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Either it is to spend only a bit of time in a day or the whole day, having a room decorated with an appreciated inspiration is always a good way to feel relieved and relaxed at home.

For anime fans, decorating their home with an anime-themed room is another way to experience the thrill of their favorite shows!

It brings them back some memories from the animations or video games.

Indeed, it’s fun to walk into a space showcasing favorite characters, prized moments, and special seasons.

But to get to that point, it’s good to know what items to use.

The problem is, you don’t want to clutter your room without knowing how to decorate it, right?

Well, we have some nice tips for you.

In this article, we are going to describe how you can make an anime-themed room with anime-related merchandise and basic stuff.

We’re also going to walk through what colors are helpful, since tying the room together is largely done by color schemes.

Finally, we’ll be showing you how to design and revamp your room.

Anime Themed Room Definition

What Is an Anime Themed Bedroom?

An anime-themed bedroom is a room full of merchandise from anime shows.

Someone who enjoys, for instance, Fairy Tail, may wear clothes with the logo on the front.

But if they like the show enough to see pieces of it in their everyday life, then they can get decorations from that show.

Those decorations then get placed around their room in multiple forms available from a variety of sellers.

This personalization helps a bedroom to feel more inviting.

This space, dominated by their hobby, has become unique.

It’s personalized for what that person finds happiness in.

It allows someone to have a visual reminder of something which brought them excitement and joy.

Oftentimes, it’s also a reminder of key parts of a show, such as Attack on Titan featuring cast members in different uniforms and poses at different segments of their arcs.

Each one of those arcs is important, and for long-time viewers, they may even coincide with different parts of their own lives.

So it’s important to be able to see that timeline play out.

Remembering childhood favorites is only one part of decorating an anime bedroom.

New pieces of merchandise can easily be added to the memories, allowing for changing decorations and assorted interests.

Each one of these pieces, of course, becomes a conversation piece, inviting talks about their origins.

Personalize Your Room With Anime Merch

Some anime boards for walls are showcased

How do I Make my Room Look Like an Anime?

To make your room look like an anime bedroom, you’re going to want to decorate!

That’s really the biggest piece to all of this, is picking out decorations.

You likely already have a bed, desk, the basics.

But figuring out how to put your own specific tastes alongside those basics is the important part.

You’ll want to procure items that are focused on your favorite shows.

So first, pick out some shows that really resonated with you.

For instance, popular picks include Naruto, and My Hero Academia.

Naruto is a long-running show with a huge fanbase.

It’s popular with multiple demographics for its exciting action scenes and moving emotional resonance.

This is a show that many people literally grew up on.

For them, it’s an easy reminder of those different parts of their life, as they went to school, graduated, got into relationships, and moved through their careers.

From there, you can find merchandise from those shows that you want to include in your space!

This largely depends on which part of your room you’re trying to decorate, so we’ll sort that out below.

We can color-code parts of the room to fit our choices, and plan for marathon nights!

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Can I Decorate a Room as an Adult?

Of course you can decorate a room, even if you are an adult!

Adults are the ones creating this content.

They’re the writers, illustrators, and consumers of anime.

There’s no upper age limit to enjoying your favorite content, it’s there to be enjoyed!

There’s nothing wrong with adults decorating their own spaces with their interests, just the same as a motorcycle enthusiast owning shop signs without being a mechanic.

It’s just something that brings someone joy, and a little extra spark to their environment.

After all, humans require a good environment to feel fulfilled.

So have no shame in being able to afford your environment, and in being able to choose how you want it decorated.

For many, of any gender and age, this includes anime merchandise!

How can I decorate my desk?

Oftentimes, anime fans are also gamers.

So there’s a bit of crossover between gaming equipment and anime merchandise!

We have also an article covering gaming items if you would like to know more about designing a room for gamers.

Even once your desk includes items like a headphone rest, speakers, and a mousepad, there’s more to add.

For instance, did you know that anime stickers are a huge industry?

Those stickers can be placed directly on your desk, or on monitor frames.

Try to pick ones that complement whatever color scheme you have in your room.

You can pick out name tags from shows, logos such as the Fairy Tail tattoo, characters such as Puck from Re: Zero, and flowers and mushrooms just to add to the ambiance.

This helps decorate those small little spaces on your monitor and keyboard.

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How can I decorate my shelves?

You can decorate your shelves with manga books, DVDs, and Blue Rays  obviously!

Oftentimes, our favorite shows have manga series to enjoy, which may vary slightly or include more content of the best characters!

Box editions are often available as well, which look very crisp on a shelf.

You can arrange manga in a ton of ways!

And they can be rearranged, and reread, depending on your mood.

One stylistic approach is to sort manga depending on genre.

So Death Note and Bungo Stray Dogs would be placed together since they both feature detective stories, supernatural elements, and some heavy themes.

Kamisama Kiss would go well next to Fruits Basket, since they’re romantic supernatural stories about love, growing up, and being positive through hardships.

Some people prefer to place box sets altogether, meaning they have a shelf just of the boxes.

Fairy Tail is a good choice for this since there are so many box sets available.

Others place the box sets on top of the loose copies so that they form a wall of manga along the back of the shelf.

This leaves room for other types of decorations at the beginning.

Attack on Titan collections are fun in this style since their bindings sometimes correlate.

An anime figurine in an fan room

Figurines are also a good addition to any bookcase.

They come in a variety of sizes and outfits.

