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9 Good Reasons to Play Games on PC

by Dubsnatch Team November 27, 2023

Good reasons to play games on a PC

Are you considering switching to a computer to play your video games?

Well, playing on PC has been here for ages and should still be present for years, especially considering the number of games released on this platform each year.

However, this longevity isn't a mere coincidence but the fruit of the high freedom, versatility, and community-driven experience that only PC gaming can offer.

In this article, you'll discover multiple reasons to play games on a computer rather than other platforms and why its community could fit your expectations.

What Is PC Gaming?

PC gaming is simply playing video games on a personal computer instead of consoles or mobile devices.

It can be on a desktop, on a laptop, or even a mini-computer.

It's important to understand that, unlike other platforms, playing on PC doesn't necessarily refer to a specific brand or hardware.

It's more of a concept, allowing you to choose your preferred components and brands to build or get your all-in-one perfect gaming machine.

9 Compelling Reasons to Play Games on a PC

Top-Notch Performances and Graphics

The first reason people opt for a PC for gaming is probably due to the platform's top-notch performances and graphics.

A PC lets you handpick top-of-the-line components, culminating in unmatched execution speed and power.


A gamer is enjoying its game with high graphics settings on a dual screen
A gamer is enjoying its game with high graphics settings on a dual screen


From high-speed processors to swift, advanced memory units, fastest hard drives to handy cooling systems, every component contributes to an overall performance that no other platforms can match.

Games can then run smoother, with higher frame rates and fewer loading times.

Moreover, depending on your preferences, you can also tweak your computer's settings in-game and out to prioritize better graphics or performance.

Hardware Upgrade

One of the outstanding benefits of having your games on a PC is the potential for hardware upgrades, which, unlike the other platforms, aren't trapped in a fixed hardware cycle.

Whether for a desktop or a laptop, you can quickly replace significant components with more recent and performant versions for the most used gamers in seconds.

Among the usual upgrades making a huge difference on your machine, you can find:

  • Graphics cards: They are the powerhouse of visual rendering, displaying top-notch visuals on your screen and breathing life into your games. They transform lines of code into stunning landscapes and intricate in-game details to enable smoother gameplay even with demanding game settings.
  • Memory RAMs: They are components that swiftly store and retrieve data for your processor to ensure rapid load times and smooth transitions between your games's most intensive sequences.
  • Hard drive: The hard drive is the main component that stores your files in ample space, allowing you to install and access your game library. They exist in several types, even though the SSD and classic hard drive with many spaces have probably the gamers' favor.
  • Cooling system: They are complete systems that reduce your computer temperature, even in intensive game sessions, while significantly reducing the noise level. A usual cooling system includes fans, heat sinks, and liquid coolers for desktops, while for laptops, cooling systems are usually different and primarily consist of multiple additional fans to cool down your machine.

But upgrading your PC hardware isn't only about improving your machine's performance.

It's also about extending its longevity so you can continue to play in good conditions.

More so, upgrading the hardware itself can be a thrilling journey, allowing you to individualize your gaming setup in alignment with your preferences and budget.

Multiple Gaming Accessories

Another reason to play your games on PC is the wide range of gaming accessories that enhance your overall experience.

These devices are mainly dedicated to this use, even though they can also fit most multimedia use cases.


Some popular gaming accessories commonly found in advanced setups
Some popular gaming accessories commonly found in advanced setups


Among them, you can find the following ones that are usually present in most gamer setups:

  • Keyboard: The keyboard is one of the most essential accessories on a computer, allowing you to input text and numbers and providing plenty of control opportunities for your games. It often comes in 2 variations: mechanical and membrane, and different sizes and types of switches, offering different tactile and sensitive approaches.
  • Mouse. The mouse is the main accessory to move your cursor and aim game targets. They often come with different adjustable sensitivity speeds, response times, and programmable buttons for better comfort and precision.
  • Mouse Pad: A mouse pad is the primary support for your mouse, allowing small and large moves on an area dedicated to smooth movements. They often feature different sizes and shapes to support only the mouse or the whole combo with the keyboard, as well as multiple materials made for comfort and performance.
  • Headset. Headsets provide high-quality audio, enabling you to detect the slightest sound cues in-game, and often come equipped with a microphone for real-time communication in multiplayer games. They also often differ in their audio channel, providing top-notch audio with surround sound technology or clear audio via stereo.
  • Speakers and soundbars. They are the devices that can provide the most precise sound possible and the most immersive audio experience among all audio devices. As for the microphone, they often differ in their audio channel number, providing accurate surround sound and clear stereo sounds for a complete experience setting up the ambiance in a whole room.
  • Microphones. Microphones are the primary and dedicated accessories to record your voice with clear audio. They feature advanced noise-canceling technologies that filter out any unexpected background sounds and noises, anti-vibration systems, and different ways to capture sounds.
  • Monitors. Monitors are dedicated screens for gaming, aiming to support the most advanced particle effects while still providing a reactive and highly detailed image. They boast many options, making every detail on-screen pop, such as higher refresh rates than traditional screens, fast response times, and large resolutions to offer superior visual experiences and ensure you never miss a crucial moment in action.
  • Controllers: They are handheld devices fully designed for gaming, which makes them ideal accessories in many situations and more than just an appropriate alternative to the classic combo keyboard and mouse. They often feature responsive buttons, analog sticks, and triggers, making real-time inputs pretty accurate.
  • Chairs: They are ideal seats to play for hours while enhancing your game posture. They often have an ergonomic design boasting adjustable armrests, reclining backs, and comfortable pillows to support your neck and avoid fatigue.
  • Desks. Desks are the usual surfaces where you can store almost all other accessories. Even though a gaming model isn't necessary, some feature shapes to fit angles, while others have built-in solutions to enhance cable management.

