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Futuristic White Hair Ninja Boy Hoodie Cybernetic Leg


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Show your sneaky abilities to your friends and family!

The futuristic white hair ninja boy hoodie displays an urban double katana anime ninja guy with a cybernetic leg in a cyberpunk era.

It's a funny way to remind your entourage that you are never too far from them, even when they can't see you!


To check the product compatibility along with other features, here are its specifications:

  • Materials: 65% ring-spun cotton, 35% polyester
  • Front Pouch Pocket: Yes
  • Style: Print
  • Print Quality: 255 DPI

Package: x1 futuristic white hair ninja boy hoodie

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Can I Wash It With a Washing Machine?

Yes, you can wash your shirt with a washing machine. However, there are some recommendations to follow to keep its colors and don't shrink. Be sure to wash it with a delicate cycle.

Is This Hoodie/Sweatshirt Made With Cotton Only?

Not all hoodies and sweatshirts are made with cotton only. It actually depends mainly on the color you choose for. Some models are full cotton, while others can include polyester too. Be sure to read the description while you're shopping around!