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15+ K-Pop Idols With Beautiful Piercings To See

K-Pop idols with beautiful piercings

Have you ever wondered if your K-pop bias has a body piercing that you’ve never seen before?

South Korean society still treats piercings on body as taboo.

They are even considered highly unattractive when seen on a person's body.

But some people see these adornments as a means to express themselves and find healing, including your favorite Korean Pop idols.

This article gives you 15+ K-pop idols proud to flaunt their body piercings to the public.

15+ KPop Stars With Lovely Piercings

Below are some K-pop Stars with these special embellishment, starting with girl idols to finishing with boy idols.

Kpop Girl Idols with Piercings

While South Korea sees body piercings as taboo, these K-pop idols in popular girl groups are bold enough to break the rules!


Being the group's visual is a heavy responsibility to bear.

Often, they are subject to several criticisms as they try to meet all the subjective beauty standards that Korean citizens place upon their celebrities.

Jisoo's piercings
Image Source: @sooyaaa__

But, Jisoo couldn't care less.

She has about eight earrings (five on her right ear and three on the left).


The YG Princess had surprised netizens when she uploaded a photo of herself with a nose piercing on Instagram.

Jennie's piercings
Image Source: @jennierubyjane

You can bet Jennie almost started a new trend from the comments alone.


EXID's LE first revealed her navel piercing in a photoshoot, surprising both fans and the public.

Le's piercings
Image Source: @exidofficial

Since then, the group's main rapper has shown her adornments on many occasions like group promotions and music shows.


RED VELVET's Wendy is one of the K-pop idols with the most piercings.

Wendy's piercings
Image Source: @todayis_wendy

The main vocalist has 12 earrings (five lobes, triple flat, two helixes, a conch, and a forward helix).


After becoming a soloist, Chungha has become more open with her adornments as she explores mature concepts with each music comeback.

Chunga's piercings
Image Source: @chungha_official

APINK’s Eunji

APINK’s Eunji is among the K-pop idols with the most body piercings.

Eunji's piercings
Image Source: @artist_eunji

Most of them are on her right ear, with three lobe piercings, a conch, and a helix piercing.

LOONA’s Yves

Yves is one of the three members of LOONA who has the most earrings, with ten ones.

Yves's piercings
Image Source: @loonatheworld

TWICE’s Dahyun

Dahyun has about three earrings that ONCEs find attractive.

Dahyun's piercings
Image Source: @twicetagram

She has piercings on both earlobes, a helix on her right, and a double helix on the left.

TWICE’s Nayeon

Along with Chaeyeon and Dahyun, Nayeon also has a lot of earrings.

Nayeon's piercings
Image Source: @twicetagram

She has about seven in total, including a conch, a triple lobe, and a helix.

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Kpop Boy Idols with Piercings

These Korean boy idols have driven their fans crazy with the number of piercings they have on their bodies:

BTS’ Jungkook

Not only does BTS’ Jungkook is proud of his tattoos, but he also flaunts his body piercings proudly!

Out of the seven members of BTS, Kim Jungkook has the most number of body arts.

Jungkook's piercings
Image Source: @jungkook.97

He has eyebrow, nose, lip, and ear piercings.

These body arts sure fit Jungkook the best!


GOT7' JB has nine body adornments, three on his left ear, four on his right, an anti-eyebrow, and a nose piercing.

JB's piercings
Image Source: @jaybnow.hr

In an interview with Allure, Jay B (his new stage name as a solo artist) finds piercings as a means to experiment with standards and boundaries placed upon Korean celebrities.

iKON’s Bobby

Since his first appearance in MNET's Show Me the Money, Bobby has had a well-established badass image as a rapper and artist.

Bobby's piercings
Image Source: @bobbyindaeyo

His eyebrow piercing can prove it to you!

ATEEZ’s Hongjoong

ATINYs can't get over Hongjoong's piercings.

Hongjoong's piercings
Image Source: @hongjoongis

As of now, ATEEZ's leader has 9 adornments.

A lobe piercing and two inner helices are only some of his collection.

NCT 127’s Yuta

On one of NCT’s VLIVE comeback specials, NCTzens freaked out on Yuta’s navel piercing!

Yuta's piercings
Image Source: @yuu_taa_1026

Along with Ten, these two members are rocking the most number of earrings in the group.


Mino is among the few K-pop idols who broke stereotypes with facial piercings.

Mino's piercings
Image Source: @realllllmino

Not only does Mino have earrings, but he also has lip and eyebrow piercings.

ATEEZ’s Wooyoung

Almost all of the members of ATEEZ have body embellishments.

Wooyoung's piercings
Image Source: @wooyovng

As for Wooyoung, he has one lobe piercing on the left and two lobes and a helix on the right.


During I.M’s pre-debut, he has a total of six piercings.

I.M's piercings
Image Source: @imnameim

But, some of them must have closed up since the only visible ones now are down to three piercings: two on the left and one on the right.

A boy with beautiful earrings
A fanboy with beautiful earrings

And that's it for this list of K-pop idols with piercings!

Are you planning to have a body piercing appointment any time soon?

You can find piercing inspiration from the K-pop idols mentioned above.

Do you have some?

Show us yours favorite ones on Instagram!

And be sure to also check out these Korean idols with tattoos for more inspirations!

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