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6 Pro Gaming Careers To Earn His Living

Pro gamer careers to earn his living from gaming

The video game industry has grown very fast these last years, making a career in gaming accessible to everyone who aspires to join in.

Pro gaming careers are one of the most trendy in the industry, but actually not the only ones.

They offer more flexibility and independencies than the traditional game development careers.

Still, they require a lot of self-discipline to get some results and maybe earn a living from them.

In this article, we'll cover 5 pro gamer careers that any passionate gamer can achieve with a deep focus on consistency.

And the best of it is that they are not all held only to hardcore gamers.

6 Professional Gaming Careers To Earn His Living

Have you always wanted to become a pro gamer?

Here are 6 different pro gamer careers that you can aspire to!

Esports teammates in competitive game rounds
Esports teammates in competitive game rounds

ESports Player

An esports player is someone who plays video games professionally to win competitions.

It is the most popular pro gaming career, with a strong focus on playing video games itself.

These pro gamers are often part of an esports team but sometimes can also run alone for competitive games that don't rely on team play.

They are usually sponsored by a brand to play for their team.

Esports players are paid to participate in tournaments organized by these companies and may also receive prizes for winning such events.

This career is the most difficult one to achieve and the most challenging, so if you aspire to become an esports player yourself, be sure to train regularly.

Lee Sang-hyeok, also known as Faker, is one of the best League Of Legends players of all time, and watching his way to play learns a lot on the skill level required to be an esports player.

Pro Streamer

A pro streamer is a person who streams online video games regularly.

They usually broadcast themselves playing video games live on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Gaming.

They are generally paid to perform live sessions.

And sometimes, they are even invited by game developers and studios to test new features before releasing them to the public.

Most popular pro streamers are even able to get sponsorships.

This career path is the easiest and most flexible of all pro gaming possibilities.

For your inspiration, Ninja is one of the biggest names in the video game streaming world.

Watching his videos help a lot to learn to stream professionally.

ESports Shoutcaster

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The shoutcaster is the traditional game commentator.

His primary role is actually talking the most during a match and likely being the main host.

He's commenting almost every time except when the colour caster and the play-by-play intervene.

He will introduce competitive events and sponsors, talk about potential contests, and even have a kind of moderator role knowing when increasing or decreasing his town voice.

ESports Colour Caster

The esports colour caster is the game specialist.

He's analyzing everything and knows so much about the game, players, or teams that he can even anticipate some actions in team fights.

He will talk about players' strengths and flaws, character choices, wining streaks trends, different roles, various maps, and so on!

But everything his role is to explain all these things with such an in-depth analysis that it's probably the most challenging pro gamer career alongside the esports player.

Retired esports players with abilities to comment are excellent, if not the best, colour casters.

After all, they competed in the league at a high enough level to know almost everything about games they have mastered for years.

A good example of a popular colour caster is Isaac 'Azael' Cummings-Bentley, which know games he comments as nobody else with such precision.

ESports Play-by-Play Caster

Professional egirl streaming video games
Professional egirl streaming video games

The esports play-by-play is the person who makes game sessions lively, increasing the excitement and making people watch and appreciate even the most minor action in-game.

His main focus is to comment on big fights or actions to bring the hype to his maximum level.

He's the most expressive type of commentator in the esports scene.

The one that everyone remembers his voice when watching game highlights replays on online communities and social media.

You're likely going to hear about him a lot, with a point of view really close to a pro streamer enjoying every epic moment.

Captain Flower is one of the best play-by-play on the American esports scene and a huge inspiration for those learning this career.

ESports Coach

One of the most advanced careers is to be an esports coach.

Coaches have to train their teams and players on multiple aspects, not only gaming skills.

Their main job is to improve players' individual skills but also maintain cohesion in a team in a highly competitive environment with no place for mental collapses.

He's the leader.

He can motivate all his tropes and directly impact players' abilities to win.

The transition from an esports player to a coach isn't automatic, as being a coach requires way more abilities to lead a team.

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Buy gaming headsets and game headphones on Dubsnatch™

And that's it for all pro gamer careers!

Each of these paths allows professionals to find a way to make a career out of gaming.

Some are for young people, and others are suitable even for mid-aged people.

But most importantly, there are possibilities for each aspiring gamer.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

Feel free to reach us out on Twitter to ask your questions and let us know what career is the most interesting for you!

Dubsnatch Team
Dubsnatch Team

We are a really small team of passionate people loving and supporting the independent video game industry. We are also addicts to most new technologies, animes, shows, pop culture, and movies!

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