Sometimes you can get figurines in special edition outfits, which don’t always appear in canon!

This gives you the opportunity to see your favorite characters in unique outfits.

It also lets you see how a character has grown through time, such as the popular Attack on Titan Eren series, or Rimuru from Reincarnated as a Slime.

How can I decorate my bed?

I’m sure many people have heard about anime pillows, but there are also blankets and stuffed animals to choose from!

Blankets are fun because you can buy multiple, never have too many, and switch them out periodically.

You can also choose seasonal blankets if you want to celebrate holidays with anime characters that are in costume.

Stuffed animals can come in the form of anime characters or their pets!

Happy from Fairy Tail is a common favorite for anime fans, coming in a range of sizes.

This is a simple, easily portable decorative piece that can also be placed on a shelf.

How can I decorate my bedroom walls?

Anime posters are a wonderful edition to form the basic backdrop for your bedroom.

They’re easy to place, can be color-coded, and include fan versions of art that may not be available in other mediums.

Posters can be placed on most types of walls, even in dorm rooms and apartments, making them more flexible than some of the other items.

And they’re relatively low priced compared to figurines or books.

High-quality posters come in the form of canvases, which are essentially paintings done of anime scenes or characters.

These are often full of emotion, vibrant with color, and incredibly expressive.

Place these canvases in eye-catching locations, to draw your attention towards them.

Some anime posters to decorate a room

Wall scrolls are another way to hang art, albeit in a more traditional sense, though the art itself can be in any style.

They’re extremely aesthetic and are a bit safer to transport than some of the other options, making them sound for those who travel often.

Neon lights are also a popular choice.

There are plenty of neon lights of classic anime figures, such as the famous one of Zero Two from Darling In The Franxx.

These are often hung right above computer monitors so that they can be admired while gaming or reading.

During the night, they’re used to illuminate an otherwise darkened room, adding some colorful light and a restful ambiance.

What are some items anime enthusiasts have?

Some anime enthusiasts go the extra mile and include snack bars in their room.

As we know, it feels good to watch a show while having a bite.

They usually include some form of shelving, either on their desk or on a roller cart beside their desk.

They arrange numerous snacks within the shelving, sometimes including pocky or cookies.

The shelves are often decorated with stickers, for added cuteness.

One of the shelves may hold soft drinks such as various sodas, or ramune.

Ramune is a Japanese soft drink with a marble within.

Another addition would be small tea tins, decorated with anime characters and themed to each one.

This allows the user to further set the mood for their bedroom and viewing experience.

Brewing a fresh batch of tea that’s curated to their favorite character, then sitting down and enjoying a show featuring that character, only adds to the experience.

It’s more immersive and interactive.

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Must-haves for marathon night?

Are you hosting a marathon anime night on discord?

Are you watching through a ton of shows at once?

Or just need to relax for a bit?

Well, let’s take a quick moment to make sure your room is set up for the night, so you won’t have to worry about it later.

Snacks are an easy choice.

Try including popcorn, chips, and a bit of candy.

Also include blankets, preferably decorated with the characters or designs of an anime you adore.

Next, grab a cute pillow or stuffed animal!

Turn on a neon light overhead, and you’re all set to relax.

Choose a Good Color to Fit your Aesthetic Anime Room Decor

Which Color is Best for a Kawaii Bedroom?

Anime fans want cute, inviting bedrooms.

A basic step towards achieving this goal is to include a specific color scheme.

Anime themed bedrooms often follow color schemes that are relaxing, or exciting.

The point is to bring out the best from the neon lighting, the binding of manga, and the figurines.

Everything should look cohesive and emit a pleasant response.

What Colors are Exciting?

Exciting colors include painting a room pink or purple.

These colors tend to be inviting, warm, and friendly.

They allow for someone to feel excited about sitting down to enjoy the next episode of their favorites.

Let’s look at a few ways to decorate rooms of these colors.

Pink rooms are common for people pursuing a nostalgic feel.

It reminds many of Usagi from Sailor Moon, or of Sakura from Naruto.

Both of these characters emit a certain level of enthusiasm in their daily lives.

Decorating a room pink just allows you to enjoy that same level of excitement.

What Colors Make a Cute Anime Room Feel Relaxing?

For those who need to be able to get some peace after a long day, blue rooms are the way to go.

They enjoy neon blue lighting and blue painted walls.

Oftentimes, residing in one of these rooms almost feels like being underwater, letting those within remain calm and collected.

Blue rooms are great for people who adore Blue Exorcist or My Hero Academia.

Some of the most common merchandise from these brands also coordinates very well with blue walls.


Decorating an anime inspired room can be a lot of fun.

While you likely already have manga and a shirt or two, there’s so much more that can be added.

Anime themed bedrooms are warm, welcoming, and a great way to further enjoy those shows that are important to us.

Figurines can be situated on shelves, favorite poster-worthy moments can be stamped on blankets, and posters themselves can be placed beside neon lights of our favorite waifus.

Stickers just bring the whole look together, letting us slap some color on parts of our setup, just for fun!

These methods of decorating an aesanime room really make space enjoyable, and fun to be in.

They allow you to express yourself while also making sense within the room.

Sophia Connelly
Sophia Connelly

Sophia Connelly is a columnist for Dubsnatch. She studies Psychology and is an avid gamer in her free time. Diablo III and Horizon Dawn are her favorite getaways.

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