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Girly Metal Keyboard Pink Backlight Silent Key


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Modern Metal Design

The girly metal keyboard has a slim metal design that is perfect for any girl enjoying playing video games or doing multimedia activities.

With its impressive plate-like frame fitting perfectly with a pink tone setup, your keyboard will definitely stand out and make a style statement on your desk!

Lovely Pink Backlight Effects

This gamer girl keyboard has different backlight modes and effects that you can choose from to fit your mood or needs and enhance your overall experience.

You can choose between a solid pink light or even switch to a rainbow wave effect with soft pink tones whenever you want!

Plus, you can even adjust the LED brightness or light speed to your liking.

Water-Resistant and Spill-Proof

Don't worry about accidentally spilling your drink on your keyboard while gaming or performing your multimedia activities anymore!

This model is water-resistant and spill-proof, so you can easily clean it up without worrying about damaging your keyboard.

Silent Keypress

Whether you're playing or working at night, you have probably already faced some situations where you can need a silent keyboard.

This keyboard also features silent keys so you can worry-free type, keep your focus on a task with more ease and avoid disturbing your entourage.

Multimedia Key Combinations

With the help of the FN key, you can access different multimedia functions more quickly and conveniently.

You can play, pause, or stop your music with just one click or even adjust the volume to your liking without searching for the right keys!

That's pretty handy while you are focused on a game or watching a movie on full-screen!


To check the product compatibility along with other features, here are its specifications:

  • Certification: CE
  • Type: Wired
  • Style: Membrane
  • Interface: USB
  • Features: pink backlight with a rainbow mode and breathing single-color mode, silent keys, anti-ghosting, qwerty
  • Weight: 1.65 lb / 750g (Approx.)
  • Size: 17.12*5.23" / 435x133mm (Approx.)
  • Anti-Ghosting: Yes (26 keypresses without conflict)
  • Backlight: Yes (Pink lights)
  • Material: ABS
  • Keyboard Standard: 104 Keys
  • Language: English
  • Cable Lenght: 4.92ft / 1.5m

Package: x1 girly metal keyboard

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Is It a QWERTY English Keyboard?

Unless clearly mentioned in the product description, all our keyboard models are QWERTY English. Be sure to check the specifications, too, while shopping around!

Does It Come With Numeric Keys?

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Is It Compatible With Game Consoles?

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