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10 Tips To Train Your Gamer Aim and Accuracy Rate

Tips to train your aim for competitive games

How good are you to aim your opponents, allies, or NPCs in video games?

Today, most high-level games require a particular expertise with accuracy, whether it is with a traditional combo keyboard and mouse or with a gaming controller.

There a many chances that you found yourself in situations where you missed a critical shot or even misclicked on an opponent while using your skills.

It is where training your aim can help you to improve your in-game accuracy.

And the best of it is that your aim is not only handy for FPS and TPS but also very useful for MOBA and MMORPGs as well!

In this article, we cover 12 tips to help you train your aim and accuracy rate for competitive games.

What are the Gaming Aim and Accuracy Rate

A pro gamer playing a ranked FPS game
A pro gamer playing a ranked FPS game

Your gaming aim refers to the ability to hit a specific point on the screen, such as a target, an ally, or an enemy character.

The game aiming involves two main parts:

The first part is the process of aiming at a target.

It includes moving the cursor, which can have multiple forms like the popular crosshair, over the target and then pressing the action button to shoot or trigger your skill.

The second part is simply the process of adjusting the cursor's position so that it is always over the target.

The accuracy rate is another metric used mainly for FPS and RTS pro gamers or hardcore gamers to evaluate their ability to hit targets.

You commonly see this metric in a gaming aim training program as a report.

However, this metric is not used by all game genres like MOBA and MMORPGs.

These competitive games rely more on your ability to move your cursor with precision, whether to heal an ally, use an AoE damage skill, or a single target skill.

Why Improving your In-Game Aim and Accuracy Are Important

An hardcore gamer top winning reaction
An hardcore gamer top winning reaction

One thing that makes competitive games more challenging than other types of games is that they have a lot of factors that affect how accurate you are.

It includes things like the distance between you and the target, the speed of movement, the type of gear used, and the amount of time you take to react before shooting or triggering a skill.

So when you play these high-level games, you need to control all of these variables to ensure that you hit what you want to.

Improving your aim and accuracy are good ways to accomplish this.

10 Tips to Practice Your Gaming Aim and Accuracy for FPS TPS MOBA and MMORPGs

Now let's look at some tips to improve your precision.

Warmup Before Playing

Hand mobility workouts are good to warm up your body before playing
Hand mobility workouts are good to warm up your body before playing

Before you start playing any ranking game, make sure to warm up by doing light exercises such as hand mobility training, running around the room, or jumping jacks.

These basic workouts will warm up all your essential body parts required to have enough mobility, reactivity, and speed for ranked games.

It will also help you get into the right mindset to not feel tired during gameplays.

Get the Right Gamer Gear

Buy gaming merch on Dubsnatch
Buy gaming merch on Dubsnatch™

Like your character in-game, you should also have the correct item at your disposal to expect to improve your aim.

Not all gaming keyboards are worth it, same for gaming mouses or other controllers.

Keyboards for video games have different keyboard key types, and mouses come with a wide variety of cursor sensibility.

While shopping for top-notch gaming gear, you should be sure to know what kind of sense you expect when you press on keyboards keys and your preference regarding the movement speed of your mouse.

These gamer pieces of stuff are essential as you don't want a mouse cursor moving too fast or too slow.

You need a mouse that fits your gameplay and gets used to using it to enhance your aiming skill and overall gaming experience, making it easier to target what you want in-game.

Use Different Weapons in FPS and TPS

Most shooter games offer a wide variety of weapons like in CS:GO, Call Of Duty and Rainbow Six Siege.

Some may be better than others, depending on your preferred way of playing.

For example, sniper rifles are great for long-range combat, whereas shotguns are great for close-quarters action.

But the truth is that there is no weapon perfect for all situations.

So, when practicing your aim, don't limit yourself to just one type of weapon.

Use whatever works best for you and get used to a set of weapons so you can prevent and adapt to all kinds of situations.

