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LED Lights Buyer's Guide

by Dubsnatch Team September 16, 2021

LED Lights Buyer's Guide

These days, an easy way to decorate your room is with lighting.

Not just lamplight, or the lights built into a computer and tower.

But with LED lights, as well as neon lights.

These are decorative displays that can function well for a variety of careers, hobbies, and parties.

Choosing LED lights for your room can be a lot of fun!

It is a great way to style your lighting, setting the mood for your gaming or viewing experience.

There’s an array of styles to choose from, depending on your current gaming setup.

Neon-colored lights are a simple way to style a room.

They can hang overhead in the form of strip lights, take the form of different characters (such as the famous Zero Two LED light), or set a cool undertone to a desk.

Neon light signs are a fan favorite as well.

The materials involved differ depending on what the buyer is looking for, as well as the design and the cost.

That being said, there’s more to this than simple purchases of neon-colored lights.

There’s a vast difference between traditional, glass neon lights, versus LED lights, versus fluorescent lightbulbs.

Each one has its own function.

In this column, we'll cover which is the better to get between glass neon lights and LED and how to choose with tips, neon LED lights for your room.

A girl playing video games in a room full of led lights

Glass Neon Lights vs LED – Which Is Superior?

Glass neon lights are the old-school version.

They’re easy to set up but do tend to burn out quickly.

That being said, they’re often cheaper for a quick purchase.

If you’re only setting up a room for a semester, glass lights are not a bad option.

They’re also incredibly durable while outside, lasting through snowstorms, rainstorms, and even tornados!

These nostalgic lights have been a favorite of bars, restaurants, and small stores for around a century since they became marketable to the general populace.

That being said, LED lights tend to be more sustainable.

They don’t tend to break easily and can be stored for periods with little concern.

They’re also well suited for a range of temperatures, making them easy to transport from a college dorm to home.

LED lights are quickly becoming the industry standard, due to their longevity and general customer appeal.

They tend to be extremely energy efficient, saving a high amount of money.

In addition, they’re easily styled and designed, due to their size being compatible with an array of objects, such as keyboards, headsets, and even keychains!

How To Choose Neon LED Lights for your Room?

Choosing LED lights for your room is easier than ever with online shopping options.

The trick is figuring out what type of LED light fits your style.

For instance, are you an avid anime enjoyer?

If so, then a light depicting your favorite character may be a good choice.

They’re fairly simple to set up on walls.

However, if you can’t hang objects on your walls, then perhaps a desk model would be better suited to your specific need.

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1 - Define The Available Space

The first step is defining how much space you have to work with.

Should you have a large desk, this is an obvious choice for placing LED lights.

You could get a tabletop model which glows with different colors.

Should your desk already be full of important items, you can simply outline the desk in a string of decorative lights.

However, should you have plenty of wall space, this is an obvious choice as it allows for a large decorative piece.

2 - Choose Positions for Your Lights

The next choice is to decide where you want to set these LED lights.

Perhaps you have room on your desk, but you don’t like the idea of placing the light so close.

Setting that light on a shelf may be a better option.

Or perhaps you want to decorate a stack of books with lights.


Once you’ve decided that you want to place lights on your wall, you need to figure out how much space you truly have to work with.

You can place a string of lights along the top, should you have little room.

You can also set up an illuminated series of posters, which is bound to be a statement piece.

Should you have the luxury, setting up a large sign may be a good idea.

Some of them can be customized to suit your art style, some are impressive, and others are simple and fun.

Neon Sign Lights

Some neon signs are interesting, including words or phrases that may catch your eye.

These include sayings from your favorite shows or logos that you may be familiar with.

They are made of glass, and typically consume a fair amount of electricity.

But their warm glow is currently unmatched, and the nostalgia is very real for many enjoyers.

There are those who collect neon sign lights, both for their value and their intrinsic delight.

Light up your room

These neon signs can be placed around the room to add a sense of ambiance.

They allow for better lighting when it’s late, and a sense of mood depending on the colors used.

