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by Emma Howes December 18, 2021 3 min read

Have you completed all episodes from the first season of Squid Game and looking for some alternatives to watch?

Some movies exist and have a scenario close to the one in the show, so if you are still hung up on Squid Game yet have no time to watch other shows, a movie night might be the answer!

From supernatural horror film series to dystopian-action movies, here are some iconic movies that will give you as much thrill as the hit Netflix series.

Grab your popcorn, and let’s get into it!

5 Movies to Watch After Squid Game

A cult scene from Squid Game first game on TV
A cult scene from Squid Game first game on TV

As the Gods Will

As the Gods Will is our top recommendation for Squid Game fans, who want to experience the same eeriness and thrill that the series has.

This death game movie follows Shun Takahata, an underachieving high school student who feels bored at the monotony of life.

After wishing for an exciting event to occur on him, Shun and his classmates are trapped in their classroom by a cognizant Daruma doll.

They are forced to play games such as Daruma-san ga Koronda, similar to Squid Game’s Red Light, Green Light.

Whoever fails each game gets their head busted.

Battle Royale

This iconic movie is one of the inspirations behind dystopian survival thrillers, death games, and battle royale video games.

Battle Royale is a 2000 film set in a totalitarian Japanese government that aims to suppress juvenile delinquency.

The story centers around a junior high school class shipped to a remote island where they are instructed to kill each other.

Only one person can get out of there alive.

Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is another dystopian survival-action film centered around Katniss Everdeen, the Tribute of District 12.

Each year, the Capitol of Panem orders the 12 districts to send out a pair of boys and girls to become Tributes and participate in the Hunger Games.

The whole nation would watch as these teens fight for their lives until one final survivor emerges.

The Purge

After the economy’s collapse, the “New Founding Fathers of America” passed the “Purge,” where all crimes are legal, and government services are halted.

Like Squid Game, The Purge’s answer to economic decline is violence.

You will see people hiding behind their masks as they heinously kill people as it is deemed legal.

Would You Rather

As we have witnessed in Squid Game, desperate times call for desperate measures.

People would do anything for money, as long as it promises them a good life.

In Would You Rather, a philanthropist named Shepard Lambrick invites seven people to play in a game disguised as a dinner party.

As the host guarantees to grant everything the winner asks for, the players compete in a series of gore and cruel games, including slitting their eyes open.

What Lambrick does is relish the entertainment before him, making the movie more terrifying and haunting.

Friends watching a Squid Game alternative movie
Friends watching a Squid Game alternative movie on TV

Squid Game has made such an impact on its viewers that there is now a demand for similar shows and movies!

With these great Squid Game alternative movies, you'll find the perfect cure for Squid Game-induced hangovers.

Be sure to consider these options, and if even after that you're still looking for more recommendations then check out our list of Squid Game alternatives shows.

Let us know what do yo uthink about these alternative on Twitter!

Emma Howes
Emma Howes

She is a huge League Of Legends gamer and passionate about Asian different cultures.

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