With as many options as these, you get plenty of opportunities to define your own way of playing on a computer without the usual device limits.

Better Setup Possibilities

Setup options are boundless on the computer, offering total control over your gaming environment.

You can choose a minimalist and space-saving setup that neatly fits into your room corners or small desk without compromising on functionality or opting for a multi-monitor setup, taking more space but also providing an expansive field of view that fully immerses you into your games.

Alternatively, the aesthetic possibilities are equally broad on computers.


A minimalist gamer setup with multiple LED lights and room decorations
A minimalist gamer setup with multiple LED lights and room decorations


You can choose a single theme that exudes a professional touch or spice it up with multi-colored accessories, LED lights, and room decorations.

With all these possible adjustments to customize your own space, you aren't just creating a game setup, you're crafting a personalized haven.

Online Multiplayer Games

Playing on PC also means gaming on the home to some of the most massive online multiplayer games, allowing you to connect with other players from all over the globe easily and immerse yourself in vast virtual worlds.

These video games usually unite players, providing opportunities to form alliances, guilds, or clans, compete in ranked matches, or experience captivating adventures together.

However, this platform also offers countless cooperative games to enjoy with connected friends that test your teamwork and coordination, amplifying your journey experience by sharing it with your teammates.

Plus, the crossplay feature with their console version in many games further extends the multiplayer scope, so you can stay connected with your friends even when they're using different platforms.

Easiest Way to Chat

Another advantage of the PC platform over the others is undoubtedly the versatility and ease of communication, either vocally or by inputting text.

However, even though voice communications are as good as on mobile or console, it's the communications via text that especially benefit from this platform.

In fact, the numerous messaging apps and in-game voice and text chats are always at the tip of your fingers on PC, providing lag-free voice chats and text conversations in dedicated channels.

So, you can simultaneously be present in multiple channels to participate in different conversations more conveniently than any other platform and take advantage of enhanced coordination.

And, unlike the other platforms, you can also quickly shift between multiple applications to communicate via the messaging apps and switch back to the game without interrupting its flow.

Some messaging apps also have native integrations with your games, so you don't even have to leave your active screen to communicate.

Simplest Way to Stream

Streaming has seen a meteoric rise as a popular medium for gamers to share their gameplay, connect with a broader audience, and even monetize their passion.

However, the streaming experience is different on all platforms.

While consoles offer broadcasting capabilities, they often have system limitations, such as fewer video platform integrations, limited stream quality, or a more challenging setup process.

On the other hand, the multiple software on the computer facilitates your gameplay recordings, offering a host of advantages for a seamless streaming experience.

These applications provide top-tier video and audio recording quality, customizable layouts, the possibility to select only a part of your active screen, and the flexibility to switch between games during a live stream, so capturing your game highlights is no longer a challenge.

And, as the stream quality plays a significant role in viewer retention, the PC hardware capabilities also ensure a smooth and high-definition broadcast, thus offering a visually enriching experience to your audience.

Another thing to consider is the fact that streaming isn't only about capturing audio and video but also about edition and publication, and in these domains, the PC platform offers more liberty to edit, fine-tune, and upload your recordings with versatile video editing solutions that enhance the overall quality of the final content shared with the audience.

Competitive Opportunities

For those who enjoy competitive gaming, the computer scene offers countless opportunities to test your skills and compete globally.

So whether you're simply enjoying ranked matches, aiming to become a professional gamer or shoutcaster, or just passionate about eSports, you'll get way more possibilities to enjoy top-tiered gameplay sessions on PC rather than on consoles or mobiles.

In fact, playing on a PC also enables players to participate in online leagues and ladder systems for regular competition against similarly skilled opponents via the games' matchmaking systems and get a chance to improve their gameplay through regular practice.

However, unlike the other platforms, the competitive scene on PC is already mature and way more rewarding than on console or mobile with greater prize pools, which can be a decisive point for professional gamers wannabee.

Modding Community

Finally, one of the most underrated aspects of playing your games on PC is undoubtedly the platform's modding opportunities in many games.

For the non-initiated, modding a game is simply editing script files and assets to customize the game as expected with your own creativity.

It can be done to make the game easier or more challenging, to create new quests or NPCs that enhance the overall experience and extend a game lifespan, to completely alter the game world with a total overhaul and customized lore, or to build unofficial patches that will fix major bugs that some games still have at their release.

Nowadays, the modding community on PC is well-developed, with many game mods available for some of the most popular offline single-player franchises on the computer.

The community is currently way more present on the computer than on the consoles, mainly due to the consoles' limitations for advanced mods and the PCs' ease of use in developing mods.

Plus, some game developers on PC also release and share their modding tools directly with the community so any players can develop their mod, discover new modded content, and even collaborate with other developers.


An happy gamer girl on her PC
An happy gamer girl on her PC


And that's pretty much it for the reasons to favor the PC platform to play your games!

Whether it's for its hardware, ease of use in multiple tasks, or its community, it's no wonder that many players have turned to computers for their needs.

And that's why PC gaming could also be your favorite game method.

So why not give it a try?

Be sure to join our community on Discord if you do so.

It's a place to connect, share, learn, and grow so you can discover new games, get great tips, and make new friends along the way!

Dubsnatch Team
Dubsnatch Team

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