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210+ Best Gift Ideas for Gamers - Gaming Gifts Ideas

Best gift ideas for gamer

Are you looking for the best gift ideas for gamers?

The fact is that since last year, many of us have turned to video games.

They helped us join our communities from home, gave us clear goals to work towards, and kept us indoors where we were safe.

Over time, gaming became a part of life for many of our friends and families.

Since many of our loved ones have turned to gaming as a hobby, it’s an easy option when it comes to shopping for them.

That is until we open up the websites and find ourselves overwhelmed by the assortment of goods being offered.

When presented with so many options, it’s hard to understand what the best choice might be for the individuals we care about.

That's why we made this complete gaming gift ideas list that makes these choices easier.

In this article, you'll get a breakdown of ideas for gamers, regardless of if you’re treating dad or your best friend since college.

You'll get merchandises, makeup tools, room decor, and even apparel gift ideas.

Farther down the line you’ll find price brackets, and what to buy for someone who has it all.

Ok then, let's get it started!

Table of Contents

Gift Ideas for Gamer Couples

Many of us were dating gamers before quarantine, though some have more recent relationships.

Whether you’ve been together for a month or a decade, we have gifts for you.

Playstation (1)

Personally, I helped mine pick his PC out, and bought him his PlayStation years ago.

After the long break, you can bet they got a lot of wear and tear on their equipment.

So why not help them restock?

What is a Good Gift for a Gamer Boyfriend – Starting from $100

Buy your gamer boyfriend a new mic set-up.

If you’ve been together for awhile, you have an idea of what he likes.

What type of headset he enjoys, and how he prefers to speak into them.

But maybe it’s time for an upgrade in the voice department, or he’s been getting into streaming.

The first choice is what type of microphone he’ll want.

Pop filters filter the sound of air coming from a speaker’s mouth, as well as background noise from within their household.

Tripods or stands hold up the speaker, either from a desk or the floor.

Red microphone with no pop filter (2)

This is the most expensive of the three, at over $100.

It’s also the highest quality.

It has no pop filter seemingly because it’s not necessary to filter the wind from this device.

This is for serious gamers, and streamers.

Microphone with pop filter (3)

It comes with a tripod, allowing for it to be set up on a desk.

This choice is cost-effective, while still holding quality.

Full set microphone (4)

This option is good for streamers as well, but is an entire set, so is only necessary if he has no other components.

What is a Good Gift for a Gamer Boyfriend - under $75

Say you want to buy him something nice, but maybe you don’t have the budget to be spending over $100.

That’s completely understandable!

We have options for smaller price brackets as well.

Headphones are a must-have for gamers.

Some want to hear their environment, especially if they’re playing a first person shooter.

Some want to be able to speak clearly, such as those playing multi-player games.

But that’s doable without a mic setup.

So the first question here is, does he need a mic attached to the headset?

Micless headphones.

Plain black (5)

This set of headphones is cheaper than the others, but offers quality.

Noise cancelling (6)

This set is a higher quality, and is noise cancelling.

Which means background noise won’t interfere with what he’s hearing.

Mic headphones (7)

These are necessary if he doesn’t have a microphone set.

Get the light up ones.

They’re so much cuter than the rest.

Choose a color

Your options here are red, blue, purple, orange, and pink.


The color dictates the price.

Rainbow (8)

This headset has rainbow colors, so check the reviews to make sure you get the set that matches your desires.

Cat ear (9)

If your boyfriend is flirty and completely comfortable, get him some cat ears ones.

Especially if you want to be matching.

What is a Good Gift for a Gamer Boyfriend - under $50

Buy your gamer boyfriend a keyboard.

I know, I know, this sounds boring, but trust me okay?

He uses that thing everyday. It’s worn down, the keys are falling off.

You can barely read the letters.

It’s time for a new one.

And not just a new one, but a cute one.

Don’t think your boyfriend doesn’t want something cute.

He does.

But first things first; what style does he want?

Keyboards tend to click, or he can get a silent one.

If he’s a programmer, or working in a field that doesn’t require much typing, then he’ll likely prefer a “typewriter” style.

It clicks when he types, which is a soothing sound for many people.

That being said, if he’s easily annoyed by small sounds, then you’re going to want the “silent” type.

And if he’s a writer like me, those shorter keys will save his fingers in the long run.

Next we want style.

Plenty of keyboards these days glow.

Some include one base color, a rainbow set, or pulsating lights.

Typewriter Keyboard Rainbow (10)

This keyboard features a funky style, with round clacking keys.

Typewriter Keyboard Rainbow Keys (11)

This one is simply a bit easier on the wallet.

Silent Keyboard Colorless (12)

This solid keyboard comes in dusty grey, light blue, green, and pink.

Silent Keyboard Rainbow (13)

This smooth keyboard is great for a gamer boyfriend who enjoys lights.

What is a Good Gift for a Gamer Boyfriend - under $25

Yes, he’s cute.

But you only got together a month ago!

It’s too soon for a big budget.

Or maybe you’ve been working hard and simply don’t have the extra cash.

Don’t sweat it, we have cutesy options to let him know you’re into him.

And none of them will break the bank.

Let’s get him something fun to drink out of.

Whether he likes bean juice (coffee), leaf juice (tea), cow juice (milk), or fruit milk (juice juice), he’s going to want it while he’s gaming.

If he likes hot drinks, grab him a mug.

And if he likes cold drinks, or has a cupholder built in to his desk, grab him a thermos.

Ram & Rem Mug (14)

This set is perfect for fans of the maid twins from Re:Zero!

Iroh’s Delectable Tea Travel Mug (15)

This Iroh mug is from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

If he has Pokémon themed walls, get him one of these.

Pikachu mug (16)

This cutesy mug is yellow, and even includes the tail!

Pokéball thermos (17)

This travel mug is sure to delight! If he likes horror games, check these out.

Zombie mug (18)

This special glass shows a zombie when warm.

IT and friends travel mug (19)

Pennywise returns with some of his friends in this special collector’s edition travel mug.

Get the matching shirt here (20).

What is a Good Gift for a Gamer Girlfriend – Starting from $100

Girls like to pick their own microphones.

But get her a set of speakers to match her room.

They’re widely available, and include a range of styles, sizes, clarity, and prices.

Long Speakers (21)

Some are long, perfect for fitting under a monitor.

Block Speakers (22)

Others are rectangular, to be set up at either end of her desk.

And some are cute, meant to be decorative as well as functional.

Radio Speaker (23)

This retro design comes in an array of colors, including pink, white, green, blue, black, and brown.

