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10 Tips to Become a Kawaii Girl

Tips to become a super kawaii girl

Are you enjoying the kawaii aesthetic too much and want to become a part of the colorful adorable scene?

Well, the good news is that everyone can opt for this style, and it's not as hard as you think!

However, being kawaii isn't something that is natural for everyone.

Luckily, in this blog post, we give you some easy tips you can do quickly to achieve the ultimate cuteness level so everyone will fall in love with your adorable persona!

Let's get started!

What Does 'Kawaii' Mean?

Kawaii is a Japanese term meaning that someone or something is "super cute".

In Japanese culture, it's an important pop culture aspect, especially favored among girls.

You can see evidence of this from famous anime and video games to J-pop idols throughout all media possible forms.

There aren't specific requirements to become adorable, but in Japan, characters considered kawaii often have large eyes, a small nose, and a round face.

They are also usually depicted as being small and fragile.

But of course, being kawaii is not just about looking physically pretty and tiny– it is about having a sweet and innocent personality too.

Kawaii individuals are often considered naïve and child-like.

They are also usually very kind, gentle, and loving.

So to be one of those, you'll need to check all these points!

10 Easy Tips to Be a Super Kawaii Girl

Here are some easy tips you can follow to help you to become kawaii:

Be Your Authentic Self

The most important thing is just to be yourself.

While it is essential to try to emulate the kawaii style, you don't want to become a carbon copy of someone else.

Remember every day to be yourself and let your unique personality shine through.

Your ethnicity, sexual orientation, skin color, body shape, or gender won't matter.

Being kawaii doesn't even necessarily require a person to be strictly Asian.

As long as you are authentic, that's all that matters.

After all, that will make you stand out from the rest and irresistibly adorable and unique.

Smile Often

You should also always be happy and smiling, so ensure you show off those pearly whites as much as possible!

A genuine smile will not only make you look cuter but also help you feel happier and more positive.

Being happy and always sharing huge smiles with others is a good behavior to be kawaii anytime
Being happy and always sharing huge smiles with others is a good behavior to be kawaii anytime

Plus, you'll be used to this, so when you take pictures or videos for social media, smiling will come naturally without forcing anything!

Be Upbeat

Another important tip is to make an effort to be cute in everything you do.

It's often referred to as the "kawaii attitude" or just "kawaii vibe".

Whether you're at home or out in public, always try to radiate positivity and happiness.

You can do this by speaking softly, using cute gestures, and avoiding negative body language.

It really is a lifestyle that you commit to wholeheartedly.

Dress Up Accordingly

Of course, you can't be kawaii without dressing up accordingly.

As you already know, kawaii fashion is all about being pretty and charming, so make sure that your wardrobe reflects that.

Choose clothes that have a cute style, are vibrant, and are delightful to the eyes!

Wearing a cute dress with high socks and cute hair accessories is a part of the kawaii girl wardrobe
Wearing a cute dress with high socks and cute hair accessories is a part of the kawaii girl wardrobe

One of the best possible recommendations is probably to wear dresses in pastel colors.

Kawaii girls often wear cute dresses with cartoon and anime characters or conservative school girl outfits, oversized sweaters, high socks or knee socks, and adorable hair accessories.

But despite the considerable similarities that the kawaii aesthetic has in common with the soft girl one, there is still not the same style.

So for those who would like to know more about kawaii fashion, makeup, hairstyle, and more, be sure to look at our article on how to dress like a kawaii!

Apply Kawaii Make-Up

Your makeup is another important aspect of your look.

Remember, less is definitely more when it comes to kawaii makeup.

What you want is to achieve a natural and innocent look.

You can accomplish that by using light colors and avoiding heavy foundation or contouring.

Some other tips for doing your makeup like a kawaii girl include:

  • Using light pink or peach eyeshadow
  • Wearing false eyelashes and drawing a sleek winged eyeliner to make your eyes look cuter and bigger
  • Putting on some blush and a shiny highlighter
  • Applying lip gloss or lipstick in a light and sparkly color

Catch more of these tips in our kawaii fashion article.

Throw On Cute Accessories

Accessories are a great way to add an extra cuteness touch to your look.

Kawaii girls often wear hair bows, headbands, and other hair accessories.

They also like to wear cute necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

And don't forget about those all-important glasses!

Wearing a pair of round, black-rimmed glasses will give you an instant kawaii makeover.

You can also consider getting some temporary tattoos or face stickers for an extra bit of cuteness.

Also, remember that kawaii accessories don't stop with the things you wear and put on your body.

So be sure to include things you can carry around when going out or hanging with fellow kawaii friends, too, like cute phone cases, adorable bags, purses, etc.

Be Gentle and Kind

In Japanese culture, kawaii girls are often considered the ideal woman type.

They embody all the highly valued qualities in Japanese society: kindness, gentleness, sweetness, and innocence.

It's why one of the most important aspects of being kawaii is having a kind and gentle personality.

You should always try to be as sweet as possible, caring, and considerate towards others.

Be friendly and try to make everyone around you feel comfortable and happy.

Be Playful

Cute girls are sure to have a 'kawaii vibe' to them.

Japanese people often described them as being childish and playful.

One of the best ways to embrace your kawaii side is to let go of your inhibitions and learn to have fun!

Be silly, goofy, and just enjoy life without thinking about what other people say.

There is no age barrier to being kawaii so let your inner child out to play and see how much happier you'll be!

That is practically the essence of this style!

Watch Many Anime Series and Read Manga Books

To learn more about kawaii culture and understand what it's all about, a great way to do this is simply by watching many anime shows, OAVs, and reading manga books.

It will give you an excellent introduction to the kawaii world and help you better understand what it means to be kawaii on a day-to-day basis.

Mixing different fashion styles like the lolita and the softie ones is a good way to create your own kawaii version
Mixing different fashion styles like the lolita and the softie ones is a good way to create your own kawaii version

By indulging yourself with this media type, you'll gain different perspectives on the lifestyle that you want to lead and the cute style you want to follow.

As we have mentioned earlier, being a kawaii girl is a lifestyle, not just an aesthetic, and it needs your commitment to sustain it.

Follow kawaii personalities on social media

Another great way to learn about the kawaii culture is by following personalities on social media.

Many famous Japanese bloggers and Instagram influencers regularly post about their lifestyles.

By following them, you'll get daily doses of cuteness and inspiration that will help keep your motivation levels high.

Not to mention, you'll also get some great ideas to be kawaii in your own unique way.

A pair of lovely loafers with ribbons
A pair of lovely loafers with ribbons

And that's it!

We really hope that this article has given you some helpful tips and tricks to become a kawaii girl!

Keep in mind that the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy your journey while becoming a super cutie wannabe.

Do you have any other tips to recommend?

Let us know on Instagram!

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