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10 Tips to Be an Egirl

10 Tips to Become an Egirl

Have you recently browsed the trendy hashtags, found out about egirls, and now want to know more about them?

Or maybe you would like to start your own journey?

Well, don't worry.

You got covered!

In this article, we give you 10 easy tips to be an egirl yourself so you can start right now and don't miss the trend!

What Is an Egirl

Before you start your journey, it's essential to understand what an egirl is.

An egirl, also known as an electronic girl, is a girl who spends a lot of time online interacting with her audience.

E-girls usually are active in the streaming community, talking with their fans, but many are more focused on social media creation.

When the e-girl movement started to appear, it also introduced an aesthetic based on a particular eyeliner style with a wardrobe, always including dark clothes and a schoolgirl skirt.

Due to these particularities, it has often been confused with the emo aesthetic.

But nowadays, the term has evolved to be broader and includes all women live broadcasting or those chatting with their followers as a relaxing hobby.

Are All E-Girls also Gamer Girls

Despite a common belief, an egirl is not bound to video games only; many of them can stream or share content about an impressive number of topics, including anime and music.

They mainly use famous channels like Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitch, and Facebook Gaming to connect with their audience.

Still, you can also see them just chilling around and chatting with others while doing anything other than enjoying an online social activity.

10 Tips to Become an Egirl

Here are 10 easy tips you can accomplish right now to become a popular e-girl:

Define Your Egirl Style

Before even starting your journey, you should define your e-girl style.

A gamer girl taking a picture for her followers
A gamer girl taking a picture for her followers

Like many other electronic girls, streaming your video games sessions on the following popular games can quickly ensure an engaged audience:

  • Leagues of Legends
  • Fortnite
  • CS:GO
  • Valorant
  • Overwatch 2
  • Call of Duty
  • Apex Legends
  • PUBG
  • Just Dance 2023
  • The Sims 4
  • Roblox

But as we stated previously, you don't have to play video games to be an egirl.

So don't hesitate to share your passion for anime, movies, music, shows, and all other topics you could talk about for hours without interruption!

Most ideas can be a great fit and an easy win for you as soon as you appreciate what you're doing!

Build your Streaming Setup

Whether you are a gamer girl, to stream online, go LIVE, and interact with your followers, you'll need a starter creator kit for streaming.

A starter streamer setup with a professional microphone
A starter streamer setup with a professional microphone

At the minimum, you should have one headset or headphones with a microphone to share the enjoyment with your fanbase, a webcam to record yourself, and live broadcasting.

With a bit of practice, when you're getting used to being in front of a camera and chatting with your followers, you should consider upgrading your setup.

An excellent addition is a green screen, a dedicated microphone with a pop filter featuring an anti-vibration system for a neat voice, and a gaming chair to look like a professional streamer.

Of course, everything else that can bring up some decoration to your setup and other computer or game console devices is always welcome for a perfect streamer scene!

Choose your Favorite Platform

Now that you have mostly everything to start your e-girl journey properly, you still have to choose a platform for your live streams and social media.

Here are the most popular platforms for your streams:

  • Youtube
  • Twitch
  • Facebook Gaming

And the most popular social media for e-girls:

  • Tik Tok
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

A sweet combination, to begin with, is one channel supported by at least one social media page to grow your audience.

The choice is on you.

What is truly important is to feel calm and to stick with one streaming platform.

Dress Up Accordingly

When the egirl term was first introduced, the usual wardrobe was close to the emo style with a particular make-up based on a unique eyeliner shape.

Nowadays, each lassie has its own way of preparing herself for streams.

Some IT-girls also don't stream with make-up to look more natural and closer to their audience.

An egirl wearing a maid uniform and cat ear headphones
An egirl wearing a maid uniform and cat ear headphones

Then you should opt for a top that would reflect your style and is casual enough to feel comfortable while streaming.

It could be a shirt, a hoodie, or everything else you think looks great on the camera.

Leggings, skirts, jeans, or shorts can be the perfect bottom too.

Finally, you don't need any crazy accessories as long as you feel confident about your look!

Go Live and Stream Your Passion

You now have everything to go live and interact with your audience in real time.

That's the most exciting part of this journey as an egirl!

An electronic girl with a gaming headset is playing video games and live broadcasting her playthrough
An electronic girl with a gaming headset is playing video games and live broadcasting her playthrough

But remember to create a schedule and share it with your followers regularly, so it will help them catch up on every stream you do while building a loyal fanbase.

Interact with Your Audience

Interaction is key in streaming or any other type of content creation.

Therefore, feel free to talk with your audience during the streams and answer their questions in the chatbox.

You can also organize special shows for them, like game tournaments, mini-contests, polls, etc., that could involve some elements from their daily lives.

That way, you'll keep them engaged and always coming back for more!

An electronic girl who loves interacting with her fans
An electronic girl who loves interacting with her fans

You can also invite other streamers on your channel from time to time as special guests.

It will ensure everyone enjoys fun and every minute connected to your channel.

The more dynamic the atmosphere, the better it is!

Create Quality Content

Content makes a streamer stand out from the rest, so always try to produce quality content, whether live or pre-recorded.

It can be challenging at the beginning since you'll need to work on many aspects and learn a bit about broadcasting, but practice makes perfect!

Making pre-recorded content can also be made with quality with a good preparation
Making pre-recorded content can also be made with quality with a good preparation

Don't go live randomly, though!

Make sure you are always prepared for your streams and don't forget to say goodbye at the end of each session!

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Give Away Prizes

The most popular way to keep a strong relationship with your followers is to give them prizes.

It doesn't have to be expensive stuff; it can just be fun gifts related to video games and digital media content like movies, music albums, or anime series.

A woman pleasantly surprised by her contest winner fan reaction
A woman pleasantly surprised by her contest winner fan reaction

You could even create some merchandise like mugs and t-shirts with funny logos on them or collaborate with brands like Dubsnatch to offer exclusive gifts.

The main point here is to ensure that even if you are giving away something small, your followers stay happy and can even get more attached to you.

Encourage Generosity

One of the main reasons why electronic girls are so popular is because they usually support their fans in any way they can.

It's essential to remember that streaming and content creation is a two-way street, and your followers will be more likely to help you if you give them something back.

A cute egirl appreciating her kindly followers
A cute egirl appreciating her kindly followers

That being said, encourage generosity among your viewers by asking them to donate and support each other when possible.

You don't have to ask for money.

Even small acts like sharing content or giving compliments can make a huge difference in making your audience feel appreciated.

By showing gratitude towards them, you'll also ensure that they will remain loyal and engaged with your content in the long run.

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Feed your Social Media Page

Staying active on social media networks such as Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok can also help grow your online presence significantly.

Posting super cool pics with captions won't take much time and can be a great way to showcase your lifestyle.

A blonde woman taking a picture for her social media page with her kitty cap
A blonde woman taking a picture for her social media page with her kitty cap

You can also create stories, add live streams or pre-recorded videos, or join conversations on social networks to engage with your audience.

The more entertaining content you post, the better it is!

Finally, remember to use relevant hashtags for your niche.

They will help attract people interested in what you offer.

An egirl with her cute gaming headset is playing relaxed video games on her phone
An egirl with her cute gaming headset is playing relaxed video games on her phone

And that's pretty much it to become an egirl!

Whether you are just starting or have already streamed many times before, you should always take some time off for self-care as well.

Keeping yourself healthy and happy is not only essential for yourself but also for your viewers, as it will often result in better live performances and entertainment for your watchers.

With the right attitude and commitment, becoming an aspiring e-girl could be one of the best decisions you have ever made!

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