Kawaii Face Speakers (24)

This small design also comes in multiple colors, with different patterns on the screen!

What is a Good Gift for a Gamer Girlfriend - under $75

A new headset.

She’s been using hers everyday to listen to music and watch anime.

It’s a nice touch to get her something new and cute.

But how to decide between the different options?

Well, if she’s gaming a lot and doesn’t have a mic, buy a headset with a mic built in.

Ones that allow for her to adjust where the mic sits in front of her mouth are best.

Next you’ll want to decide between USB and AUX jacks.

This means whether the headphones plug in to an AUX jack, like what’s found on a phone or car radio, or only plug into a USB, such as on a computer.

Check first if her AUX jack is broken, or if her computer even has one (some modern desktops don’t).

If she wants headphones that she can take on the bus, this is the best option.

Cat ear aux (25)

For a super cute egirl style, if you know she’s into that, grab cat ear headphones.

Light up aux (26)

For a more tomboy style, here’s some light-up ones.

If she wants these only for use on her computer, and she’d prefer a USB port, then we have some more options.

Cat ear USB (27)

For cute cat ears in this style, look here.

Light up USB (28)

While pricey, this set is guaranteed to be good.

What is a Good Gift for a Gamer Girlfriend - under $50 

She also wants a keyboard.

We went over keyboards for gamer boyfriends, and the same principle applies here.

If she likes the tap, tap, tap, then get her a “typewriter” style.

If she has long nails, this is the easiest type of keyboard for her to type on.

Again, we have cutesy versions in pink!

And some standard white options.

Typewriter Rainbow (29)

This comes in silver and black, and lights up with rainbow LEDs.

Typewriter Pink (30)

This pink style comes with a matching mouse.

If she has short nails, games at night, or is a writer, then she might prefer the silent type with shorter keys.

Silent (31)

This black keyboard lights up teal.

What is a Good Gift for a Gamer Girlfriend - Under $25 

If you just got together, it’s best not to spend too much right off the bat.

So let’s find you some nice options to work with, to let her know you’re thinking of her!

Mousepads are fun because you can switch them out depending on your mood.

If she’s sitting there watching a scary movie on her PC, it’s more fun for her to have a horror-themed mousepad.

Friday the 13th (32)

Perfect for fans of Camp Crystal Lake’s resident serial killer.

Yuno Gasai (33)

A protagonist from Future Diary.

Zombie Unicorn (34)

Cute and creepy, this is a unique find.

If she works at a pet shop or is obsessed with Fruits Basket, these paw print themed mouse pads will be a treat for her.

Paw Pad (35)

Look how cute! Such a perfect shape.

Shibu Inu (36)

Pinch pinch those cheeks.

Fruits Basket (37)

For fans of the lovable anime.

And if she loves Sword Art Online or Re: Zero, here’s her mousepads.

Sword Art Online (38)

This elite mousepad of Asuna and Kirito lights up.

Re: Zero (39)

This is also framed by rainbow LEDs, giving the twin maids Ram and Rem a cute border.

Gift Ideas for Gamer Spouses

You and your husband or wife were stuck home all year.

Congrats on strengthening your relationship!

But it’s time to look at your equipment, and upgrade.

What to Buy a Gamer Husband

Buy your gamer husband a new desk.

He’s been working off the same one for years.

It’s cute, but it’s cramped, and he can’t fit more monitors on it.

Find something with depth, a cupholder, and even ones that light up!

The easiest option here is a desk made of metal or plastic.

The metal ones will hold more weight, but the plastic-topped ones allow for gaming without a mousepad.

If he tends to move his arms a lot, or has long arms, this is the better option.

The base size for a gaming desk is about 18” depth, meaning from where he sits to the wall.

But if you want him to have plenty of room, aim for something with a depth of 24”, or 2 feet.

It seems like a lot until the monitors and keyboards are set up!

Some desks feature a cupholder as well, to be cute.

Lots of space (40)

This desk requires a mousepad, but has incredible depth.

Smooth surface (41)

This desk has an entirely smooth surface.

The monitors may need reinforcing to ensure their safety, but no mousepad is required.

L-shaped (42)

This desk does not have the same depth, but is wider.

It’s perfect for a corner, and allows for multiple monitors side by side.

What to Buy a Gamer Wife

Buy your gamer wife a new chair.

Her old one is beatup.

The cushion is flat, the armrests are bending off.

It’s time.

We have some options here that should make her happy!

First is to know whether or not she wants something cutesy.

All of the options listed are functional, so don’t worry about that.

Bunny (43)

This first option is incredibly girly.

It’s a soft pink, with bunny ears on top.

Find it here on Amazon for under $300.

Mavix (44)

This second option is cited by Content Creator of the Year Valkyrae for being comfortable.

She features it often in her streams! Mavix chairs are top quality. Find them here.

Comfy (45)

The third option is a standard gaming chair, coming in a range of colors, but cheaper than the others.

It’s comfortable for long hours, and features a massaging cushion for her back.

Gift Ideas for a Gaming Family

Whether your family is large or small, they’re important.

And they can be hard to shop for.

For convenience purposes, we’re going to focus on adult members in this section.

Kids are even more difficult to shop for, so they’re in their own category farther down.

Here we are going to cover parents, siblings, and even cousins.

What to Buy Your Gamer Dad

Realistically, your dad probably has a keyboard and headset he’s attached to.

He’s dad.

He bought what he thought looked cool and felt comfortable, and he’s not going to change his mind.

So to get him a present, you have to think outside the box a little bit.

But getting him simple merch like a mug is what you did last year.

It’s time to get even more creative.

He spends everyday working hard, and it’s your turn to give him something functional, stylish, and exciting.

Show him you appreciate him.

Don’t Get Stabbed! (46)

This game is perfect for dad.

Give it to him and have fun playing a party game for the whole family!

Neck Massager Pillow (47)

Dads tend to work too hard, so grab him this to help him relax while he’s gaming, reading, or watching tv.

Tetris Lamp (48)

This lamp is interactive, meaning Dad can rearrange it however he wants.

It’s fun, entertaining, and everytime he sees it he’ll think of you.

What to Buy Your Gamer Mom

For years, your mother has put up with receiving a candle from her coworkers.

The same candle that she regifted previously.

She does not want a candle.

Game of Thrones (49)

If you’re going to buy her a mug, know that she already has a favorite.

It’s the one you bought her while on vacation 5 years ago.

If you’re looking for a cute glass set for her and dad though, this Game of Thrones one is ideal, here.

Mom wants to be complimented.

She works hard, and does so with very little thanks.

