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26 Tips To Make Your Own Anime Room

by Emma Howes February 11, 2022

How to make an anime room

Nowadays, it's not a secret that anime fans are passionate about their favorite art form.

Watching new episodes every day, getting your hands on collectibles, and discussing them is a regular pastime for many of us.

So it only makes sense that we want them to reflect our love for the genre when it comes to our living spaces!

That's where making an aesthetic anime bedroom provides a unique feeling and enhances your experience.

In this article, you'll get some easy tips to apply to create an anime room that is perfect for you and your friends.

Enjoy! :)

What Is an Anime Room

An anime and video gaming room makes a beautiful inspired space
An anime and video gaming room makes a beautiful inspired space. Credits: @branden_skeli

An anime-themed room is a space built with anime inspirations in mind.

It can be related to specific characters, an entire world, or even mix many of them.

These rooms are often not age-restricted, as even adults can fancy their own anime space with suitable decorations and decent lighting.

Anime bedrooms are the most common anime space.

Still, living rooms and other home areas can also be converted into manga rooms.

They are usually bright with soft color tones that make you feel relaxing, mainly minimalist, but still cute and remember anime character bedrooms.

How Much Does a Room With Anime Style Costs

To make a room with an anime style, you have to consider a minimum of $500 to have enough decorations.

With this amount, you can opt for a minimalist room that focuses more on refined styles.

Now, it also depends on many factors as your ability to craft your own DYI anime decor.

By making your own inspired decorations, you could reduce the cost to around $350 to have a stylish room on budget.

However, you will still need to add some decorations that you can't craft yourself, so there are still some costs to cover.

More advanced anime-inspired rooms like the cute or kawaii rooms or the anime gaming room are more expensive but still affordable and cost between $1500 to $5000 to set up.

It is mainly due to more merchandise to add in your room decor to fit your design or even collector anime stuff to display in your space.

26 Tips to Make Your Own Anime Themed Room With Ease

Here are some tips to help you make your anime room easily.

Gather Anime Inspirations

Another anime room with some video game themed decorations
Another anime room with some video game themed decorations. Credits: @branden_skeli

You first need to gather anime inspirations about the character whose room you want to replicate.

It's always easier to start from something you know well, so pick animes you absolutely love and remember your favorite character's bedrooms in them.

You can now look for some anime room ideas on the web and social media that include your characters and bookmark all your favorite characters' bedrooms pictures.

It will make your research in-depth enough to get your own ideas of the ideal room you would like to design.

Determine the Available Space

Before going forward, you need to take a look at the available space in your room.

You need to measure it and determine how much room you can make.

Don't worry too much about not being able to make a manga room due to the few available spaces you have because there are ways to declutter your room.

However, it will be better to opt for a minimalist room with small decorations in little available space.

With much remaining space, you can try multiple combinations without worrying about over-optimizing your room design.

Clean Your Room

When you watch anime, you often see that there are many spaces available in bedrooms.

That's because your favorite characters have clean and tidy bedrooms making the room looks bigger.

Well, not exactly all of them, like Onizuka’s bedroom from Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO), but most of them have neat bedrooms!

Your room won't be anime-inspired if it is messy, so you need to clean the space before designing it.

Try to wipe surfaces without forgetting all your fan decorations, vacuum all areas, wash your bed sheets, and sweep your floor.

Remove and Tidy All Decorations

Some anime characters pictures on a bedroom wall
Some anime characters pictures on a bedroom wall. Credits: @graciadharma

While cleaning your room, you'll have to remove your decorations from your shelves, walls, desk, and so on.

Start by removing all the current decorations and tidying everything in a storage ottoman, so it's easier for you to adjust your scenery later on.

Usually, when you have no more decoration left, you have a clear vision of the available space to determine what kind of collectibles you should add.

Furthermore, you'll see that your cleaned space will look like it is bigger than usual!

