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Minimalist Soft Beige Cream Monochrome iPhone 15 14 Tough Case


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Minimalist Soft Beige Cream Monochrome Design

Experience the convergence of comfort and class with our minimalist soft beige cream monochrome iPhone 15 14 tough case!

Our minimalist beige protective phone case features a monochrome beige cream palette, an embodiment of both coziness and elegance, ensuring a seamless blend with your everyday style.

Plus, the soft cream-like color mirrors the tranquility of a warm, creamy latte or the serenity of a sandy beach, elevating the look of your phone for any occasion.

For iPhone 15/Plus/Pro/Pro Max and 14 Series

Keep your iPhone 15/Plus/Pro/Pro Max and the 14 series safe from possible everyday mishaps!

Our protective phone case offers a seamless fit with the model chosen, enhancing your device's functionality without compromising its sleek design.

Each cut-out is crafted to ensure unhindered access to all ports and features, reaffirming our commitment to precision and excellence.

Hence, the shell fully protects your mobile while also complementing its flawless design, creating a synergy between safety and sophistication.

Double-Layered Protection

Experience an enhanced level of protection with our case's double-layered protection system!

Our mobile case boasts a 2-tiered protective system with a malleable TPU inner liner absorbing shocks and resisting usual impacts resulting from accidental slips, while the resilient polycarbonate outer shell safeguards your device against scratches.

These 2 layers, both combined, ensure your device stays pristine and damage-free so you can enjoy it with complete peace of mind.

Induction Charging Compatibility

Enjoy the convenience of wireless charging without having to remove your phone protection!

Our protective case is engineered to be thin yet durable to seamlessly facilitate wireless charging, allowing you to place your mobile on the induction charger pad and watch it come to life.

Exquisite Matte Finish

Lose yourself in the serene beauty of our matte-finish protective case!

Our mobile shell has a non-reflective matte surface that ensures no annoying glares will ever interfere with your screen viewing experience, providing an additional layer of convenience.

Plus, this phone cover is also crafted using the dye-sublimation process to infuse the dye directly into the case material under heat and pressure, resulting in vivid and long-lasting colors that resist fading over time.


To check the product compatibility along with other features, here are its specifications:

  • Style: Dye-sublimated
  • High-Resolution: Yes
  • Induction Charging Compatible: Yes
  • Double-Layer Protection: Yes
  • Material: TPU (inner liner), polycarbonate (outer shell), BPA
  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone 15/Plus/Pro/Pro Max and 14 series

Package: x1 minimalist soft beige cream monochrome iPhone 15 14 tough case

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Is it Compatible with Wireless Fast Charging?

All the protective cases are made to be compatible with wireless fast charging.