Remote controls allow for simpler usage of the models as well, with the ability to change the mode of the light strip at will.

HEX Lights

HEX lights come in a pattern reminiscent of a honeycomb, or in a hexagon.

They’re a decorative pattern adored by gamers for their simple joy, and due to their range of color options.

Often, each panel can be a different color, offering mood lighting.

One can be cool white, another sky blue, one more sea green.

The power consumption is low as well, making these a great ergonomic choice, and extremely cost-effective.

Some HEX lights actually run alongside sound connections.

For instance, their grid patterns showcase different colors, but those colors may pulse between shades, or on and off, to the beat of the music.

This is especially interesting for birthday parties, a kid room, or simple entertainment.

Their energy efficiency is high considering their bountiful light show.


Led neon strip lights on a desk

A desk may be easily decorated with the addition of an LED table lamp.

For instance, LED lamps can provide a warm white glow.

Their light source is bright enough to function in close quarters, though also dim enough to keep close during late nights.

Often, their color temperature can be adjusted from warm to cool, providing an ambiance depending on the user’s mood.

Strip lights are another fine choice for a desk, as they can run along the outline of the surface.

Their power source can derive either from the computer tower or from the same power strip as the computer.

Typically, LED strip lights to decorate a desk, due to being relatively safe near a wooden or plastic surface.

They don’t tend to heat up much, whereas traditional neon lights are a heat source.

Neon light lamps

Neon light lamps can also be placed within a gaming room.

These provide a warm light that glows.

Traditional neon lights typically evoke a sense of nostalgia.

They tend to remind people of years past, and meetings with friends.

Neon signs tend to be common in bar signs.

Neon Light Strips

A man wearing a virtual reality headset in a room with neon light strips

A neon light strip is common along the bar itself, designed to illuminate the surface so that others can easily find their way, whether drinking for a wedding party, a birthday party, or for fun.

A neon light strip is therefore less suitable for a kids’ room, and more for an adult. Traditional neon lights function with neon gas, the tenth atomic element in the periodic table.

They use electricity charging through a glass tube, meaning typically a strip will need to be connected to the wall.

That being said, there are battery-powered neon lights that allow for short uses. They do offer very bright colors and come in a variety of product types.

Their color temperature naturally tends to be warm, however, the manufacturers may include another item model within their product details.

Using different combinations of gasses can lead to differently colored neon lights.

LED Neon strip lights

Some alternatives to traditional neon strip lights are LED neon strip lights.

These offer a warm light, the power supply coming from a strip that leads to the wall.

They’re known for being energy efficient, transportable, and versatile.

They also provide a color temperature that can be controlled by remote control, depending on the product description.

Which makes these perfect for a wedding party, or a gaming room. LED strip lights can be set up around a doorframe as well, offering a fun way to spruce up a room.

Their color temperature should be set to a comfortable range, something that evokes invitation and mirth.

While a neon strip is similar, an LED strip is typical inside a home setting.

Sound Reactive Lights

Sound reactive lights can be turned on and off with a specific sound, think the sound of clapping.

They’re popular for those with limited mobility, particularly the elderly generation, disabled folks, or those who are worn down from difficult jobs.

These tend to be made of traditional fluorescent lights.

They offer bright light, usually warm white, and work fun with light strip connectors.

Meaning the lamp can be attached to a strip plug the same as any other lamp, and even in conjunction with a decorative LED sign.

Another type of sound-reactive light includes lights that react to music.

These can typically be controlled by remote control being activated.

As the music plays, the lights may pulse in time, offering a delightful sense, almost as if the technology is dancing.

3 - Enhance Your Gaming Setup

A gaming keyboard with rainbow colors

Gaming setups tend to make good use of LED lighting.

RGB lighting especially is popular.

Color coordination is key, to set the tone for the room, depending on favorite colors, favorite games, and even the colors already included in the desk, lamps, and computer.

The room can be decorated with plenty of additions based on these factors, making it welcoming, bright, and enjoyable to make a game session within.

Neon lights fit gamer setup collection and colors

There are common colors associated with a gaming room, including blue for calm, red for excitement, green for a more natural, cheery feel.

