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Are Gamer Headsets Really Worth It

by Emma Howes January 04, 2022

Are gaming headsets worth it

To fancy the best possible video game experience, you need to remain focused on it.

That means removing outside and possible distractions or unrealistic elements caused by equipment.

Like how a glitching computer screen will remove your focus from the immersion of the visual effects, a scratchy or unclear gaming headset will poison your gaming experience.

But there is an easy way to avoid these concerns.

The best solution to fix these issues is to ensure that your gaming setup is full of top-notch tools, from a hard-working PC or console to a fully functional headset.

Gamer headsets are designed with your comfort and the game's clarity in mind compared to regular ones.

They can turn a boring experience into one full of entertainment.

The better they are, the more quickly you can delve into the game's ambiance, soaking up the visual and audial effects.

On the other hand, loudspeakers are certainly one option for creating the right atmosphere for a loud game.

But they aren't quite so functional around family or neighbors.

While they provide high quality for louder sounds within games, they simply aren't adept at picking up the softer sounds that a gamer may lean into.

Gamer headgears, however, are perfect for the family gamer or one who simply needs to be conscientious of those around them.

They allow you to game throughout the evening hours or at your convenience, regardless of others' schedules.

They can even block out noise, allowing you the pleasure of peace and relative quiet.

Though variations exist depending on your specific environment, they're well worth your needs.

In this article, we'll be discussing how these gaming headsets are better than regular ones, how you can take advantage of their specific features, as well as a few tips for finding a pair you'll come to appreciate.

3 Benefits That Makes Gamer Headsets Worth It

An esports girl with her gamer headset
An esports girl with her gamer headset

Enhance Video Game Experience For all

Gaming headsets are undoubtedly worth it for those looking for a bit more to their gaming experience or those willing to improve their gaming equipment fully.

There are different types, however, depending on your specific lifestyle.

One easy way to break down these differences is to know about your gaming habits and whether you are more casual or a professional gamer.

Casual gamers

Casual gamers are the vast majority of gamers out there.

Most of your gaming buddies are likely casual, meaning that when you meet up, you play for fun rather than for funds.

Depending on the game and the time of day, you may have different groups of people that you enjoy playing with.

Some groups meet in the morning, some attend in the evening, and some simply meet when everyone is on.

Even if you have not yet established a group to be a part of, there are some tips for working with others in the gaming world to impress your teammates and work up the ranks.

Having good headphones is necessary.

Your teammates can't hear you through earphone microphones.

It's just not ideal.

Gaming headphones give your voice a level of clarity that commands respect.

Since being listened to is ideal in a teamwork setting, you must be heard.

Sound pitching is when the sound suddenly jumps, creating an often painful noise.

Good microphones, which gamer headgears tend to come with, avoid this problem.

Their sound quality makes your voice, in turn, more pleasant to hear and allows you to listen to others at a better rate than usual, which makes them easier to listen to.

With the right gear, your voice won't be garbled by this, and neither will your teammates'.

Furthermore, you need to be able to hear your teammates.

A good set of gaming headphones allows you to hear your teammates, as well as the special effects of the game, making them ideal for you to be listening to multiple factors at once.

This, in turn, improves your overall gameplay.

Casual gamers tend to play games for the fun of it, without doing so as a career or part of money-making.

But it is just as crucial for you to have good headphones.

This way, communicating with others on your teams is easier and more fun.

You can spend time getting to know your teammates, working together to solve problems, rather than having issues with your microphone or sound pitching.

When you're relaxing for long hours, it's far better to be able to have a normal conversation at a low pitch than it is to have to shout to be heard.

It also allows you to play more relaxing games, or at least devote less energy to playing the games you enjoy, allowing you to appreciate them more.

Buy gaming headsets and game headphones
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Pro Gamers

Pro gamers need good video game headsets as part of their professional careers.

They must be able to succinctly communicate their needs to their fellow teammates and hear pointers from staff outside of their headgears, especially during team exercises.

They need to be able to be heard soundly and with astounding clarity.

They also need to be able to mute quickly.

The headset needs to be comfortable enough to be worn day in and day out.

Preferably, they choose one with style to get used to its feel.