So this time around, get her something to make her day a little easier.

Badass Satchel (50)

Here we have a Dungeons and Dragons themed adventurer’s bag.

It’s large enough to carry her wares, and comes with a small scroll.

This collector’s item is perfect for fans of the game.

Pick Your Poison (51)

This party game has a family edition, or an nsfw if you’re all adults.

It’s a raunchy game full of pub humor that’s easily enjoyable if your mom likes that type of thing.

What to Buy Your Gamer Brother

Merch is the easiest option here.

You know his best fandoms, and you have a good idea of the type of stuff he liked.

Or do you?

That was years ago.

You have to try harder if you want him to truly light up.

Humidifier (52)

This isn’t from a specific fandom per se, though it’s reminiscent of Chomusuke, Megamin’s cat in Konosuba.

This cute humidifier is small enough to be convenient for traveling, and is blissfully functional.

Among Us Set (53)

This set includes stickers, a bag, masks, and a pillow!

He’ll love it’s versatility and fun designs.

What to Buy Your Gamer Sister

Thankfully, you likely know what games she enjoys.

She probably already decorates her room.

So here’s a few options for some high-quality items that she can appreciate.

Lightbox (54)

Light boxes are small signs.

You can change the lettering to different messages.

This is perfect for encouraging words, or to remind her that she’s special.

Get a pink one here!

Makeup brushes (55)

Is she into makeup?

If so, enjoy these Attack on Titan makeup brushes, each one detailed with a small charm from the anime.

It even comes with a bag!

What to Buy Your Gamer Cousins, Aunts, and Uncles are Tricky

They might have their own quarantine pods, or you don’t quite know what their preferences are.

But that’s okay.

We have options for merchandise they’ll appreciate, that won’t hurt your wallet, that doesn’t seem like you picked it off of a list.

Wink, wink.

Headphone set (56)

This allows them to place their headphones down on a stand.

It lights up too.

PlayStation Coasters (57)

If they like the console, grab these coasters for them.

It’s a nice set that lets them show off their gaming side when they’re relaxing.

Burrito Blanket (58)

Gamers love this.

Gamers LOVE this.

It’s comfy, it’s fun, and it’s great for when they’re chilling in a chair.

Gift Ideas for Gamer Kids

Parents looking to buy for your children?

It’s rough trying to keep them home these days.

You’re working from an office, they have random days off from school, and everything is LOUD.

An easy way to keep them indoors is with a video game.

But when they seem to have run through every option known to man, and on your tight schedule, it’s hard to know what’s appropriate and what’s not.

So we listed out the safest ones.

Here are our picks for kid-friendly games, sorted by console.

Nintendo Switch

Mario Kart Deluxe 8 (59)

This classic is good for any child, it’s simply a racing game between differing characters.

Super Smash Brothers (60)

This is a fighting game, but in a very tame sense.

In includes some of the same characters as in Mario Kart, so getting both games for a child is a grand idea.

Fire Emblem (61)

This is actually a series, but any one of the games are good standalones.

They involve three separate houses, which the player can choose from.

It’s received high praise as a role-playing game.

Many others have been based off of it.

While it also involves fighting, it has moral lessons of good vs evil, and features enigmatic role models.

Some of the characters are featured in Super Smash Bros.

An anime adaptation was begun, though fans are waiting for more episodes.


Sackboy: A Big Adventure (62)

Don’t worry.

This game is a cute puppet running around saving his friends.

As far as storyline, it’s very reminiscent to Mario saving Peach.

But don’t tell the kids and it’s fine, they’ll appreciate it.

This is actually a 3D game, with graphics that are incredible.

The colors are fun and vibrant.

I encourage you to watch the trailer here, and it can be purchased online or at stores.

We included the link to the Special Edition, which includes a Plush.


Echo Generation (64)

This game follows a band of kids as they solve supernatural mysteries.

It’s got a fun color scheme, and is set in 1993.

Kids will like it.

It’s set to be released soon, but the trailer is available here (64).

Buy it at GameStop or other retail stores.


While we know PC games are the hardest to monitor, they’re also the most expressive.

And easiest for kids to access after their Zoom classes.

Realistically, it’s good to know what’s out there.

Because of the large range of PC games in general, we’ve further sorted them based on age and maturity.

Don’t worry, none of these games include anything worrisome, but it’s best not to scare the little ones!

What Is a Good Gift for a Gamer Kid Under 7 Years Old

Stardew Valley (65)

This is a farming game with a cute soundtrack.

It teaches kids how to work and count, but in a way that’s fun, so they don’t really know they’re learning.

Terraria (66)

This is a sandbox game, perfect for children.

It involves simply digging, and building.

Their imagination will have fun as they learn more.

What Is a Good Gift for a Gamer Kid Under 12 Years Old

Ace Attorney (67)

This one is nice for the kids who are learning to speak their minds!

It’ll keep them occupied, and makes them read as it’s a visual novel.

They get to problem solve, and use critical thinking to explore the cases in front of them.

It’s also kid-friendly, so there’s no real worry in letting them play it. It also has an anime!

Five Nights At Freddy’s (68)

They’re all obsessed with Five Nights At Freddy’s.

It’s definitely a horror game, but when it’s marketed to kids so heavily, it can’t easily be ignored.

But it’s definitely not horrifying for any adult themes, so no need to worry.

This game relies on jumpscares and creepy storytelling.

Think of it as a modern day Jack-In-The-Box.

Harmless, but enough to cause laughs.


So what do you do if your child already has the above games, and is obsessed?


Buy them merch.

Remember when you were 16, and became obsessed with that band?

You bought as many of their shirts as you could get your hands on.

If you were lucky, you got to go to a concert and get a guitar pick.

The gamer’s equivalent isn’t that far off from what you enjoyed.

Remember, kids just want something they can hold in their hands.

Stuffed animals are an easy pick for the younger ones, and for those who enjoy collecting.

For older kids, there’s books to read to enjoy all of the lore.

So for this next segment, we’ve broken down the merch based on the game, with links for purchase.

And don’t worry, a general range of prices are indicated, though of course they might change with the market.

Five Night’s At Freddy’s

  • Stuffed Animals (69)
  • Cups (70)
  • Books (71)

This is actually the book collection.

  • Backpacks (72)

Mario World

  • Stuffed Animals (73)
  • Collectibles (74)
  • Pins (75)
  • Hats (76)


  • Official Stuffed Animals (77)
  • Pokémon cards (78)
  • Charm Jewelry (79)
  • Apparel (80)

This should round out what any kid would appreciate.

Search within a fandom they enjoy if you’re still stuck.

