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16 Tips to Make Your Own Gaming Room

by Dubsnatch Team February 06, 2022

How to design a video gaming room

Nowadays, games are an integral part of most people's hobbies.

They are fun, challenging, and disorienting!

With many styles for every gamer's type, everyone can fancy them.

But the video game passion can also be reflected in your home, giving a unique feeling to a place where you spent so much time.

A video game room allows enthusiasts to fancy their passion every day and even impress friends and family!

This article goes over the very basics to get you started.

We break down the essentials of your gaming room setup, ensuring your gaming experience is sweetened.

We'll guide you on incorporating lighting so your space is relaxing and decor impressive.

And at the end, you'll know how to set up your own gaming room, perfect for your wants and suited to your needs.

What Is a Gaming Room

A gaming room with a Playstation theme decor
A gaming room with a Playstation theme decor. Credits: @branden_skeli

A video game room is a room decorated with video games in mind.

There is often a complete gamer's setup in such rooms alongside multiple decorations to enhance the gaming experience.

Most of them include the total PC gaming set with monitors, PC, headsets, keyboard, mouse, mousepads, and a gaming chair.

But some are more focused on consoles and include last-generation ones, retro ones, controllers, and speakers.

Whether on console or PC, these gamer setups often come with colorful LED lights allowing unlimited lighting possibilities and various gaming merchandise to decorate.

16 Tips to Properly Set Up Your Video Game Room

Here are 16 tips to help you designing a top-notch gaming space.

Check the Available Room Space

A pink tone video gaming room with a Kirby theme
A pink tone video gaming room with a Kirby theme decor. Credits: @branden_skeli

The video gaming room is a novel concept that deserves your full attention.

There isn't any precise guideline about the game room's size, but you should consider the dimensions before setting it up.

The room shouldn't be too huge or too small.

If it's too huge, some space will be empty, and if it's too little, the room will be too narrow and uncomfortable.

However, it requires enough space to put everything properly, from video game consoles or peripherals to games' merchandise and accessories.

You will need at least enough space around the desk for multiple monitors without any distractions or have enough room for a large-size OLED TV. Furthermore, you will probably have to install noise-free equipment, consoles, decoratives, and a recliner gaming chair or sofa to complete a full gamer setup.

Don't forget to leave some available space for friends or family who want to come by and play video games with you.

Define Your Gaming Room Theme

A video game room should remember your main game inspirations and preferences.

It does not have a specific theme but instead reflects video games that make you fancy special moments.

Everyone has different tastes, so it may be a considerable challenge to define a game room concept that everyone likes!

An excellent tip to define your gaming room theme is knowing what types of games you like the most.

For instance, casual gamers have more chances to choose cozy gamer rooms or aesthetic ones with a decoration either based around a game console or a light pc gamer setup.

Hardcore gamers and pro gamers are usually more interested in gaming spaces full of neon LED lights and performance gamer setup remembering high-level gaming.

But there are still some steps to define your perfect gaming room theme, as you could go further in your thinking by picking up a theme by period or game genre.

Whatever you choose, it's worth it to take the time to get a reflection before jumping in setting up your video game room.

Place Your Desk With Efficiency

Desks are both functional and stylish.

They provide plenty of space for video games essentials, including game consoles, controllers, headsets, laptops or PCs, collectible figurines or games merchandise, plus the mouse and keyboard when you play PC video games.

There are some trendy shapes in most gaming room ideas, including the famous "L" and "U" shapes producing a cockpit immersion.

The desk should be efficiently placed to avoid unexpected shining rays while playing video games on sunny days.

Pick a Suitable Gamer Monitor

A gaming monitor is a top pick when building a gamer room.

It is not only indispensable for gamers but also disposes of sharp designs with sporty looks.

You should choose one at least 1 meter wide and 50 inches tall with 1080p or higher resolution as well as an appropriately fast response time.

It provides enough space to add decoratives alongside and some lights behind it, while wire management is necessary when handling the cables.

The video gaming monitor should also have multiple video input ports for convenience, such as HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, VGA, and so on.

A G-Sync video gaming monitor will be preferred if you play games on NVIDIA graphics cards or Freesync if you play games on AMD graphics cards.

Add a Flashy Gaming PC Tower

You will need a gaming PC to play video games as a gamer.

Of course, it's the case only if you play on it.

So, get yourself one with many resources, including an energy-efficient CPU and graphics card for smooth video game performance.

A gaming PC tower with at least a mid-range video card such as an NVIDIA GeForce 1080 or AMD Radeon 580 is enough for most non-exigent gamers.

You should also get enough system memory, which is 16 GB or higher nowadays, more if your video games are greedy in resources.

Those towers can also provide beautiful flashy RGB colors when picking up the right gaming motherboards, tower cases, or cooling systems.

Put Your Gaming Headset in a Suitable Place

Buy gaming headsets and game headphones on Dubsnatch
Buy gaming headsets and game headphones on Dubsnatch™

Gaming headsets are handy for every gamer type and as a room decoration.

They allow you to hear sounds from multiple angles when playing video games on PC or console, so they assist gamers during gaming sessions with friends.

Their noise-canceling microphones add more strategic immersion.

You should place your gaming headset where you can quickly get it when playing.

And when you don't need it or need to charge his battery, you can put it on a headset stand for comfort.

