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Wild Savanna Leopard Skin Pattern iPhone 15 14 Robust Case


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Wild Savanna Leopard Skin Pattern Design

Embrace the call of the wild with our wild savanna leopard skin pattern iPhone 15 14 robust case!

Our leopard skin protective phone case is adorned with a painted leopard skin pattern, paying homage to the awe-inspiring, untamed felines that roam the expansive Savanna.

The intricate detailing replicates the unique raw motifs found on a leopard's fur, each representing a testament to nature's artistry for a distinctive statement that stands out in the urban jungle.

For iPhone 15/Plus/Pro/Pro Max and 14 Series

Step into style, no matter the model of your iPhone!

Whether you're flaunting the iPhone 15/Plus/Pro/Pro Max or any of the 14 series, our protective phone case is designed to blend with your device seamlessly.

Each case version hugs the sleek frame of your mobile snugly, preserving its elegant outline so you can easily access ports, cameras, and buttons, granting you a perfect balance of style and functionality.

Double-Layer Protection

Guard your phone like a fortress with our double-layered protection system!

Our phone case features a robust 2-tier shield with a first shock-absorbing inner TPU liner providing a cushion against damaging impacts and a second resilient outer polycarbonate shell that defends against every day possible scratches.

Together, these 2 layers form an ideal barrier shielding your device from daily wear and tear, giving you peace of mind and your smartphone the protection it deserves.

Induction Charging Compatibility

Charge your device's battery quickly, even with your case on, thanks to its induction charging compatibility!

Our protective cover is designed for urban convenience, offering full compatibility with induction charging pads so you can say goodbye to the hassle of removing your case each time you need to power up.

Just place your encased phone on the station and watch the battery come back to life.

Striking Matte Surface

Accentuate your phone's allure with our striking matte surface!

Our case features a non-reflective surface that guarantees zero annoying glares, making it ideal for any lighting condition while adding a touch of sophistication to your device.

Plus, our mobile cover undergoes a meticulous dye-sublimation process. This technique infuses the ink directly into the case material, resulting in an exceptionally vibrant and durable design while preserving the case's tactile feel so your device remains untarnished over time.


To check the product compatibility along with other features, here are its specifications:

  • Style: Dye-sublimated
  • High-Resolution: Yes
  • Induction Charging Compatible: Yes
  • Double-Layer Protection: Yes
  • Material: TPU (inner liner), polycarbonate (outer shell), BPA
  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone 15/Plus/Pro/Pro Max and 14 series

Package: x1 wild savanna leopard skin pattern iPhone 15 14 robust case

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Is it Compatible with Wireless Fast Charging?

All the protective cases are made to be compatible with wireless fast charging.