And keep reading below for ideas anyone would enjoy.

Gift Ideas for Gamer Friends

Our friends are priceless to us, but they’re notoriously hard to shop for!!

I always have to peruse my friends’ shelves for a bit in order to take tally of what geek stuff they have, and what their interests are.

So without the reach to do so, I’ve been a bit lost!

But that’s okay, it turns out they’re easy to shop for, as long as you know what console they prefer.

What to Buy Your Gamer friends

If they like PC games, simply jump on Steam, head over to their Wishlist, and purchase them a game!

Here’s a walkthrough of how to do just that. (81)

You can choose a game within your budget, something for $5, for $70, or anything in-between.

Viewing their profile will allow you to see which games they spend the most time on.

There’s usually expansion packs, or DLC available.

Don’t Starve Together DLCs

For instance, Don’t Starve Together is a single or multi-player game mentioned farther below. It’s full of lore and has an extensive storyline as is.

But if your friend has been playing it a lot, grab them one of the “packs”.

Don't Starve: Shipwrecked (82)

Shipwrecked allows you to enter the sea on boats, and introduces a “dry season”.

Don't Starve: Reign Of Giants (83)

Reign Of Giants includes, well, more giant creatures, with their own motives.

Some want to eat you, some want to destroy your walls.

Don't Starve: Hamlet (84)

Hamlet allows you to explore the pigmen’s domains to new levels.

Pigmen are (normally) docile creatures with the bodies of men, and the heads of pigs, who prefer to live alone in the woods.

It’s important to remember that you can buy DLCs for any games that your friends enjoy, and for multiple platforms.

You can also buy them gift cards from your local store, if you dare.


This one is easy and overwhelming, depending on how your brain works.

It’s okay.

Sims has released a lot of “downloadable content”, meaning things that add on to the original game.

Some of it adds new characters, some adds new furniture, or jobs, or weather. Most people have the SIMS 4, but just check in with them first.

These can be purchased for a friend through your Origin account.

Learn about SIMS 4 DLCs  here on the EA site (85).

You can also buy them content through Steam if their Sims account is linked to their Steam account.

Below are some of the DLCs that can be bought, sorted by what they offer.

Watch their trailers and read about them through Steam.


Sims 4 Paranormal (86)

Sims 4 Paranormal gives you spectral roommates!

Sims 4 Vampire (87)

Sims 4 Vampires gives you new options for making your long-lasting friends.


Sims 4 Tiny Living (88)

Sims 4 Tiny Living lets you move into Tiny Houses, which are all the rage amongst some fun-loving peers.

Sims 4 My First Pet (89)

Sims 4 My First Pet is for fans of Nintendog, or of the old Nintendo DS Vet games.


Sims 4 Discover University (90)

Sims 4 Discover Universityallows you to explore different college options.

Sims 4 Get Famous (91)

Sims 4 Get Famous allows you to become a celebrity.


Sims 4 Snowy Escape (92)

Sims 4 Snowy Escape lets you snowboard and enjoy winter weather!

Sims 4 Island Living (93)

Sims 4 Island Living lets you enjoy tropical weather, and sand.


Many games have skins.

These are changes that make characters in games look different.

Some examples of popular games that allow for skin changes include League of Legends, Overwatch, Among Us, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto, Don’t Starve Together, and more!

If your friend is obsessed with one of these games, you can buy them a skin, or send them some money in-game so that they can purchase whichever ones they want.

Gift Cards

Gifts cards for games are always an easy choice.

If you’re not sure what your friend plays, but you know the console, this is a good option.

The gift cards can be purchased in department stores typically.

Ask if they play Nintendo, Wii, PlayStation, Xbox, or PC.

Then purchase the corresponding gift card.


Nintendo Switch (94) and Nintendo Wii (95) – Nintendo Store

Sony PlayStation (96) – PlayStation store

Microsoft Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (97) – Microsoft store


PC has a few options depending on the games they enjoy.

The most popular is Steam (98) - Steam store

The next is Blizzard (99) - Blizzard store

And EA or Origin (100) - EA store


Not everyone enjoys having headphones on.

Some people want something lightweight.

Others look for the convenience of being able to stand up without worrying about cords.

And still others speak into a mic, and don’t want to cloud their ability to hear their own voice.

It’s important for quality checks.

In this case, it’s perfectly normal to want to wear earbuds.

Famous streamer Sykkuno does the same.

We have some stylish, fun options here.

Athletic Earbuds (101)

For running while wearing them (or playing the WiiU).

Wireless Earbuds (102)

For a wireless option.

Noise cancelling Earbuds (103)

For privacy.

Elf Earbuds (104)

For those who want pointy ears.

Gift Ideas by Systems

Well, not everyone needs new equipment.

Some of our family and friends are amazing at restocking their keyboards and mice.

Some even have multiples!

So what do we buy for them?

Depending on your budget, we can look at new gaming systems, or games themselves!

Nintendo Switch (105)

What to Buy on Nintendo Switch?

This baby is perfect if you’re looking for nostalgia.

Obviously, it’s the later generation of the adored Nintendo DS.

It’s even reminiscent of the GameBoy so many of us grew up on.

It’s easy to hold in your hands, and be converted for use on a tv if you’re brave enough.

The hope is that by this summer, with vaccines rolling out, we can sit together in parties and enjoy the view together.

So buying a Nintendo Switch is both nostalgic and hopeful!

Well, a lot of our friends already bought it!

That’s good, because we can get them some games for it!

Animal Crossing (106)

You may have guessed I was going to say this.

Animal Crossing was THE GAME at the start of quarantine a year ago.

Everyone who could afford it was playing this game, and with good reason.

For one, the design is exceptionally cute.

Little animal-esque friends running around, building a town together.

And all in a device the size of a book.

Then there’s the gameplay itself.

It allows for creativity.

When people were trapped inside, unable to go out and enjoy new sights, they were able to redesign their mini towns in-game.

Interior design is a fun way for gamers to express themselves.

Just think of the SIMS and how much everyone loved that while growing up!

Furthermore, Animal Crossing can easily be played with others.

Once you build a town to whatever theme you want, you can allow others to visit it, and you can visit theirs!

This type of virtual bonding is perfect for couples, siblings, and friends to enjoy each others’ company.

This game is so cute, in fact, that there is a Nintendo Switch version available here (107).

It’s colored for Animal Crossing, but does not include the game.

Pokémon Sword & Shield (108)

Pokémon Sword and Shield came out in 2019, with expansions in 2020.

It features gameplay in the Galar region, based on England and Scotland.

