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A gaming room with a video game themed setup

Gaming rooms are a dream for gamers!

From the time we get started in online communities, we witness seemingly impossible standards for personal retreats.

Over time, we begin to save ideas to Pinterest boards, or bookmark them for later browsing.

But the gaming room remains uncreated.

It is time to make one.

Here we’ll go over the very basics to get you started.

We will break down the essentials of your video game setup, ensuring your gaming experience is, at it’s core, improved.

We’ll show you how to incorporate lighting so your space is relaxing, and décor so it’s inviting.

And at the end you’ll know how to set up your own gaming room, perfect for your wants, and suited to your needs.

Video Game Room Definition

What is a Gaming Room?

The purposes of a gaming room are convenience and enjoyment.

When you enter this space, it’s meant to be not only as functional as an office, but suited for your individual tastes, needs, and happiness.

Just like an athlete keeps their equipment in good shape, it’s important to have your technology orderly.

But it’s fun to incorporate enjoyable décor, functional hardware, and the right tools to be able to relax.

Gaming Room Setup

Setting up your gaming room allows you to relax while you work, game, or simply watch anime.

In order to reach this requirement, it needs to be properly arranged.

What Should I Put in a Video Game Room?

The most obvious answer starts with your computer, a monitor, and controllers.

You can’t play a game without the system it’s played on, but in a video game room you don’t want to only include your consoles and tv.

Place your computer as the centerpiece.

This way, even when you’re working, the action feels more relaxed.

With your computer as the focal point, other objects can be arranged to fit your particular needs.

Set up your computer and keyboard.

You’ll want them on a good desk, with a height suited for you.

Typically, this is around 28” off the ground for the average adult and average computer chair.

Most gaming desks will allow you plenty of room for your monitors, controllers, computer, and accessories.

What Does Every Gaming Room Need?

A good computer chair is key in a gaming room.

Sitting for long hours on the floor could damage your back.

It’s important to choose a chair with lumbar support.

Some even provide massage pillows.

Gaming Room Décor

The key to strong appeal is that the decorations resonate with your tastes.

If you see items reflecting personal interests, hobbies, and sources of enjoyment, then the space is more easily recognizable as your own.

How Can I Decorate my Room for Gaming?

Decoration is usually the second step for gamers, because decorating your room for gaming makes it enjoyable simply to walk into.

But in this case, the décor should be more suitable to needs.

Headphones are pricey, so it’s important to keep your pair in good shape.

Thus, purchasing a headphone holder is a good move.

Buy headset holders and stands online

Wires won’t be so easily tangled, and the headphones themselves can rest higher than the desk, giving you more space.

The holders come in a variety of colors, some with LED lights.

You can uniquely decorate while making sure that your equipment isn’t getting damaged.

This trend should be visible throughout the decoration process.

Everything functional can be decorated.

We sell an array of gaming stickers to slap on monitor frames, speakers, and water bottles.

Shop our wide selection of gaming stickers and wall decals here.

Mouse pads come in many styles.

Don’t be afraid to make the décor part of the equipment purchasing process.

Gaming Room Lights

Lighting is essential, but it’s for more than simply viewing the room.

Moods can be set simply by changing the location of lamps, or their color.

Artists use this technique commonly, and the same can be mimicked for your own space.

How do I Turn my Room Into a Gaming Room?

To turn your room into a gaming room, check the lighting.

But how do I set up better lighting in my room?

This is one of the largest requests from rising social media stars, streamers, and even models!

There’s a few different methods that we’ll be covering in our articles. But the main basis is to pick a light system that works for you.

If you can’t set things in the walls, then it’s important to choose a different option, such as a standing lamp or desk lamp.

From there, it’s placement either over your shoulder or behind your monitor is important.

Choose what makes you most comfortable.

Gaming Room Prices

Price is a deciding factor for many of the intricate details involved in purchasing items for a gaming room.

It can’t easily be avoided.

How much does a gaming room cost?

Gaming rooms can cost whatever you can afford.

If you have the bucks to spend, there are plenty of collectible, high-quality methods to choose from.

But similarly, being low on cash doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

Gaming room under $1000

For a gaming room under $1000, there’s much to choose from.

We suggest setting up several monitors from the beginning, so that you can build the room around them.

Choosing a keyboard that fits your needs is also a given, as it’s size on your desk will influence what else you can include.

From there, include numerous shelves and surfaces.

This way, you will be able to incorporate things like a snack bar, mini fridge, game shelf collection, figurines, and holders for all of your equipment.