Pick up one with neon LED lights to fit perfectly with color tones from your PC gaming tower, monitor, keyboard, or mouse for consistency.

In addition, the cables should be appropriately managed to not be tangled or caught on something while video gaming.

Don't let them distract you from video games, even if they're aesthetically pleasing.

Some models are also wireless to avoid all this mess, especially when playing games requiring high reactivity and movement freedom or while broadcasting on Youtube and Twitch.

Choose a Fitting Keyboard

When it comes to video gaming keyboards, you have many options.

The best keyboards are equipped with backlighting, either in red, green, purple, or blue.

Some will go for a mechanical keyboard that provides smoother and more responsive keystrokes.

Pick an Ergonomic Mouse

The video game mouse is equally important for an enjoyable video gaming experience.

It should be responsive, precise, and ergonomic to reduce fatigue over time.

Last-generation gaming mouses come with macros allowing fast actions for high-level gamers.

Some even come with RGB lights with the rainbow mode that complete your gamer setup.

Pick up a High-End Gaming Chair

A minimalist gamer setup with colorful lights
A minimalist gamer setup with colorful lights

A gaming chair allows you to stay comfortable while enjoying exciting video games!

It focuses on ergonomics to enhance the gaming experience even during extended sessions so you can go all-in without getting tired or in.

An adjustable headrest, in particular, will relieve tension in your neck and back with your video game sessions.

Light Up Your Video Game Room

Well-lit gaming spaces offer an incredible experience, thanks to advanced LED lighting systems!

You can find amazing dimmable LED light strip extensions to highlight different areas of your gamer room, such as the monitor or PC tower.

These LED lights added to your gamer setup and decorations make your video game room at its best!

Hang Up Your Gaming Posters and Collectibles

Posters and collectible figures make video games lore's more immersive.

That's why you should hang them up on your gaming room walls or on shelves.

They also improve your decoration and room ambiance.

Some figurines are famous for gamers, like Pokemon figures, Funko POP!, or the Fallout blonde guy ones.

Display Your Video Games Boxes

Video game boxes are games' first impressions.

They often show off the video game's greatness, so be sure to pick boxes you'd like to display on your room's walls.

Often, popular games offer a deluxe or premium version with nice collectibles to get and a unique game box.

This is perfect for displaying in a video gaming room!

Be sure, however, to place them where there are the most visible.

You could use shelves for that, alongside some books or video game soundtracks boxes.

You could also simply remove pictures from the boxes and attach them with tape or use some posters' adhesive paper if you don't have shelves.

If you do that, make sure to store video game boxes somewhere, as you don't want them to be damaged.

Add Your Board Games Boxes as Decor

Board games add something special in a video game room decor
Board games add something special in a video game room decor

Board games are video games in disguise.

They are games with non-electronic, low-tech playthings to enhance the experience.

But many of them have video game adaptations like Dungeons and Dragons.

You can use board game boxes as decorations in your space for a unique gaming atmosphere.

Take out the ones you have and place them on your shelves alongside all your other gaming collectible decorations.

You'll quickly see how a gaming space with board games is more interesting than one without them.

Get Rid of All Distractions with Soundproofing

While playing, you don't want to be disturbed by unexpected outside sounds or limited by the time because everybody else has gone to sleep.

That's where soundproofing your gamer room is handy.

Allowing you to play whenever your want without being too noisy to wake up others.

It's highly efficient when your gamer setup has audio speakers instead of a gaming headset.

However, even with a dedicated headset, most gamers can still have noisy unwanted, or happy reactions.

But with a soundproofing gaming space, this is no more an issue.

This soundproof system is also effective while your roommate is not gaming but still noisy.

They might be disturbing your playtime by speaking loud or even listening to music, making focus in-game a bit difficult.

That's why video game rooms must have soundproofing to keep video game sounds inside your room, unwanted outside sounds out from it, and noises away from others.

Keep Your Video Game Room Clean

If you previously looked for some gaming room ideas, you have probably already noticed that every picture show clean rooms.

It's a standard, especially when sharing his personal space with the gaming community.

So even if playing video games often require something to drink, keep the desk tidy and free from any distracting objects or anything that isn't geek-related.

Fast and Reliable Internet Connection

Finally, be sure to have a proper LAN or Wifi connection to do all your activities.

The router is mandatory but should not be visible as this is not really something that can serve as decor.

Be sure to try to hide it somewhere where it's hidden but still provides a fast Internet connection.

However, you could eventually decorate the router with glowing gaming stickers to make it more suitable.

Buy gaming merch on Dubsnatch
Buy gaming merch on Dubsnatch™

Video games are fun, but video gaming rooms can be aesthetically pleasing.

However, building one matching his expectations is challenging and requires some thinking.

But with a nice gamer setup, colorful lights, gaming collectibles, and decorations, you already have a solid base.

It can then be enhanced by adding a soundproofing system to make your gaming space close to perfection!

Of course, this personal space can also be specific to someone, like a teen's gaming room for teenagers.

Have you built your own gaming space?

We would like to see that!

Feel free to share with us a pic of your room on Instagram!

Dubsnatch Team
Dubsnatch Team

We are a really small team of passionate people loving and supporting the independent video game industry. We are also addicts to most new technologies, animes, shows, pop culture, and movies!

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