The four legendaries (the prized, god-like Pokémon) are primarily steel based, though there is also a dragon-type and a grass-type.

Pokémon is a classic!

It’s fun to tramp through the long grass, trying to catch a new type of creature.

Especially in a region with so many new Pokémon.

The sights are fun to explore as well, giving the player a wide range to enjoy.

But what if you or your partner has already played through Sword and Shield?

Well, good news!

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will be released in 2021!

It’s actually a remake of the 2006 game.

This is based on the Hokkaido region of Northern Japan.

And later, in 2022, Pokémon Legends: Arceus will be released.

It’s graphics are a huge step up from the old Nintendo versions.

It takes place in the Sinnoh region, but based in the historical past, where you have to save Pokémon.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (109)

I couldn’t NOT include the famous gaming series.

Let’s start with the one with the best soundtrack.

Breath of the Wild was released in 2017 on the Nintendo Switch and WiiU.

The composer, Manaka Kataoka, is famous for her incredible music.

Breath of the Wild is perhaps the most widely-accepted Zelda game out there.

It features Link, a Hylian knight. Hylians are a mythical race that’s akin to elves.

His job is to protect Princess Zelda using the Master Sword, something only he can wield.

The game has very little in the way of instructions, and the protagonist doesn’t speak much.

This allows for hours of immersive gameplay, as Link battles monsters and explores the landscape.

It’s perfect for getting lost in, and if that’s not enough, there’s years of lore to read up on during the player’s off-time.

Breath of the Wild’s plot doesn’t end with the first game, either.

While fans wait for the much-anticipated second installment, they can also look forward to Skyward Sword.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (110)

Available July 2021, this is a prequel to the games.

Link and Zelda will be about 10 years old, just beginning their fantastical journeys.

This game will offer additional lore, and is an enjoyable treat for fans who have fallen for the beloved duo.

PlayStation (111)

What to Buy on Sony PlayStation 5 and PS4?

Say your friend isn’t that big on handheld games.

Maybe the idea of playing on the tv is more fun, but they can’t decide which console to go with.

Or they’ve been playing on an older system.

When the PlayStation 4 was released, I bought it for my boyfriend as a big gift.

I knew he had loved the PS3, so I knew the “upgrade” was a surefire win.

Similarly, he knew I adored the Nintendo DS.

So when the DSi came out, he bought it for me.

And he didn’t just get the mundane version, not that there’s anything wrong with it.

But he got me the Limited Edition Galaxy version!

I’ve cherished it ever since.

The PlayStation 5 is available at several stores, many of which offer coupons on the hundred-dollar purchase.

If you’re looking for something a bit less expensive, check out the games themselves!

Horizon Forbidden West (112)

Available for both the PS4 and PS5, Horizon Dawn was the first game (113).

It won the Golden Calf for Best Interactive game.

The plot follows Aloy, a redhead huntress in a world we don’t immediately recognize.

It follows her explorations, trials, and emotional twists as she navigates and learns more about the world she lives in.

Horizon Forbidden West is the much-anticipated sequel, which follows Aloy even farther into her future, and out of the bounds of the original game.

It’s a PlayStation exclusive, meaning you can’t play this on the PC or Xbox.

Persona 5 Royal (114)

This role-playing series is not for children!

It involves high schoolers who discover that certain people can create worlds where they rule.

It is rather violent.

It also has an anime adaptation for you to enjoy after you conquer the games.

Demon’s Souls (115)

A remake of the old version!

This PS exclusive is, well, pricey.

But that’s due to the graphics being quite literally out of this world.

Boletaria is a land covered in fog.

And released into that thick mist are swarms of creatures that enjoy nothing more than eating your comrades.

Fight as a knight to attempt to drive back the evil, and defeat the cause.

Resident Evil: Village (116)

Much anticipated, we’ve all been waiting for the next Resident Evil installment.

I’ll fill you in if you don’t know about this game.

One of the protagonists, a man by the name of Ethan Winters, finds himself in a wintery mansion.

It’s already inhabited by a coven of monstresses led by Alcina Dimitrescu, who is approximately 9 feet tall.

Ethan has to navigate this terrifying mansion in order to survive.

If you want a sneak peak of the other side of the good vs evil fight, download the free demo here (117).

Play as The Maiden, one of the evil women inside.

To preorder the Deluxe Edition of the game, go here (118).

Xbox (119)

What to Buy on Microsoft Xbox Series X/S and One?

Xbox released Xbox Series S, the new console, in November 2020.

It’s much smaller than the earlier versions, and the resolution upgrades put each game in high specs.

This is good for saving your eyes and having fun for longer.

Since it’s disc-free, it also comes with less worry about games breaking.

They can be bought “digitally”, meaning you can purchase them on the website and simply connect the console to the internet.

Should you move houses, it’s easier to pack the single small console than have to take numerous physical copies of the discs.

The downside is not being able to resell those discs later.

Halo Infinite (120)

Halo, Halo, Halo.

This series has existed for so long that seeing a new installment is, for many, like returning home for the holidays.

This latest game follows Master Chief (which I definitely read as Chef the first couple times) while he explores the landscape in order to save humanity.

This game is also necessary to purchase because it is the last planned standalone Halo game for the next decade.

That’s right, folks.

This is it.

The Last Stop (121)

This is another supernatural adventure, with 3 main characters to play as.

One is a high school child, one is a single dad, and one is a professional woman.

Follow them as their paths cross, and they attempt to understand as the worlds they’re used to are revealed to be part of something more.

This game is actually available on more than just the Xbox, so if you like the premise, you can check it out for the PS and PC, and make your purchasing decisions from there.

Scorn (122)

Scorn is a horror game.

A big-time horror game.

This follows a character of unknown origin, who is thrown into a new world and left to navigate from there.

They’re expected to solve numerous puzzles before making it out of the environment, only to later realize that even the environment is a character.

Nothing is as it seems, and everything has the potential for danger.

Scorn is planned to be available for Xbox as well as for Steam.

It’s set for release in 2021.


Most people would want to purchase their own “personal computer”, but we can go over the games available on the system.

What to Buy on PC Steam, Gog and Origin?

Low-cost games are easiest for some, and that’s okay!

These next ones are often on sale, or naturally priced low.

Among Us (123)

This is another awesome game, which you can actually play for free on your phone.

It became exceptionally famous in 2020, winning Best Multiplayer Game.

It’s the most fun to play with a group of people.

On PC, it’s only $5.

Don’t Starve Together (124)

This game can be played alone or multi-player.

It’s important that you buy Don’t Starve Together, the second game, in order to have multiple options.

