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15 Tips to Make a Teen's Gaming Bedroom

by Emma Howes February 04, 2022

How To Design a Teen's Gaming Room

Decorating a gaming room should be fun, especially for teens.

They are often very picky with decor and do not want to decorate their rooms in plain colors or too childish-looking items.

Their room design is a symbol for them.

It shows a transition to the adult phase and breaks the teenager being a kid idea.

A customized room shows their personality the best because they care more about personalizing their own space rather than following trends or even thinking about how expensive an item is.

But embellishing their room is not easy at all, mainly due to several mood changes.

In fact, teenagers can spend hours playing video games like Fortnite and Minecraft but constantly complain about their room being too dull and messy.

They also love more traditional games like Lego and would love to play with them and make unique creations, but they don't fit in with most home sceneries.

Teens also love board games like UNO and Monopoly but don't spend enough time on them to complete a game.

So what to do?

This article covers how to decorate a gaming room for teens with modular decor, so it doesn't have to look perfect all the time and can be easily adjusted to teenagers' moods.

Let's decorate!

15 Tips to Make a Teen's Gaming Bedroom

A Pokemon themed decoration is always a great match for teens
A Pokemon themed decoration is always a great match for teens.

Modular decorations are excellent solutions for adorning a gaming room for teens.

It looks perfect all the time but can be easily adjusted to their moods.

As they change very often, the modular decoratives will fit in just perfectly!

Here are 15 tips to design a gamer room for teenagers.

Computer Desk

A computer desk with organized drawers goes well together with an ergonomic gaming chair that offers comfort while playing video games.

It also matches several scenery items.

For instance, the classic "L" shape goes well with a pink vintage mailbox and pink piggy bank as embellishments.

It can also match green scenery like a green wall hanging or green bookends.

With a large enough desk, you could also add some photo frames or flower vases, and they will look fun and stylish.

Gamer Setup For Teens

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Buy gaming merch on Dubsnatch™

A gamer setup full of neon LED lights adorns a room instantly.

It not only ornaments but also shows that teenagers have an exciting hobby and are passionate about decorating their own space to suit their needs.

The usual gamer combo with a monitor, transparent tower, headset, mouse, pad, and keyboard should do the trick.

Especially when they come with colorful neon LED lights that can be customized with teens' current mood.

With the addition of LED light strips, it's even possible to lightning behind the monitor or the desk sides.

Of course, it also works with a simple laptop or a game console!

Video Game Trash Can

A video game trash can is a unique touch and something uncommon in most gaming room decors.

Some trash can come with a 2D platform scene printed on, making them remember last game sessions on casual mobile games or Nintendo Switch ones alike.

Vintage Treasure Chest

A treasure chest with coin provide an unique feeling in a teen's room
A treasure chest with coin provide an unique feeling in a teen's bedroom

Teenage being a transition from kids to adults, there are still some things that stay trendy even aged.

A good trunk vintage treasure chest is perfect for embellishing a teenage room and offering ways to store items.

The miniature version can be positioned on a desk to give a vintage feeling.

It fits perfectly alongside a plant.

The larger version is not suitable for the smallest gaming rooms.

However, it allows putting away teens' toys and board games, making this decoration beautiful and handy.

Floor Cushion

Throw some large floor cushions on your teen's gaming room floor, and create a chill-out zone where teens can relax when they are tired from playing video games.

If there are enough floor cushions, teens can garnish one with a pattern and use it as a chair.

Glow-in-the-Dark Stars

Teenagers think glow in the dark stars on their ceiling gives them a more mystical and magical look, making it perfect for embellishing a gaming room.

It is also cheaper than buying an expensive ornament like a chandelier which serves the same purpose of lighting up your teen's bedroom.

Game Console

A teenager playing video games
A teenager playing video games

Adding a game console is not mandatory but can help make a gaming room more suitable to teens' tastes.

If your teen has a flat-screen TV, like in many teenagers' rooms nowadays, you can set up an entertainment console layout.

Just place the console on top of a TV stand, and add 2 or 3 commodities like plant pots, video games boxes, and mangas underneath to make the ornamentation.

Consoles can also be customized with stickers to provide impressive and flashy themes loved by teenagers.


Posters are decoratives that teenagers will love to trim their room walls with.

Place them at the walls' upper part or on a computer desk inside a frame to be always visible.

The only rule is that posters shouldn't be placed at the floor level as teens might step on them and ruin them if they don't give them enough attention.

Books and Board Games Shelves

A shelf dedicated to adorning books and board games can be a fantastic and tidy set for teens' gaming rooms.

If there is no space in the bedroom, you could add them inside the wardrobe, or better, in a pirate treasure chest.

Globe or World Map Decorations

An adventurer game worldmap fits perfectly in a gaming room
An adventurer game worldmap fits perfectly in a gaming room

Teens garnish their walls with posters of celebrities, football players, and famous landmarks.

Why not trim it with a globe or world map?

The old-fashioned decoratives can be used in modern rooms to embellish a room and be placed on a chest of drawers.

Of course, you could also use them both.

There is no limit to creativity!

Duvet Covers

Teenagers love decorating their beds by printing out photos of celebrities or iconic places like London in the United Kingdom on their duvet.

They are an excellent addition to a room, especially if they fit the rest of the teen's bedroom theme.

Some also prefer to trim their beds with characters from video games, anime, movies, or popular shows.

Bedside lamps

A good way to lightning up their room is by using bedside lamps because they are stylish, look great and come in many designs, sizes, and colors that teens can choose from.

You can even place them on the floor as standing lamps!

Plus, there are also more convenient than chandeliers if they need to revamp the entire room.

Desk Lamps

Just add one or two lamps to give your teen's gaming room some more lighting, and they will be able to play video games even when it's dark outside.

A simple desk lamp goes well together with an ergonomic gaming chair or a floor cushion.

The lights could even be personalized with an RGB bulb controlled by a remote with a specific tone that matches teens' moods.

You can also hang some green wall scenery for a calm atmosphere or garnish the walls with this big pink polka dot poster.

Decorative pillows

Decorative pillows are a great way to add more colors
Decorative pillows are a great way to add more colors

Decorative pillows are great because they can be taken off or added according to your teen's mood.

They come in various sizes, designs, textures, and colors so teens can adorn their beds however they want.

Some also come with printed photos and pictures from video games, anime, movies, and shows for a consistent themed room.

You might find different types of decorative pillows embellishing your teen's bed, even those for their neck.


Bed decoratives almost rely only on the available space you have.

However, they can be trimmed with almost everything you want.

For small spaces, add bunk beds to your teen's bedroom.

You could even embellish them with cute plushies with video game characters like Pokemon or unicorn plushies.

For larger spaces, it can be a good idea to opt for some printed duvet covers and printed pillows, as we saw earlier!

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Buy gaming headsets and game headphones on Dubsnatch™

That is pretty much how you can decorate and design a gaming bedroom for teens with ease and enough flexibility to be changed regarding their moods.

There are, of course, many more ways to enhance their personal spaces, so don't hesitate to let us know your finds on Instagram!

Emma Howes
Emma Howes

She is a huge League Of Legends gamer and passionate about Asian different cultures.

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