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High Back Racing Gaming Chair Footrest Reclining Backrest


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High-Back Racing Gaming Chair

Enhance your gaming setup and behave like a true gamer champ with this modern high-back racing gaming chair with a footrest!

This nice piece of furniture hasn't only a sleek racing-style design but also comes with features to improve your comfort and overall gaming experience.

Plus, with its 33.27" high-back with a shape dedicated to your spine well-being, this gaming seat will help you in multiple ways in your game marathons!

Reclining Backrest

Get the ideal angle to sit back and relax whenever needed after a long gaming session with the reclining backrest feature allowing you to adapt the back seat from a 90° to 135° angle!

You'll be covered whether it's for gaming with a 110° to 130° position, working in a 90° mode, or chilling around on your phone in a 135° one.

Retractable Footrest

Relax your feet when needed with the retractable footrest feature that can be easily extended and retracted to provide the perfect support amount and comfort for your legs!

It will help you reduce the strain on your legs and feet, making all your gaming sessions and other activities more convenient and enjoyable.

Comfortable Lumbar and Neck Cushions

The super comfortable lumbar and neck cushions equipping this gaming chair are also great additions supporting your lower back and neck! 

They are made with super soft materials and designed to promote proper spinal alignment, reducing strain on your back and neck muscles.

So that you can always game on for hours in a relaxing setting!

Handy Armrests

Support your arms and wrists easily thanks to the double armrest perfectly placed to give you maximum comfort and avoid discomfort after a long period of computer activities!

Furthermore, they will also help you reduce the pressure on your shoulders, which can be handy in some situations.


To check the product compatibility along with other features, here are its specifications:

  • Armrests: Yes
  • Head Pillow: Yes
  • Lumbar Pillow: Yes
  • Rollers: Yes
  • Roller Number: 5
  • Material: PU leather
  • Backrest Inclination: Yes (90° to 135° angle)
  • Adjustable Height: Yes (50.59" to 53.74" / 128.5cm to 136.5cm) (Approx.)
  • Seat Size: 20.47*20.87" / 52*53cm (L x W) (Approx.)
  • Backrest Height: 33.27" / 84.5cm (Approx.)
  • Backrest dimensions: 21.65*33.27" / 55*84.5cm (L x W) (Approx.)
  • Weight: 41.88 lbs / 19 kg (Approx.)

Package: x1 high-back racing gaming chair, x1 user manual

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Is It a Comfortable Chair to Play for Hours?

Actually, we are always trying to select only chairs with good back support, so yes, it is a comfortable chair to game on!