Characters are thrown into a world that they have generated, though the layout of the maps change.

From there, the goal is as the title says.

Try not to starve.

There’s no known end to this game, just a constant uphill battle.

You must gather your own supplies, fight your own battles, restock.

The environment goes through seasons, each one with it’s own weather and monsters.

You can play in a sudden death mode, where once you die you cannot come back.

Or you can simply respawn, but with some penalty to your health, sanity, or resources.

Oh, right.

Your sanity matters in this game.

When you go insane, dark shadows can attack you.

And unless your friends are insane, they can’t help.

The Sims 4 (125)

Sims is a classic game, but not everyone has gotten to enjoy it recently.

Be sure to watch for when it goes on sale, once a year.

Don’t mistake Steam’s monthly payments for the same deal though.

They offer online access to special perks for $5 a month.

Purchasing the game requires scrolling down.

Once your friend plays, they can design characters, then move into one of three neighborhoods.

From there, they can build new houses, add furniture, and try to survive.

Some people enjoy working regular jobs and trying to raise a family, while others attempt Challenges the community has created.

Pricey PC Games

Sometimes you just want to treat your friends.

The following games are expensive, but their gameplay, graphics, and storyline are all worth it.

Some include DLC, listed below each option.

Red Dead Redemption 2 (126)

Available on a range of consoles, this game sits at around $60.

It features a cowboy named Arthur Morgan, who must choose who to protect, and who to kill.

You also get an amazing horse.

During quarantine, this game was used by office workers for it’s calming environmental effects.

Read that article here (127).

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition (128)

You may know this game by it’s earlier installments, or from it’s Netflix series.

This follows Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher whose job is to hunt down monsters. He experiences prejudice due to his inhuman nature, as well as having to navigate dangerous political situations. He also gets a horse, much like in Red Dead.

Resident Evil (129)

Resident Evil has multiple installments on PC, based on the films.

We mentioned that Village is coming out in 2021, but Resident Evil 3 is already released.

It takes place in Racoon City, following Jill Valentine as one of the last survivors.

Borderlands 3 (130)

Another series (as most of these are, honestly).

This is a futuristic first person shooter, focused on navigating a torn world. It’s a space western, meaning lawless and dangerous.

Danganronpa (131)

This series is not for the faint of heart! It features high school students who must kill to survive.

It’s more of a visual novel than an adventure game, but it’s proved worthy through the years.

There’s also an anime adaptation.

In-person Games Gift Ideas

Not everyone likes to play online, or sometimes we just want to think of the future, when we’ll be able to play in groups again.

This may seem hopeful, but sometimes that’s a priceless gift.

What is a good gamer gift for someone who like to play in group

Card sets

Some people enjoy collectable cards.

Thankfully, you can find lots available, in plenty of styles.

Harley Quinn (132)

Comic book lovers love her.

Girls love her.

Guys love her.

Everyone loves her.

Enjoy her.

Gold standard (133)

These are for those bougie folks out there.

They’re delivered in a wooden box, each card plated in gold coloring.

Unicorn (134)

You know they’re adorable.

Horror (135)

Horror themed cards are fun to flaunt at parties, or to place in a glass table.

Your choice!

Card series

Pokémon (136)

It’s so popular!

Featured plenty of times on this list, these cards have been around for two decades.

They’re fun, exciting, and always give something new to enjoy.

Many of the sets at the Pokémon Center feature specific Pokémon.

Don’t worry too much when making your decision.

The sets include a large card and a pin, as well as foil cards.

They’re all impressive.

Magic: The Gathering (137)

Also around for decades, Magic cards are a high-strategy version of other card games.

Their art is exceptional, and there’s even (illegal) foils on the market, if you can find them.

This is the most run of the mill site for Magic cards, which are legal to use in games.

But searching for a Commander and building a 100 card deck from there is much more fun.

Local retailers and card shops can help you get started.

Yugioh (138)

Some of those cards are worth a pretty penny.

Check out your local shop for the collectors’ editions, if you know your friend is into those.

Baseball (139)

Baseball cards never fell out of favor, and your uncle or dad might still have a collection.

Find them a series from the year they were born, and watch their eyes crinkle with happiness.

Card games

Exploding Kittens (140)

This game sounds awful, but it’s very funny and no animals are harmed.

It requires quite a bit of strategy in order to navigate.

But it’s also easy enough to play if you don’t feel like exercising your brain.

Tokyo Ghoul (141)

Based on an anime and manga series, this card game is for 2 or more players. It’s highly competitive, with players taking turns to bring the other side crashing down.

Cards Against Humanity (142)

Be warned, this is for adults.

It’s got a lot of dark humor, actually it’s basically entirely dirty jokes, and morbid humor.

But that being said, it’s a wonderful party game for a group of friends.

Play it with your family if you dare.

It’s bound to leave some good memories.

If your friend already owns CAH, feel free to buy them one of the expansion packs.

I’ve listed a few of the tame ones.

Simply scroll down on the site to read about the ones listed.

Green Box – for joking about Hamlet

Theatre Pack – for joking about Hamlet (pt 2)

Geek Pack – for references in pop culture, a geek version

Board Games Gift Ideas

This had to become it’s own category, because there’s so many to choose from!

Board games have been around for some time, but breaking them down is extensive.

What Is a Good Gift for Someone Who Like Board Games

We’re here to explore some of the best, most interesting, and collector’s editions.


Everyone has this game, but these versions are special.

Pokémon Monopoly

I swear this article isn’t sponsored by Pokémon!

But there are three games currently released by them, including

Kanto (143)

Set in the Kanto region, this hard to find game features Charizard and Blastoise on the cover.

Johto (144)

Set in the Johto region, this pricey game features Ho-Oh and Lugia on the cover.

Collector’s Edition (145)

This edition was released in 1999, and as such is rare.

Mario Monopoly

This features the lovable characters from SuperMario!

There’s two games released.

Supermario Collection! (146)

This game can include Sound Effects!

Mario Kart Gamer (147)

This unique version of Monopoly is a racing board game.

The Legend Of Zelda Monopoly (148)

There’s only one version here.

A Collector’s Edition.

Deadpool (149)

This anti-hero edition is available at Barnes & Noble Bookstores.

Attack on Titan (150)

This board game has been commonly out of stock, so try to get it when it’s available.

Sailor Moon (151)

This cute version features artful cards and a fun board.

My Hero Academia (152)

This new game is popular, but pricey in it’s recent release.

Board games continued

Sword of Fellows (153)

A Sword Art Online game, this is a dice roll game for 1-4 players (or teams).