Take some pictures of your room in this current state, as it could be handy for you while you shop anime merch online.

Then, rearrange everything that looks relevant to your initial anime room idea.

Declutter Your Room

Now that you have removed then rearranged everything at the right spot, it's time to declutter your room.

It means that you should get rid of all unnecessary items to free some space.

As you previously get some inspiration, you will also be able to remove everything that doesn't fit with your default anime-themed room idea.

It's not easy as it can be difficult to store a special decoration present in your space for several weeks or years.

But to properly set up your idea, you'll have to make some compromises and stick with decorations that fit your anime room aesthetic.

Shop Anime Merch

Your space is now neat but still not likely as your anime room inspiration.

You will need to purchase some new collectibles to add to your personal space.

Making a wishlist with every relevant animation merch is a good way to go and will provide a complete overview of your expected style.

However, don't forget that to stick with your initial anime room idea, you'll have to buy only things that fit with your theme.

Anime character bedrooms usually have very few decorations, but you can always custom and mix your experience with some gaming merch.

That will make your gaming-anime room incredibly unique.

Decorate Your Bed With Plushies

Your anime bedroom couldn't be kawaii without any plushies!

Be sure to add some to your bed.

A good combination is one big plush alongside two smaller ones, but it depends on your inspiration, yet again.

For instance, you could easily add a kawaii teddy bear plush alongside unicorn plush and character plushies.

It will make your bed really cute!

However, don't put all plushies you have on your bed because your manga room should be neat with only the essential furniture inside.

You can keep one or two plushies on your bed, but you need to ensure they aren't ruining the room theme.

Embellish Your Room With Anime and Chibi Figures

A small anime character figure decoration with a poster behind
A small anime character figure decoration with a poster behind.

These chibi and anime figures are probably my personal favorite decorations!

I especially love the ones with Sailor Moon or Card Captor Sakura Kinomoto ones!

They make your experience so close to the real one, and remember your favorite characters every day.

You can add them on shelves, on your desk, or even in a glass display case to be more visible.

They fit really well with other decorations or alongside your plushies.

Make Your Room Authentic With Manga Books

Some Soul Eater manga books alongside anime Funko POP! figures
Some Soul Eater manga books alongside anime Funko POP! figures. Credits: @branden_skeli

As an otaku, you probably already have some manga books in your collection.

While you're not reading them, you can use them as decoration too.

Their cover brings some colors and authenticity to your space, so don't hesitate to add them too in your anime-themed room.

You can display them on your shelves or glass display case to stay tidy.

One stylistic approach is to sort your manga books depending on genre.

So you could easily group your Death Note and Bungo Stray Dogs collections together since they both feature detective stories, supernatural elements, and some heavy themes.

A Kamisama Kiss collection goes well next to a Fruits Basket one since they're romantic supernatural stories about love, growing up, and being positive through hardships.

However, some manga comes with many books that can be in the way of your neat room, like One Piece, Naruto, Fairy Tail, or Bleach manga.

It's better in these cases to keep them in your storage ottoman than trying to find the right spot to display them.

Your space will be way cleaner like this, especially if you want to share your pictures.

Don't Forget to Add Your DVDs

Like your manga collections, anime DVDs can be used as decorations on your shelves or glass display cases.

Their boxes are more robust than manga books covers, but despite that, they take as much space as books, so add them to your room only if it fits well with your standard room aesthetic.

Hang Your Cool Posters on Your Walls

Some quality anime posters decorations with plexiglass
Some quality anime posters decorations with plexiglass

To make your decoration easier, you also need to add some posters to your anime bedroom walls.

Cool anime posters are the cheapest anime-themed decor available in their basic form.

But you can also find some refined posters that are often full of emotion, vibrant with colors, and incredibly expressive.

Place these canvases in eye-catching locations to catch attention towards them.

You can easily find ones that match your favorite characters or landscapes.

However, be sure to use small pictures on your posters so they won't look too messy.