Gaming room under $500

For you we recommend dialing down to dual monitors, meaning you have two.

One will focus on letting you game full-screen, while the other can hold your chatting apps and music collections.

You have a bit more space than the higher budget, but likely less shelving overall.

So I recommend focusing on adding shelving around your desk, in order to incorporate later items as you build up the cash.

The goal here is to be able to include the snack shelves, which make gaming fun and easy.

Gaming room on a budget

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered as well.

Gaming rooms on a budget are easy. Just make sure you have the essentials, like a desk and chair.

These are super important for maintaining good posture and staying healthy. From there, focus on the essentials.

Is your lighting glaring off the screen?

Then get some new lighting that works how you need it to, so that you’re not struggling to see the game.

Make sure that you organize your set up so that it’s open and inviting.

Video Game Room Improvements

Once you have your core setup, the space may feel important, but slightly bare.

Even décor needs to be artfully arranged, in order for the space to feel welcoming.

How can I make my gaming setup look better?

In order to make your gaming setup look better, I suggest organizing everything around the computer monitors.

I did mention this earlier, and it can get a little tricky when you have both a computer and a tv.

In this case, the tv should go somewhere higher up on the wall, or on a back shelf that is raised.

This allows you to stretch your neck, so that you’re not looking down continuously.

The computer can be placed to the side, however you may arrange shelving and other items around it so that the computer is part of it’s own nook within the room.

This allows for a feeling of ‘nesting’, which for some is quite comforting. It’s important to make a space your own, in order to feel comfortable and at home within it.

How can I make my room look nicer?

Try to color coordinate if you want your gaming room to look nicer.

Not everything has to be the same color.

Rather, organize items by color in a way that allows your eyes to appreciate them.

For instance, darker colored items may look better on lower shelves, as a rule of thumb.

Lighter colored objects, and your favorites, should be placed on higher shelves.

Any neon colors should be placed with pastel versions of themselves.

Black goes with everything.

Since so much of our equipment is already black, or white, or grey, don’t be afraid to include color!

Gaming tape is popular in our community, allowing you to express yourself.

And gaming stickers are a staple of every gaming room.

You can find them on our website!

Buy gaming stickers and wall decals for gamers

Why do gamers have 3 monitors?

Gamers often have 3 monitors because it makes their gameplay easier.

They’ll keep the game open in one browser, some form of communication like Discord open in a second for easy access, and a third open for music or other forms of entertainment.

This allows clicking between screens to be faster for a gamer.

They can watch a video or type an email while their game loads.

For many, it’s simply ease of access.

But choosing an important monitor is key.

Some staples come from ASUS, Acer, or OMEN, which can typically be purchased directly from their sites.

You’ll likely want to choose something with good graphics, since this will protect your eyes in the long run.

How can I make my bedroom look cool?

To make your bedroom look cool, try to imagine what your favorite character would enjoy in their room.

Do they read a lot?

Then include books.

Be sure to sort them in some method. Some people choose to organize their books by size, color, or even alphabetically, like a library!

From there, try to decorate based on your interests.

If you enjoy a particular anime, then find merchandise from that fandom and include it in your room.

If you like particular gaming equipment, such as Razer’s line of mice, headphones, and mousepads, they likely have their own store full of other items you can look through.

Razer sells items here.

How to Further Improve my Video Game Setup?

Your video game setup can easily be further improved by rearranging it’s order.

For instance, tuck most wires in the back of your objects.

This means threading computer wires through the back of your desk, and LED light wires through the backs of bookshelves or along your walls.

From there, look to your desk.

Make sure each item is set up for your maximum comfort and convenience.

Can you easily look left to right to each monitor, or do you need to move your chair to see everything?

Get them to a point where you don’t have to adjust your body.

Do the same for your mouse and keyboard.

The items on your desk can be rearranged to be more pleasing, as well.

Large items like a headset holder should be towards the back with the speakers.

Smaller items like a Nintendo Switch storage bag can be at the front.

Items easy to move at a moment’s notice, or that don’t include wires that could tangle, also are good at the front of your desk.

Game Room Ideas for Small Spaces

Small spaces can include some incredible gaming rooms.

Sometimes it’s quite purposeful, other times it’s because you don’t have further room.

That’s okay!

Whatever the reason, there’s plenty to work with and lots of good ideas in store.

How to Make a Gaming Setup in a Small Room?

To make a gaming setup in a small room, you should get a tape measure.