It features 6 characters from the game, including of course Asuna and Kirito.

Confrontation (154)

A Death Note game, this is meant for two players.

One works as L, the other as Kira, both trying to catch the other.

Read the article to understand the premise, and try to track down a copy.

Gift Ideas for Cosplayer

Sometimes, your friend just wants something cute to wear.

Sometimes, your friend is a cosplayer who needs something cute to wear.

What to buy a cosplayer

Let’s look at some of your options.

Obviously, it’s always best to check their Amazon wishlist or ask them directly what they’re looking for.

But if you know what fandom they’re part of, what cosplay they’re doing next, or even what they’re interested in, they’ll like the merch below.


Women’s shirts (155)

Check out these women’s shirts.

White Button-Up (156)

For something plain for plenty of closet cosplays, grab this button-up.

Men’s shirts (157)

Check out these men’s shirt designs.

Black Button-Up (158)

For male-centered cosplays, grab this dark button-up.


Truck Kun (159)

If your friend has a dark sense of humor, buy them a Truck Kun shirt.

You know how Isekai’s start a very specific way?

Well, this recurring character is featured on this shirt.


Jujutsu Kaisen (160)

Worn by Yuji Itadori in the anime, these pants (and the whole set) is cute and comfy.


My Hero Academia (161)

These shoes feature some of the show’s protagonists, including Izuku and Shoto.

They come in a range of sizes, and have some different styles.


Danganronpa (162)

This jacket is from the killer bear in Danganronpa, named Monokuma.


Akali (163)

A character in League of Legends named Akali has a skin featuring a mask.

Ken Kaneki (164)

From Tokyo Ghoul, wear this mask if you want to be scary, or enjoy a closet cosplay.


Pokémon (165)

Pretty self-explanatory, this cute gift is good for an aspiring Trainer.


Naruto (166)

Kakashi wears gloves like these in the anime, which makes them great for a cosplayer.

Fairy Tail (167)

These gloves feature the emblem of the fairy tail guild, though not worn in the anime.

Bungo Stray Dogs (168)

If you want gloves for a BSD cosplay, look here.

In the anime and manga, they’re worn by Chuuya, a member of the Port Mafia.


The One Ring – Lord of the Rings (169)

This ring from the famous book and film series is available here.

It’s made of gold, and engraved with the carving.

Kurapika Chains – Hunter x Hunter (170)

This slave chain bracelet set has five rings, one for each finger.

It’s made of silver colored jewelry, and features various charms.

Tanjiro Earrings – Demon Slayer (171)

These famous earrings worn by Tanjiro aren’t very expensive considering their detail.

Gift Ideas for Gamer Who Has Everything

You’ve made it this far!


We’ve gone over extensive ideas for family members, whether within our household or not.

We’ve even covered friends in general, including the bare minimum for the cosplayers.

But it’s time to move on to the extreme cases.

What to Buy That Friend Who Has EVERYTHING

We all know that one friend who went a bit overboard.

They may have lost their job, or simply been able to move their entire office into an extra room in their house.

Either way, they found themselves with 12+ hours a day to do nothing more than run around on Skyrim pretending it’s 2015.

And then when they send you pictures of their setup, it’s insane.

They have three monitors, two desks, the best gaming chair money can buy (probably got the Mavix after seeing it on a Valkyrae stream).

So what do you buy for them?

They have more money than you, and they have the time to research all the specs!

Don’t have fear!

As amazing as their technology is, all you have to do is take a more artistic approach.

Most of us wouldn’t dream of knocking down apartment walls.

But to make it our own, we’ll put up some posters, and buy a decorative pillow or two.

Do the same for your friend, gamer style.

Collectibles Gift Ideas

I’m not sure who you’re buying this for, but that’s your business.

Sometimes we just want to spoil someone special in our lives.

What Are The Best Unique Gift Ideas

Here’s a collection of collectibles, showcased items, or just plain pricey bits.

It starts small and works up, so get ready.

Dice, dice bags

It would be too hard to list all of the variations available here.

Some people like dice for Dungeons & Dragons, some for other games (like the Sword Art Online game listed above, or Magic: The Gathering), and others just like them for their looks.

We’ll list a few beloved versions, as well as some websites that can fulfill your needs.

Elven Black & Red (172)

These include writing in “Elvish”, and allow for you to enjoy their graceful design.

Pandamonium (173)

These whimsical dice include mini pandas within them.

Dnd Dice (174)

Visit Dnddice.com.

This website has so many dice and their accessories.

They’re good quality and have many unique sets, including more Elven dice, as well as dice that feature objects within.

Kirby Dice Bag (175)

This cute bag will eat your dice up!

Cherry Dice Vault (176)

Found at Wyrmwood, this block holds precious dnd dice that perhaps are too pricey or delicate to be gnashing together like teeth.

Mimic Chest (177)

Based on the creature from Dnd, this chest has teeth! It’ll eat your dice, but watch your fingers!

Wyrmwood (178)

Visit Wyrmwoodgaming.com.

This website features accessories for hardcore Dungeons & Dragons gamers.

They have furniture, dice holders, and many woodworks that a hobbit would be proud of.

Hand-held accessories

Lucy’s Keyring. (179)

Featured in Fairy Tail by a character known as Lucy, this is the key to her celestial powers.

Get it?

It holds each one, which you can buy individually as charms.

Get this for a special someone in your life.

And don’t think it’s just for women, male fans of the series love having the ring too!

Wireless magic charger. (180)

While not specifically from a fandom, it lights up and is an easy, cute accessory for anyone.

This phone charger comes in an array of colors and designs too, so search around for one that matches your room décor.


The Death Note journal (181)

How could we skip this?

It’s sleek black design is perfect in the arms of a Misa Amane cosplayer, or simply resting on your desk.

But we advise against writing your name in it.

Izuku Midoriya journal (182)

From My Hero Academia, this is good for a cosplayer of either Izuku, who owns it, or any of his friends, who would love to see what’s inside.

Izuku Midoriya journal (ruined version) (183)

Fans of the anime or manga will recognize the events that turned this one dirty. Perfect for an angst-themed cosplay.


Gurren Lagann (184)

This cover features Yoko, Kamina, and Simon, the protagonists of the show.

It’s nostalgic for many of the early viewers of this leader in mecha-themed anime.

Avacyn (185)

An angel from Magic: The Gathering, this playmat features her decked in armor.

The artwork, done originally by James Ryman, features Avacyn in the Innistrad storyline.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (186)

This playmat mousepad duo features the incarnations of the Avatar’s forms.

