monitor choice mainly depends on your room size.

It would be best to opt for a 24' to 27' screen monitor with a small gaming room.

In a large gaming room, you could even pick a broader screen resolution and fancy the best image quality possible.

Then, a monitor for high-level gaming needs to have some specificities like high refresh rates (Hz), which is mandatory for pro gamers.

An image refresh frequency gives you still a clean image when you have a lot of details on the screen, like in esports matches when you can see big fights with many special effects!

But a screen with a low one will struggle to follow so many details, and you'll probably miss some precious information, or worst, have a latency between the current action and what you really see on screen.

Finally, the choice should also be based on your graphics card capabilities.

It should be a shame to have a powerful gaming graphics card and not have the proper screen monitor to display all details, right?

Be sure to always keep in mind these 3 factors before buying a gaming screen monitor!


Most relevant than a screen monitor if you're more into competitive games on console, the 4K TV is a must-have.

By allowing skilled players to fancy the most beautiful images with one 4K TV, it's really hard to miss visuals and precious information.

There are here 2 possibilities for a pro gamer here.

You can pick up the very best of these TVs by purchasing an OLED TV or opting for a LED one that is already more than enough for most current generation games.

Of course, OLEDs are better than LEDs for aspiring eSports gamers as they offer better response time and more colors for a better gaming experience.

But LED TVs are less expensive too and enough for a starter gamer considering a pro gaming career.

High-End Gamer Headset

A gamer headset with a microphone to talk to other players online is a standard in the esports scene.

The best teams communicate during matches.

That's the basis to have a chance to win.

Buy gaming headsets and game headphones on Dubsnatch
Buy gaming headsets and game headphones on Dubsnatch™

These communications are done over turned headsets that let them speak clearly to one another.

A high-end headset will help reduce noise from outside the room and allow effective communication.

Don't go for the cheapest one.

Communication makes a difference in a closed playthrough, especially if you have the role of carrying your team.

A gamer headset with a good microphone, breathable, and comfy earcup, is mandatory for clean communication.

You could also opt for one with a detachable microphone for more accessible storage.

Surround Sound Audio Speakers

While practicing alone -or running out of battery with your wireless headset for your incoming game-, you could prefer to use surround sound speakers.

They made your audio experience still better than with a gaming headset allowing you to fancy every sound coming from multiple areas in your gaming room.

You'll miss anything and could potentially even hear some sounds that opponents don't.

They are also more comfortable in a long training session, especially when you have to train continually for hours.

But they don't come with a microphone, which is mandatory to communicate properly with teammates and others players, making the headset a preferred solution by active pro gamers.

Performance Gaming Mouses and Keyboards

You'll need a mouse with several buttons, as well as a gaming keyboard.

These controllers allow for faster gameplay and higher accuracy during combat sessions.

It's also crucial that these pieces of equipment are reliable enough to stand the test of a few years since chances are you'll upgrade your computer configuration once a year.

If not more.

An egirl showing her pro streamer setup with gaming mouse and keyboard
An egirl showing her pro streamer setup with gaming mouse and keyboard

As for the other materials of your gamer setup, you should focus on high-end devices and not the cheap ones.

A mouse with a high DPI (dots per inch) allows you to be reactive.

Even the tiniest fraction of a second earned makes a difference in competitive games, especially in FPS and MOBA-like.

But high DPI mouses are not for everyone and require a lot of practice to be comfortable with.

Good keyboards also provide many benefits.

They are explicitly designed to be comfortable at high use rates and have lightweight to avoid hand fatigue.

A keyboard is not something to choose from only because it has a fun backlit system and shiny rainbow LEDs.


You should look for other characteristics like keyboard switches and choose one with your favorite type of keys.

I personally use one gaming keyboard with blue switches for Leagues Of Legends.

It was enough to reach platinum, by the way.

But some alternatives like the red and brown switches can also fit your case.

And I'm only playing part-time, cause you know, I'm a blogger for Dubsnatch :)

Adapted Mouse Pad

You got an excellent mouse, but your precision is nothing close to your expectation?

Maybe it is because your mouse pad is not suitable for an e-sport player in being.

Your gamer mouse pad should be large enough to support large unexpected moves, as most of them will not be expected in competition.

One with anti-slippery dense foam is a good recommendation.

It could also be interesting to opt for an anti-fray stitching one for durability.

Official Console Controllers

It looks like something logical, but actually, it's important to remember that practicing with a specific controller helps you to get used to playing with it.

There are no alternatives in competitive gaming, so be sure to get you some official ones.

Most of your controllers will probably have to be renewed multiple times in a year, considering your time playing video games.

Robust Headset Holders and Stands

When you need a break after a long practice or when you do other activities, you'll have to put your headset somewhere close to you and the rest of your gamer setup.

With holders and stands, you can easily tidy it.

Just place your device on your holder or stand, and no longer worry about looking for your headset in a messy room!

Even if the room is clean, because you know, pro gamers are well organized and meticulous!

Some are coming with LED lights to suit your other pieces of equipment colors.

Other comes with the ability to load your gamer headset battery too.

High-End Gaming Chair

A comfortable chair with high back support with a neck pillow is mandatory, so you don't get exhausted playing for hours.

Too many players forgot that having a dedicated chair, comfy and with a solid design, is suitable for a healthy gaming posture.

You will train for several hours a day, so you should avoid any possible back pain and try to get one chair as soon as you can.

A minimalist gamer setup with a monitor and a gaming chair
A minimalist gamer setup with a monitor and a gaming chair

Gaming chairs are excellent options with their aggressive design and breathable options for some.

Still, some office chairs are also more than adapted for hours of practice and should not be forgotten when you shop for a chair.

Breathable Clothes and Shoes

Breathable clothes are also flexible to stay in place when you use your computer without being too distracting.

There are chances that you start superheating in challenging situations, so you need breathable clothes to suit any incoming conditions and avoid sweating.

Pick up one esports jersey for your practice.

Get used to it, as you probably have to wear one with your future team logo and sponsors on it.

Don't underestimate what a good pair of shoes can do for you in the long run.

As for clothes, you should ensure to get one with whom you are very comfortable with solid footing.


Finally, you'll need a good ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Fast internet connexion is a must-have for smooth gameplays.

It is the only way to play with friends over the internet.

But the web connection has to be good enough.

You don't want any lags in-game, or worst, unexpected log-out.

You don't want your opponents to think that you just rage quit, right?

How unprofessional it could be!

So check regularly your ping from the game server.

It should remain as low as possible for a clean playthrough.

Buy gaming merch on Dubsnatch
Buy gaming merch on Dubsnatch™

These are all components required by all esports players, hardcore gamers, and pro streamers, no matter what game they're playing or who they're playing against.

You will probably have to choose what fits your gameplay needs first, which also depends a lot on whether you're playing on a console or computer.

But with most of them, you'll have a really nice starter gamer setup ready for esports and high-level gaming!

And, of course, these components aren't exclusive to pro gamers.

Many casual gamers also have a basic gamer setup mainly focused on colors, theme, and LED lights.

Be sure to find out what's best for you!

Let us know about your last gamer setup, and feel free to share your pics too on Instagram!

Dubsnatch Team
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