Try Different Characters in MOBA and Some FPS

Most competitive games have characters with their own specificities, armor gear, and weapons.

You may have to pick up several to try out and find which one fits the best with your gameplay.

MOBA games like League of Legends or DOTA 2 are based on skill sets attributed to specific characters, so you should always try them all to find the good ones.

You will quickly figure out that your accuracy is different with each character and that their classes specializations directly impact your way to single-target or use your AoE skills.

You'll also find these skills sets per character in FPS ranking games like Overwatch, APEX Legends, and Paladins.

Consider a Gamepad

Using a gamepad is also an alternative way to enhance your aim level
Using a gamepad is also an alternative way to enhance your aim level

For those already playing on a console, it's already a habit to play with a controller, but even for PC gamers, they can have some great benefits.

A game controller allows you to use both hands simultaneously, making things easier for you.

You can practice your aim by simply moving the joystick to the target direction and pressing the action button to perform your shots.

There is a vast difference from playing with a gamepad instead of the usual keyboard and mouse combo, as some professional players could find these last ones way more accurate than gamepads.

However, suppose you have a gamepad and get accustomed to using it.

In that case, you should be able to reach a good aim level without any problems too.

Level Up Your Skills With Aim Training Games for FPS and RTS

There is no better place to train your gaming aim skill than playing aim training games.

These games let you practice your aiming without worrying about any of the other aspects of the game that could disturb you.

They give you the chance to focus solely on improving your aim, with multiple difficulties, so whatever is your level, you'll always be able to practice.

And when you're done, you can get some special reports and insights to reach the next aiming level.

You can find some great free aim training games on Steam to add to your library.

Know Your Character Skill Ranges in MOBA and MMORPGs

Nothing is more annoying than being limited by your character skill range. It is especially true when you play a supportive role or an AoE damage specialist character like wizards.

To aim your allies or opponents properly, you should first know the range of your active skill to ensure you're able to target other players' characters.

Try Different Angles in FPS and RTS

Most competitive first-person shooter games and RTS allow you to try out different angles in-game.

You can often alternate between the right and left hand that triggers the shot, so testing another configuration fitting your gameplay is worth it.

You could also move the camera from the first view perspective to the third one and vice versa to try a new gaming experience with entirely different gameplay.

Finally, like traditional sports professionals like in the NFL, NHL, and NBA, you have a great chance of getting your own "hot zone".

It means that you have top spots on battlegrounds where you are way more efficient than others areas.

Knowing them as early as possible in your practice makes your game aiming skill improve by a lot!

Rest Your Eyes

Eye fatigue reduce your focus and your gaming accuracy
Eye fatigue reduce your focus and your gaming accuracy

Ranking games have all something in common.

They are all intensive heavy for your eyes due to many interactions on screen and a deep focus expected at high-level.

The longer is your game session, the higher are your chance to get your eyes deeply solicited.

That could result in multiple signs and symptoms that could lead to blurred vision, at the very least.

Be sure to rest a minimum of 15 minutes for each hour played to keep a good gaming duration balance and reduce your eyes fatigue.

Sleep Well

Sleeping well is one of our top recommendations when training your gamer aiming skill.

As for eyes fatigue, you should always ensure to sleep enough to keep your ability to stay focused in-game and reduce as much as you can mistakes.

With a minimum of 8 hours of sleep per night, your mind will be neat, and your gaming experiences healthy!

Buy gaming headsets and game headphones on Dubsnatch
Buy gaming headsets and game headphones on Dubsnatch™

That's basically how you can practice your gaming aim.

With these tips, you should be able to enhance your in-game precision for a ranked game, whether it's one FPS, one RTS, a MOBA, or one MMORPG.

You could even reach a pro gamer accuracy level by practicing it frequently.

Did they help you to achieve your accuracy goal?

Let us know on Twitter!

Emma Howes
Emma Howes

She is a huge League Of Legends gamer and passionate about Asian different cultures.

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