Neon lights offer a nostalgic feel as well.

Blue might be reminiscent of a nautical-themed bar, red may be associated with love, green with drinks shared with friends.

These neon light strips can be placed around a room to give a bright tone.

Led Lights Gamer Keyboards

Gamer keyboards can be illuminated with LED lights.

Some match the keyboard, such as a pink keyboard with pink light.

Others complement the style, such as a black keyboard with red light.

They can be set up to match the mouse, especially if the mouse is of a certain brand with a typical color.

Led Lights Gaming Mouse

Many gaming mice glow with a special color, and some even cycle through numerous colors.

Newer models of gaming mice tend to come equipped with LEDs already, offering a glow beneath them, or within detailing on the palm side.

Led Lights Gaming Headsets

Gaming headsets are a fan favorite for LED lights.

They offer a range of selections.

Some are lit with LED strips along with the headband.

Others have lit up ears.

Others have patterns over the ear casings so that when worn or set on the desk, they glow.

Some change color as well, and most can shut off the lights when not in use, even if they remain plugged in.

4 - Select Your Favorite Colors

Colors are important when choosing an LED light.

They set the tone for the room, so the colors used must be fun and functional.

For instance, blue LED lights may make the room feel calm.

Blue LED lights that also move may make the user feel underwater, a fun effect if you like swimming, but rather unsettling if you have thalassophobia (a fear of deep water).

Red may seem like a good idea, but if those lights are left on in the late hours of the night, it may feel like you’re waking up to a horror movie.

Which, for some, is the point. It’s all about what you feel comfortable with, and what defines your style.

Anime inspired room with neon led lights

5 - Define Theme Room and Tone

Color combinations can set the tone for the room as well.

Pink and white rooms, for instance, may invoke a nostalgic feel. White walls with pink lighting are preppy and lighthearted.

That being said, purple walls with pink lighting ends up being otherworldly.

This also makes it fun to decorate around the lighting.

A wedding party may be interested in setting their tone with LED lights that twinkle, whereas a professional gamer won’t want to be distracted by movement outside of their screen.

So the wedding party chooses LED lamps that color change, while the professional chooses a static color.

Are you a casual or a hardcore gamer?
Regardless of whether you are a casual or a hardcore gamer, LED lights can potentially make your gaming room setup enjoyable.

They allow for relaxation and an enjoyable atmosphere, which is important for your comfort while gaming.

Many gamers invest in LED lights as a way to enjoy their surroundings a bit more, to focus on the game in front of them.

Birthday parties focus on being flashy and entertaining.

For this reason, LED strip lights are useful.

They can be set up in the living room, easily transported from a gaming room.

They’re used to set a fun tone, making birthday parties more easily enjoyable.

They’re especially useful for watching movies since their glow is usually light enough to add to the setting.

That being said, the lighting that remains ideal for birthday parties tends to be different from that of someone who’s working.

A professional gamer, such as a streamer, is apt to want a colorful background.

Many streamers who use cameras, meaning those who show some semblance of themselves while gaming, have some sort of LED lighting in their background.

This may take the form of LED strip lights framing them like a glowing photograph, or of a custom neon sign showing their logo.

This type of personification gives their room a glowy, dewy feel that’s both nostalgic and heartening.

Viewers can truly feel a sense of companionship, which helps to increase the streamers’ star rating with their community.

6 - Check The Energy Consumption

Electronics come with a caveat that they will use electricity, potentially driving up costs.

To avoid complications, turn off lights when you exit a room. Include plugs in a power strip, and flick the switch when you exit.

Some LED lights are made to be economic, meaning they consume less electricity.

These may be a good investment should you plan on making much use out of them, especially if you prefer to sleep with LED lights on, or often forget to shut them off.

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Fitting a room together, including LED strips, an LED sign, Neon wall art, and even the colors, all helps to coordinate a room that’s comfortable and complete.

For a gamer, their gaming room is important, and a well-lit room that’s glowing with ambition and pride is a good way to go.

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