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Double Color Gamer Keyboard Backlight Membrane

Purple White
White Purple
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Modern Gaming Keyboard

The double color gamer keyboard has a unique style with rounded keys and a modern design designed for long playthroughs.

Thanks to its spaced-out soft key with dual-color keycaps, it made it easy to avoid typos or actions mistakes, while the whole membrane keyboard is titled with a slight angle so you can keep your hands in a natural position!

That can be a game-changer in some games!

Stylish Double-Color Keycaps

This membrane keyboard is lovely due to its double-color keycaps presence, making it especially beautiful to see in any gaming room!

So for those who need to start a new setup or revamp their gamer personal space, this model is an ideal choice!

Monochrome Backlight Effect

Depending on the model you choose from, the monochrome backlight effect can be either with a bright white shade or with impressive RGB rainbow light mode, so you can pick one model that fits your current gaming configuration.

Full Multimedia Controls

Enjoy your activities with ease thanks to the full set of multimedia controls allowing you to manage your audio or adjust the volume even while you're still in-game.

With the FN + key combination, you also get other possibilities to adjust the backlight effect, open the default browser quickly, access your mail client, or do a quick search in a few seconds!

Numeric Keys

This model has a standard dimension that comes in handy with its 104 keys, numeric keys included.

It always makes the game experience more convenient when you need to communicate faster with teammates or even when you need to configure your own controls!


To check the product compatibility along with other features, here are its specifications:

  • Certification: CE
  • Type: Wired
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Keyboard Standard: 104 keys
  • Interface: USB
  • Features: RGB rainbow backlight or white backlight mode, multimedia controls, numeric keys, qwerty
  • Multimedia Functions: Yes (FN+F1-F12 multimedia buttons)
  • Numeric Keys: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Supported Systems: Windows, Mac (backlight not supported on MacOS)

Package: x1 double-color gamer keyboard

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Is It a QWERTY English Keyboard?

Unless clearly mentioned in the product description, all our keyboard models are QWERTY English. Be sure to check the specifications, too, while shopping around!

Does It Come With Numeric Keys?

The most standard keyboard includes numeric keys. However, most compact models don't fancy numeric keys, so be sure to check the description.

Is It Compatible With Game Consoles?

You can probably enjoy your keyboard on some game console like the PS4/PS5 or Xbox Series X/S. However, some native keyboard functions could not work as they could on PC, Mac, or Linux systems.