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Carbon Neutral

In our efforts to actively reduce CO2 emissions due to the nature of our activities, we are now working with partners to positively impact the planet.

That's why all orders made in our store are carbon neutral from now on!

How Does It Work?

When an order is made on Dubsnatch, a small amount of our benefice is donated to our partner that purchases carbon-neutral credits from businesses working on green solutions and retires them on our behalf.

In that way, these entrepreneurs get more funds to work on their solutions.

And that this amount given contributes to cover our shipping gas emissions.

Does It Cost Something For You?

It actually costs nothing for our customers.

The contribution is already integrated into our prices, so by purchasing on dubsnatch.com, you contribute to preserving the planet's resources and supporting our small business activities!

Are We 100% carbon Neutral?

Only orders made on Dubsnatch are covered by our contribution at this time.

We are working to improve our carbon footprint in other areas, though.