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2.4GHz Wireless Motorsport Gamepad Vibration Turbo Macro Switch PC


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Futuristic Racing Motorsport Design

Get into your games' starting lines with the 2.4GHz wireless motorsport gamepad!

Designed with the adrenaline-fueled world of motorsport in mind, the game controller boasts a futuristic racing car appearance that will surely appeal to vehicle enthusiasts.

Plus, the triggers, reminiscent of finely crafted race cars, will provide a tactile experience that will also elevate your gameplay to a new level.

2.4GHz Wireless with USB Dongle

Forget the limitations of wires and embrace the freedom of wireless gameplay with the 2.4GHz technology!

This racing game controller utilizes the advanced 2.4GHz technology with a USB dongle to provide a reliable and lag-free connection to your computer or Nintendo Switch console.

Just plug in the included USB receiver, and you're ready to go.

Dual Motor Vibration

Immerse yourself in each in-game event like you were part of them with the dual motor vibration feature!

This option simulates the haptic feedback you'd feel in real-life scenarios, offering an intense and lifelike gaming experience that makes you feel like you're in the heart of action happening in your games.

Turbo Mode

Activate quick action sequences in no time and stay one step ahead of the competition with the turbo mode feature!

Ideal for fast-paced action and sports games, this function allows rapid-fire inputs at the press of a button.

Activate the turbo mode to deliver quick, successive in-game attacks in a blink of an eye.

Macro Customization

Personalize your game experience as you want with the customizable macro buttons!

These macros allow you to record up to 16 actions using simple button combinations, including the 2 triggers on the gamepad's back plus other control pressures.

It will let you activate complex in-game sequences to be executed effortlessly.

Note: Remember not to use the macros and turbo mode for unfair actions in online games, though! You wouldn't lose your ability to play your favorite games!


To check the product compatibility along with other features, here are its specifications:

  • Type: Wireless
  • Wireless Type: 2.4GHz wireless
  • Battery Capacity: 750mAh
  • Battery Life: Up to 10h (play time)
  • Full Charge: 3h
  • Connectivity: 2.4GHz, USB (dongle)
  • Vibration: Yes (double motor)
  • Turbo Mode: Yes (3 adjustable turbo speeds: 5 shots/s, 12 shots/s, and 20 shots/s)
  • Macro Buttons: Yes (Up to 16 customized actions)
  • Features: Double-motor vibration, turbo mode, macro buttons
  • Power Supply: DC 3.7V
  • Size: 6.14*4.17*2.56" / 15.6*10.6*6.5cm (Approx.)
  • Weight: 6.88oz / 195g (Approx.)
  • Compatibility: PC (Windows), Nintendo Switch/OLED/Lite, Android, iOS and more

Package: x1 2.4GHz wireless motorsport gamepad, x1 USB dongle, x1 USB-C to USB charging cable, x1 user manual

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Is It Compatible on Windows, macOS, or Linux?

Most gamepads can be connected to a PC via USB. However, most are recognized only on Windows and don't work correctly on macOS and Linux. You might also have to install specific software to get the possibility to set up your gamepad.

Does It Works on Steam?

As for the PC compatibility, most game controllers could be used and synchronized correctly with Steam. However, you might require dedicated software help to make your gamepad work appropriately with Steam.

Can I Use It Wired?

Most wireless game controllers can be wired by using a charging cable. However, some models might come with batteries without the possibility of being wired. You can get more details on each product's specifications.