This way, it's comfortable to wear on competition tournament day and not something new to distract them.

If you're getting into professional gaming, you must choose a gamer headset that will allow you to flourish.

To make the entire gaming process more enjoyable, it needs to meet your specifications.

Fancy Multimedia Advantages

Eboy streaming and commenting his game playthrough
Eboy streaming and commenting his game playthrough

Excellent for music listening

Gaming headsets are ideal for listening to music too.

They allow the listener to enjoy the layered sounds within a musical piece.

Some employ multiple speakers to hear from different angles, seemingly giving the music more depth.

It makes it easy to listen to an orchestra, many of which are featured in anime opening songs and genuinely enjoy different aspects of the music.

Some softer or deeper-toned instruments cannot be heard without the correct equipment simply because of their pitch and breadth of sound.

Even Useful In Working Environments

Having the right headphones for work is essential as well, especially when you have to work from home.

Gaming headphones function very well in work environments, even if your workplace is actually your own house.

Because they allow your voice to be so direct, they work well for calls.

Because they have such a range of sounds, they work well to listen to multiple directives at once.

Furthermore, they tend to be durable and are often worn for long periods while remaining comfortable.

They're less likely than regular headphones to break down quite so quickly.

Also, as mentioned before, many headgears for gamers have some level of noise cancellation.

It's absolutely key to either getting a much-needed break or simply focusing on your duties in an office environment.


Video game headgears with a mic work well for Zoom because they often allow users to change volumes quickly and discreetly, which means that volume adjustments can be made respectfully.


They are ideal for Skype because they allow for high sound quality, meaning that each user can be easily heard.


They also work well for Discord as some companies use this tool daily on their voice channels.

Furthermore, as the platform is built with a gamer-first focus, there are a lot of chances that your gamer headgears are compatible with.

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Shop headset holders and headphone stands on Dubsnatch

Compatibility With Multiple-Platforms

Headphones remaining multiplatform is essential.

They're a special purchase that often doesn't require adapters, which for many is invaluable in its ease of access, cost-efficiency, and maintenance.


Many phones come with their own sets of earphones.

Still, gaming headgears allow noise to be blocked out and allow one to easily switch from their phone back to a gaming console when they arrive home.


Computers, in general, are best used with audio headgear for gamers.

They're typically unmatched in sound quality and overall experience.


Headphones tend to be ideal for laptops.

They're simply ergonomic, easily portable, and easy to maintain.

That being said, they sit at the top of the gamer headphones types available.

They come with a wide range of outputs, which can be used even for USB or jacks.

Some can be folded, allowing for more accessible transportation, and many are durable enough to withstand commutes.

Esports full setup for competitive game matchs
Esports full setup for competitive game matchs

Xbox Series X, Series S, and One

The Xbox One games tend to be loud, which means headphones with a mic are ideal when playing during the evening hours.

Newer Xbox games for Xbox Series X and S include hefty amounts of ambiance and sound effects that are too soft to be adequately fit in lesser models.

PS5 and PlayStation 4

PS4 games involve plenty of team-based environments, which require good communication.

PS5 games have such wide ranges of sound that it's essential to pick up on them for the sake of the game's enjoyment.

Nintendo Switch

Even if the Nintendo Switch fancy more enjoyable games to play with family and a group of friends, it's still possible to connect your audio device with BlueTooth technology.

An adapter could then be plugged into the console to connect your headset.

Buy gaming merch on Dubsnatch
Buy gaming merch on Dubsnatch

Playing with a gaming headset with a mic is a changing experience.

You will likely have to consider all the benefits it can provide you and those you are playing with.

They are totally worth it for these reasons, especially when you can find price ranges that fit your budget, whatever it is.

And for all features provided, it is worth it to pick one.

After all, their audio quality is more than just enjoyable, and the resulting gameplay is getting better.

There are plenty of options available, including ones for a small budget, high-end esports headsets, some featuring LEDs lights, some even wireless, and so on!

They can even be purchased based on your video gaming room theme for a perfect gamer setup style fit.

Emma Howes
Emma Howes

She is a huge League Of Legends gamer and passionate about Asian different cultures.

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