Lamps Aqua Neon Lamp (187)

She’s from Konosuba, Aqua the Goddess of water.

Here, her image has been turned into an adorable lamp!

Kawaii Cat Lamp (188)

This LED lamp changes colors when you tap the cat.

It’s perfect as a present for someone special to you, especially if you want it to keep them company.

PlayStation Blocks (189)

This block set lamp features the four codes of PlayStation.

While they are static, they’re instantly recognizable, and able to be placed in various positions throughout a house with ease.


Sword Art Online (190)

Asuna and Kirito are ready to face-off against the enemy!

Which in this case might be the cold.

Fruits Basket (191)

This blanket features the protagonist Tohru, surrounded by orbs containing the animals of the zodiac.

Danganronpa (192)

Junko stands behind Monokuma with her arms crossed. On either side, they are surrounded by other characters.

Pokémon (193)

Eeveelutions, the fandom’s term for Eevee and her evolutions, decorate this piece in a myriad of colors.


Attack on Titan (194)

This is a special variation of the classic “fire wall” poster.

My Hero Academia (195)

This five-piece poster set is great for a large space.

Shoto’s dual powers of fire and ice rage across either side of him, expanding outward.

Naruto (196)

A five-piece poster featuring two of the show’s protagonists fighting.

There are other editions of this poster as well, including one of Kakashi, and a hyper-realistic close-up of Naruto.

Each one is a mood-setter.

Haikyuu! (197)

This propaganda-styled pop-art poster is of Tobio Kageyama, deuteragonist of the popular volleyball series.

Wall Scrolls

Konosuba wall scroll (198)

Megamin stands, her backdrop the setting sun, presumably before letting loose an Explosion!

The Crimson Demon poses with one hand over her eye, to let you know she’s definitely thinking about it.

Sword Art Online (199)

This features characters from the new edition, but no spoilers on their names yet!

Enjoy the colorful artwork, and the composition as they seem to fall into one another.

Darling in the Franxx (200)

Zero Two lies here in a white dress, with flowers arranged throughout her hair.

For fans who have watched the show through, this art is both thoughtful and nostalgic.

This delicate piece is one of the more elegant from this anime, but there are plenty of options to choose from.

Persona 5 (201)

A pop-art poster reminiscent of the game series, Joker himself is on the cover, surrounding by members of his gang.

It’s odd to see him without his cocky smile, but refreshing all the same.


Cowboy Bebop (202)

The famous words “See You Space Cowboy” line this tapestry.

The cigarillo pack may turn some viewers off, but the dusty color scheme and Wild West theme draw others in.

Sailor Moon (203)

Usagi is pouting on this cute pink tapestry, perfect for a dorm wall. It’s fun, cheery, and inviting.

Mario (204)

Mario and Yoshi fly into the foreground here, asking to land on a child’s wall.

Hunter x Hunter (205)

This colorful fabric features many of the show’s energetic characters.

High Cost Gift Ideas

Sometimes you just have to spoil them, so enjoy the objects below!

What Is a Good Expensive Gift For Gamer

These items may begin tame, but the prices ramp up rather quickly.


Triforce Coffee Table (206)

From the Legend of Zelda games, this is purchasable on Etsy from multiple sellers.

The prices vary to an extreme depending on the materials used.

Some are glass, metal, or even made of wood.

Or, if you’re feeling crafty, you can make it at home following the YouTube tutorial listed here. (207)

This is a good quarantine project, especially as a gift for a loved one.

Prophecy Gaming Table (208)

This table by Wyrmwood is designed for gamers, by gamers.

It’s perfect for Dungeons & Dragons, featuring an inside that opens up.

This courtyard between the sides allows an extensive space for board games, figures, and more.

Plus, it’s customizable, letting you choose add-ons, colors, and more.

Figurines Figurines can actually range in price from the same as a deck of cards, to thousands of dollars.

This depends on demand, size, coloring, composition, and the franchise they hail from.

A lot of it also depends on where the figurine was manufactured, and how far the delicate package has to travel.

We’ll list out some of the well-known ones, to hopefully give you an idea of your options.

The three most expensive options from this list are at the end.

Dabi (Tobi Todoroki) Figure – My Hero Academia (209)

This antihero is walking ominously towards you.

This figure has a wide range of prices depending on where his shipping schedule.

Eren Jaeger Stand – Attack On Titan (210)

His swords are crossed, and likely so is his attitude.

This stand includes the name of the anime underneath, in two languages.

Kamado Nezuko Figurine – Demon Slayer (211)

Nezuko is sitting up on a cardboard box, likely waiting for her brother to be finished with his training for the day.

Rem Figurine – Re:Zero (212)

This Yellow Sapphire version of the maid twin showcases her in a yellow sundress, smiling happily.

It’s a special version, deviating from her typical maid outfit seen in the show.

Yuuki Asuna Figure – Sword Art Online (213)

Yuuki Asuna, the famous protagonist, stands in her Undine version, swinging her sword.

Long blue hair encircles her white and blue dress.

The details on this piece are sharp and clean, lending to it’s overall quality.

Rimuru Tempest Figurine – That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime (214)

This Limited Edition Rimuru Tempest Ultimate Version figurine shows Rimuru in his human form.

He’s standing on top of water, while beginning to conjure a spell before him. He appears to be in the midst of a fight.

His sword, featured in later episodes, is held in his right hand.

Rias Gremory – High School DxD (215)

This edition of Rias features a bunny outfit.

Enough said.


There’s many gifts to buy a gamer.

It can be tricky to figure out, but once you organize items by who you’re buying for, what your price points are, and what their needs are, it becomes easier.

We’re used to buying for our friends and family, but it’s important to get them something that they’ll truly appreciate and make use out of.

In some cases, that’s something truly useful, like a neck massager for dad.

In other cases, it’s simply something pretty, like a letter board for your sister.

While completely different, these are items gamers appreciate.

They bring joy to those around us, and at the end of the day, that is the point.

Our friends and family members have many different desires when it comes to their lifestyles.

This article helps to sort their wants, to line them up in a comprehensive way.

Bookmark this for later, so that you can return to it in the future.

Enjoy, and happy shopping!

Sophia Connelly
Sophia Connelly

We are a really small team of passionate people loving and supporting the independent video game industry. We are also addicts to most new technologies, animes, shows, pop culture, and movies!

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How to become a professional gamer in eSports
15+ Tips To Become a Pro Gamer

by Dubsnatch Team March 28, 2022

So you're likely born with game skills and want to become a professional gamer to venture in the eSports scene? Here are some tips to help you becoming an eSports player.