You can also use these posters on other surfaces like your doors or furniture, which is typical for small rooms.

Personalize Your Things With Stickers

Your anime room design is incomplete without any anime-themed stickers on your drawers, cupboards, and computer.

They are ideal for personalizing and hiding things that don't fit your anime room aesthetic well.

There are multiple sizes, so they can be adjusted to the surfaces you put them on.

Trim Your Walls With Scrolls

Anime wall arts embellish any anime-themed rooms
Anime wall arts and scrolls embellish any anime-themed rooms. Credits: @dexezekiel

Anime wall scrolls provide something really unique and different from posters.

They are usually bigger and require more available space on your bedroom walls, so be sure to weigh up the pros and cons before purchasing these ones.

Most models also require to have something to suspend them on, meaning that if you don't have something to fix them, you'll not be able to add them to your walls.

However, keep in mind that you can always shop for some adhesive hooks that will perfectly do the job and allow you to decorate your walls with scrolls.

Furthermore, those are also some rare decorations that you can fix on your door with large pictures on them.

I often saw these scrolls featuring characters from Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, or One Piece, but with some shopping, you can find more rare anime characters.

Use Anime Decorative Boxes

Decorative boxes are decoration items that can be used for multiple purposes other than saving stuff.

Decoration boxes with printed characters or with simple colored patterns like chocolate, cream, or berry tones are an excellent addition to some anime room ideas.

You may keep a lot of plushies and anime or chibi statues inside these boxes, making them really handy for storage too.

Hide some manga books, posters, or anime DVDs behind these boxes to have an anime room design that looks just right.

There are multiple sizes available to use on your furniture or desk.

Consider Decals For Your Bedroom Walls

Anime wall decals are equivalent to your stickers but cling to your walls.

As they come in many sizes and can quickly clutter your room, you should ensure that adding them still fit either with your default anime room idea or with your personal touch.

Add a Recycle Bin Near Your Desk

Recycle bins can be handy when you have a desk and need to throw your papers or whatever else with ease.

By picking one anime-inspired bin, you have one more possibility to extend your space decor.

Still, even the simple one with a unique color or simple pattern can fit really well in your anime room design.

Furthermore, it is one of the few decorations you can add directly to the floor.

Add Bed Sheets

Although bed sheets are not necessary, you can add them to your bed.

They may look childish with their huge design, but they're highly anime-inspired!

So be sure here again to weigh up the pros and cons before purchasing these, as it is mainly a personal preference.

Unicolored classic bed sheets with soft colors like white, cream, light blue, and light pink are also trendy.

Dispose Some Pillows on Your Bed

Like bed sheets, they represent an excellent way to decorate your bed with ease.

Usually, when you pick up bed sheets, you're also looking for pillows that match the Japanese art form's vibes.

They often come with characters' faces or whole bodies on them, like it's the case for bed sheets.

These pillows are ideal for displaying on your bed alongside your plushies.

This combination really makes your bed look stylish and so kawaii!

Bring Up Some Extravagance With Bed Curtains

Bed curtains aren't directly anime-related.

They are, however, a beautiful decoration for your bedroom, especially for those trying to make kawaii anime bedrooms.

They make you feel like you're a princess or a prince in your own room, remembering on each occasion that this space is yours!

Still, there are so many kinds of bed curtains, be sure to choose ones that don't overwhelm your primary color schemes for consistency.

Use Your Goodies Too

Anime goodies are also perfect to decorate a manga room
Anime goodies are also perfect to decorate a manga room.

There are still some ways to decorate your room properly by adding some less common merch.

For instance, otakus often go to anime and comic events, where you can get decent goodies to integrate into your room decor.

You can also find really good goodies when you purchase video games in their collector version.

With fan arts, goodies, soundtrack covers, and exclusive statues, you can add to your room more variety.

I personally put my hands on the Persona 5 Royal: Phantom Thieves Edition, which is one of my all times fav games, by the way.