The best way to do this is by knowing how much space you have, and how much space you can fill with each item.

You don’t want a desk that’s too big, or a chair that takes up too much space.

But you also don’t want to get a small light thinking it’ll work fine, only to find that it doesn’t illuminate enough.

Balance is key here.

Where can I put a small gaming room?

Small gaming rooms can be put in closets, work dens, pantries, or even crawlspaces although we don’t recommend the last one due to issues with height.

Really, any small nook in a house will do.

Some small gaming rooms are in bedrooms, where there isn’t enough space for a large setup.

How do I design a small gaming room?

To design a small gaming room, don’t worry about what’s front and center.

Try to arrange items where they fit, and rearrange until you have a comfortable place to recline in the room.

The key is to make everything in the room be something crucial, something useful. Include the mouse, obviously.

Include the speakers, and get creative with their placement.

In a closet, they can be placed higher up.

The other important note is storage!

Everything has a place to go, so that you have the room that you need for your hands.

Pens and other writing utensils should go in a storage bag or desk cup, which of course can be part of the décor.

Books can be placed in drawers if need be.

Even games can be packaged.

A storage case for a Nintendo Switch will keep it safe and allow it to be set aside without being damaged by a roaming foot or stray elbow.

Buy Nintendo Switch protective cases and carrying storage bag

Keep in mind that in a small gaming room, the more neat your space is, the more comfortable it will remain.

Kids Gaming Room

Kids’ gaming rooms are fun and exciting ways for them to stay home and be productive.

While it looks as inviting as a princess room, it’s also functional.

The better this room is set up, the easier it will be for them to handle their schoolwork.

Which means more play time for them, and less hassle for you.

How to design a kid’s gaming room?

Kids’ gaming rooms are fun and exciting ways for them to stay home and be productive.

While it looks as inviting as a princess room, it’s also functional.

The better this room is set up, the easier it will be for them to handle their schoolwork.

Which means more play time for them, and less hassle for you.

How to design a kid’s gaming room for kiddos under 8?

To design a gaming room for children or kids under the age of 8, you’re going to want to make it bright and accessible.

Kids this age are obviously much smaller than us, and typically don’t sit still.

You don’t have to worry about giving them a desk and fancy chair, though you certainly can!

Oftentimes, it’s enough to simply have a small table set up with the gaming console.

This makes it less prone to a falling child, or spilled drinks.

Have a rule that drinks must stay on the floor!

Beanbag chairs are a must-have for relaxing and giving your child a fun cushion that allows them to still move around while they play.

Include some stuffed animals and their favorite toys, and you’re good to go.

How to design a kid’s gaming room for kiddos under 12

Kids under 12 are constantly growing, and their tastes are changing rapidly, which can be a tricky to shop for.

To get a kid’s gaming room designed for a child under 12, it’s important to take your own paycheck into consideration.

You don’t want to buy something that they’ll outgrow in a few years.

There are desks that adjust, meaning that as your child grows, you can raise the desk to suit them.

Many gaming chairs meant for adults are fine for children in this age group, as the heights can be adjusted to suit them.

From there, it’s important to include bookshelves.

This gives them a taste of studiousness, and encourages reading.

While many students find it hard to study from home, being surrounded by books is effective in getting their interest piqued.

How to design a gaming room for teens?

It’s easy!

By this point, for most teens, a desk and good computer chair are necessary.

While computer chairs are the go-to, gaming chairs are actually better health-wise.

Computer chairs tend to be styled to appear studious, but this expectation keeps them from being ergonomic.

Gaming chairs on the other hand rely on being healthy and long-lasting.

From there, the equipment is important.

Making sure that they have the correct monitors, which we went over a bit, is key.

Their eyes are at a delicate stage, so good graphics are key.

And for their overall happiness, lighting is a good inclusion.

Some teens prefer dark rooms, and that’s perfectly fine.

But it’s still nice to be able to leave their room and return to an LED glowing.

Some lights run on batteries as well, so if they forget to turn it off, you don’t have to worry.

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Gamers everywhere need good gaming rooms in order to really come home, sit down, and get to work winning their games.

They become content when knowing that their space is individualized for them, and tailored to their preferences.

So it’s important to get something that works for you or your loved one, and that allows them to be productive.

Of course, whether that’s working in a Zoom call or slaying zombies.

Sophia Connelly
Sophia Connelly

Sophia Connelly is a columnist for Dubsnatch. She studies Psychology and is an avid gamer in her free time. Diablo III and Horizon Dawn are her favorite getaways.

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