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Soft Grayish Green Plant Leaf Seed iPhone 15 14 Case


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Soft Grayish Green Plant Leaf and Seed Design

Experience nature's serenity at the palm of your hand with our soft grayish green plant leaf seed iPhone 15 14 case!

Our phone protective case displays beautiful illustrations of luscious green leaves and intricate seeds, instilling a sense of calm and connection to nature every time you use your device.

Its soft-colored leaf patterns are reminiscent of the lush foliage found in a verdant garden, while the seed illustrations symbolize potential and growth, echoing the inherent cycles of gardening and nature.

With this case, you can enjoy the tranquility of a misty morning in a lush forest every day, making every interaction with your device a moment of zen.

For iPhone 15/Plus/Pro/Pro Max and 14 Series

Embrace a seamless blend of style and safety for your iPhone 15/Plus/Pro/Pro Max and 14 models, whatever the series you possess, with our meticulously crafted case.

Our mobile protection showcases thoughtful engineering with tailored cut-outs and a slimline shape that mirrors the natural silhouette of your device.

Plus, while it stays true to the aesthetic appeal of your device, it also offers steadfast protection against the wear and tear of daily usage.

Double-Layer Protection

Add an additional cover against bumps to your phone with our case's double-layer shield system!

Our green plant phone cover provides fortified safety for your device with a 2-tiered approach.

Its initial defense coating is a flexible and resilient TPU liner that adeptly absorbs shocks from unexpected drops, while its second stratum is a robust polycarbonate outer shell, lending its strength to ward off scratches and ensure lasting durability.

Combined, these dual-layered covers ensure that your mobile remains well-protected and pristine.

Induction Charging Compatibility

Power up your device wirelessly with compatible chargers, thanks to the case's induction charging support feature!

Its design facilitates power transmission to ensure a flawless connection with your wireless charging pad, negating the need to remove the case when powering up.

Matte Finish

Enjoy soft and non-reflective colors with the beautiful case's matte finish!

This green plant leaf mobile case offers an improved grip, ensuring your phone stays securely in your hand, lessening the likelihood of unfortunate falls.

And it also boasts resistance to fingerprints to maintain its clean and elegant appearance throughout your day.


To check the product compatibility along with other features, here are its specifications:

  • Style: Dye-sublimated
  • High-Resolution: Yes
  • Induction Charging Compatible: Yes
  • Double-Layer Protection: Yes
  • Material: TPU (inner liner), polycarbonate (outer shell), BPA
  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone 15/Plus/Pro/Pro Max and 14 series

Package: x1 soft grayish green plant leaf seed iPhone 15 14 case

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All the protective cases are made to be compatible with wireless fast charging.