This collector comes with the Joker's mask, which is pretty cool, but also with a beautiful anime cover that I put on my shelves and a beautiful steel box.

But that's only one example, and there are many more games that can provide you with some exclusive anime goodies like that!

Put Your Foldable Coffee Table

You can see these small coffee tables where characters sit around in many animes.

They made your room really close to your anime inspirations.

However, due to the space required, it is not for everyone.

That's why it is recommended to pick one foldable coffee table so you can add or remove it from your room whenever you want.

Light Up With LED lights

Soft color tones are the perfect choice to provide a fantastic feeling in your cool anime room.

Choose LED lights that match the rest of your space tone to stay consistent.

You can opt for traditional light strips or bulbs with white and pale yellow colors or choose to enhance your experience with soft-colored neon lights.

The neon colored versions often glow a bit more.

Pastel pink, soft blue, beige, white, chocolate brown, and pale green are probably your best possible color schemes!

You can also find some LED lights strips and bulbs with rainbow effects to bring some fantasy into your room!

And for a top notch-effect, pick ones that can be remotely controlled so you can change all your room themes with a simple command while chilling on your bed!

However, ensure you install them safely so they won't touch any flammable materials like bed sheets or curtains.

Trust us on this one.

It happens... not a pretty sight!

Make Something Different With DIY Anime Decor

DIY anime decorations are your own creations, so the feeling they will provide is pride and confidence and being a top-notch addition to your anime room.

There are many ways to make your DIY decorations, which highly depend on your own skills.

For instance, for those familiar with drawing and coloring characters and shades, there are many chances that you can display your own art in your space.

For those that know about painting, you can probably make beautiful landscapes.

However, there is still some way to make your own decorations for those who don't have these advanced skills.

You could, for example, use your anime DVDs' covers, buy some frames, and dispose of them on your desk or walls for a neat design.

Some manga books also have detachable covers.

The quality and feel will not be the same as authentic posters, scrolls, or decals, but it brings creativity to your room.

Finally, you could also use your card collection from TCGs like the Yu-gi-Oh! or Pokemon ones and place them side by side in a stylish large frame on your wall.

Pick up some neon light strips, preferably remoted, and add them to your frame borders.

Now light up your DIY creation and fancy a real custom and unique homemade decoration!

Change Your Computer Background With an Anime Wallpaper

A computer with a beautiful anime wallpaper
A computer with a beautiful anime wallpaper.

After making so much effort to design your room, it should be a shame to forget to replace your computer background with an anime wallpaper!

You can find some online for free that can refine your setup, so be sure not to miss this chance when your share your pictures!

Take Pictures of Your Anime Room

Taking pictures and sharing them on social media is an easy way to get some feedback from other fans that can complement your hard labor.

Try to pick them when it is sunny, so your picture looks brighter.

Furthermore, taking pictures will help you remember all your different room design attempts, so you can always return to the previous version.

Adjust Your Decoration

At this stage, you mostly completed all your room designs so you can take a break and think about your decorations.

Don't be surprised to have still some changes to do or even to declutter unnecessary decorations one more time.

With a lot of patience and attempts, you will find the perfect balance between your inspirations and your personal touch!

An otaku room full of anime and game characters masks
An otaku room full of anime and game characters masks

And that's pretty much all the tips that you could need to make your own anime room.

Remember that you can decorate your interior on multiple surfaces, including your desk, walls, bed, door, and even floor!

Don't hesitate to make several tries and keep going back to your inspirations when you're lost so you can keep going on and complete your room design!

Also, if you would like to know how you could mix your theme with some video game inspirations, take a look at our guide to design a gaming room.

And of course, feel free to share with us your anime room setup pictures on Instagram and let us know if you would like to see them featured in this article!

Emma Howes
Emma Howes

She is a huge League Of Legends gamer and passionate about Asian different cultures.

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