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by Emma Howes December 06, 2021 3 min read

Since its premiere on September 17th, 2021, on one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world, Squid Game has amassed a groundbreaking fan base up to this date.

The first season of the tv show with nine episodes starts with 456 players in grave financial situations competing to death to take home the ₩45.6 Billion stored inside the gigantic piggy bank hanging above their heads.

As the general audience resonates with characters like Seong Gi Hun, Cho Sang Woo, and Kang Sae Byeok, the need for shows to watch after watching Squid Game skyrocketed more than ever!

But there’s nothing to worry about.

In this article, you’ll discover five curated shows to binge-watch as we all wait for the possible second season of Squid Game.

Browsing Netflix catalogue for Squid Games alternatives
Some Squid Game similar tv shows are available on Netflix ©rokastenys/123rf.com

5 Squid Game Alternative Series to Watch After


This sci-fi TV series is set in a futuristic Brazil where poverty-stricken 20-year-olds compete to get a rare chance at a better life in the luxurious island called the “Offshore.”

Some of the tests in The Process include solving a staged crime, crossing a tunnel pumped with a hallucinogenic gas, risking their family’s welfare, and giving up their reproductive abilities.

Only 3%, about 20 of 600 participants, succeed, hence the series’ title.

Alice in Borderland

Alice in Borderland is among the top recommendations after Squid Game’s sudden popularity.

After a puzzling transportation to a deserted version of Tokyo, this suspense-thriller series follows the three best friends Ryohei Arisu, Chota, and Daikichi.

They are forced to play in a series of deadly games to gain playing cards called “visas,” which are extended as they go on and survive.

Ryohei teams up with Yuzuha as they puzzle out why they ended up in that place, hoping it would give them clues on how to return to reality safely.


This Netflix original series focuses on the lengths a person goes through for money.

Extracurricular is centered around Oh Ji Soo, a struggling high school student who leads a double life to earn enough money for college admission.

Things go south when a wealthy classmate named Bae Gyu Ri finds out about Ji Soo’s secret and blackmails him.


Since the release of Squid Game, fans couldn’t help but draw comparisons between the show and this animated series.

Kaiji is a TV adaptation of a manga series under the same name written by Nobuyuki Fukumoto.

Like Seong Gi Hun, this animated series follows the story of a jobless loafer named Kaiji Itou with a ¥3 Million loan left by a former co-worker who disappeared out of nowhere.

He then finds himself participating in a gambling tournament on a luxurious cruise ship, aiming to bring home the prize money to pay off his debt.

Liar Game

This psychological-thriller Japanese TV show has a very similar concept to Squid Game, where players lie and cheat among each other to take home the massive amount of cash prize successfully.

Liar Game shows how greed for money changes people in the worst way possible.

A couple shocked by unexpected turn of event in a TV show
Many turns of events happen in these tv shows


And… cut!

Indeed, money could bring out the worst in us, as shown by the shows characters mentioned above.

But despite having plots with such dark themes, these tv shows continue to dominate their genre and grow their fan base.

If you're a fan yourself and currently looking for movies to watch after Squid Game, you might want to check this list for a continuous experience!

Emma Howes
Emma Howes

She is a huge League Of Legends gamer and passionate about Asian different cultures.

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