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13+ Egirl Outfit Ideas You Are Going To Love

Egirl outfit ideas you are going to love

Are you an egirl looking for lovely outfit ideas?

Over the last few years, many new trends have appeared in the female gamers community, and some modern style standards have started to be defined.

Many of these new trendy looks are formed from artistic adaptations of famous characters in video games, anime, and popular music.

Whether you are looking to stream your video game playthrough on Twitch, Youtube, or Facebook gaming or share your last trendy videos on Tik Tok and Instagram, you'll probably have to define how you should dress up for your next event.

After all, having a particular look can help someone gain a nice following base and attract significant attention from an audience.

In essence, a suitable appearance helps to be noticeable.

But don't worry, no need to look furthermore, you got covered!

In this article, you'll discover non less than 13 clothing ideas for e-girl that you, your family, your friends, or even your followers are sure to appreciate!

13+ Stylish Egirl Outfit Ideas

Egirl Clothes

Happy egirl streaming a playthrough with her beanie
Happy egirl streaming a playthrough with her beanie


When streaming, your outfit must be pleasing.

After all, you're facing an audience.

You want the colors to be pleasant on-screen and the look to be coherent.

In addition, you want whatever you wear to be cute!

A quintessential egirl wears the best gaming shirts available!

They're fun, they're comfortable, and they're interesting to see.

For instance, a simple black t-shirt may seem tedious.

Still, paired with a colorful background in your video gaming room and some festive jewelry, it's perfect!

In addition, if you're comfortable, it'll be easier for your viewers to be pleased.

They want to know that you're relaxed and having fun.

Wearing an oversized tee is easy to accomplish this look without getting too dressed up.

You're going to want a fun design on the tee as well.

It's an excellent way to express your sense of humor or what types of styles you enjoy.

Graphic tees, of course, cover a wide range of styles.

But while you're going for an e-girl look, it's best to stick to gamer and anime themes.

Pick shirts with anime-styled faces on the front or with bold gaming typography.

As long as it's artistic, too, you can work with anything anyway.

The shirt is just the base!

Buy gaming shirts and video game tees on Dubsnatch
Buy gaming shirts and video game tees on Dubsnatch


When posing for TikTok or Instagram, a hoodie is an easy way to stay warm during photoshoots!

And they don't look boring.

Firstly, streaming girl styles incorporate hoodies from the' ole alternative scene style as a holdover.

While the modern versions may not have stripes or thumb holes (usually), they are still a staple.

Secondly, the women streamer version of hoodies can go a lot farther in terms of style.

Many of the fashion trends around hoodies have, in the past, depended largely on the patterns found within the fabric.

Nowadays, it's more about the shape and embroidering.

Some streamer girls choose to wear crop top hoodies, showing off a cute belt or a patterned shirt underneath.

Some wear sweatshirts with graphics on the front or embroidered designs on the hoods that remind them of their favorite characters.


Skirts, in general, are standard in streamer girl looks.

They're relatively easy to wear, and they can turn an ordinary outfit into something adorable.

Plus, they're easy to accessorize, so even if you start out with only one, you can make plenty of different 'looks'.

There are plenty of styles to discover, so let's break them down further.

Plaid Skirts

Plaid as a pattern has been around since the 1700s, originating in Scotland.

Well-off families initially used it to keep warm.

It moved on to being commissioned for military use and eventually became common in the rock scene.

Streaming ladies wear this pattern for its bold stripes and grunge history.

Pleated Skirt

Pleats in skirts also became common in Scotland!

But wrinkles in clothing have been around for thousands of years, helping to spice up a regular outfit.

Since the lines lead straight down from the waist, it's an aesthetic style choice for everyone.

The shadows created by the pleats give the impression of movement even in a still photo, lending an extra edge on Instagram.

Skater Skirt

Skater skirts are a simple design.

They're typically worn above the knee, reaching up over the hips.

They're circular, without pleating or variation in the length of the fabric.

Skater skirts tend to be on the shorter side, but they used to be worn with tights, leggings, or with shorts underneath.

They offer a lot of variation in legwear and can be worn during colder months because of this.

Tulle Skirt

Tulle fabric is a fancier fabric as far as mainstream clothing goes.

It's lighter, gauzy, and usually paired with some sort of 'under' fabric because it tends to be see-through.

It's the same type of fabric commonly used in wedding veils.

For streaming ladies, tulle is perfect for a skirt that edges towards the gothic variety.

Paired with floral net tights or heels, it offers an eccentric, elegant look.

Gamer girl talking with her teammates in a game session
Gamer girl talking with her teammates in a game session


Beanies are a fun way to accessorize any girl streamer outfit.

Have a bad hair day?

Throw a beanie on!

Have a good bangs day and want to frame your face?

Toss on a beanie!

They're good regardless of the weather.

In addition to the colors, you can choose from, place your favorite pins on the brim of your beanie to add a little something extra to your look!


E-girl dresses are trendy this season!

There are so many to choose from, and lots to enjoy!

In essence, there are skater dresses, which have the same base as a skater skirt, but the top is a tank top.

There are gothic-inspired dresses with bat wings and black lace, which are always a good option when paired with boots or fine jewelry.

Corset dresses have also just made a comeback, and they are so cute! True to their name, the front or back is often laced with a corset, whether faux or functional.

This lacing draws the eye to the waist or the skirt, depending on placement.

Pair that with some bows in your accessories, and your streamer girl look has stepped up a notch.

Plus, following quarantine, corsets, in general, have risen in popularity on social media.

Buy gaming merch on Dubsnatch
Buy gaming merch on Dubsnatch


Patterned sneakers are usually high-tops this year with some form of a dark design.

White sneakers are always popular, but adding black laces makes them cuter.

Platform sneakers are also fun since chunky sneakers are so loud and exciting!

In the past, a pastel color was used, but nowadays, dark colors are all the rave for this shoe style.


Boots are intensely popular this season too.

They can draw an entire look together with minimal effort.

Platform Boots

Platform boots are boots that stand taller than the rest! In addition to adding some height for you, they're also a loud style that demands attention. So if you want all eyes on you, or just want the height without the danger of heels, try these.

Military Boots

Military boots pair exceptionally well with a plaid and pleated skirts, precisely because of their history together.

But in addition to the obvious, military boots are just hot!

Always have been, always will be.

This season is entertaining because some stores are showing off pink boots!

A lovely pastel shade.

Hot pink is doable but usually requires an entirely bold look.

Also available are lavender boots, which are easy to coordinate with a cute shirt or some festive makeup.

Egirl Accessories

Gamer girl streaming with cat ears headphones
Gamer girl streaming with cat ears headphones

Accessories are essential for any streamer girl outfit idea.

E-girls tended to wear heavy, bold, layered chains in the past.

And then their hair accessories dipped over towards pastels and butterfly hair clips.

This season, we see a healthy mix and some alternative additions.


Cute purses are another way for girl streamers to express themselves this year. Many come in shapes such as coffins or beloved characters from tv shows, or are even stylized like unicorns!

And like the beanies, adding on pins or patches is a simple way to individualize an essential part of many peoples' everyday lives.

Clip chain belts to your bag as well, as a holdover from the early streamer girl days.


Girl streamer necklaces stick to their common trends for another year, albeit with brighter colors!

While the boots have gone pastel, necklaces are trending towards warm colors this year!

Of course, silver is a well-known streamer lady color, which can be used with most outfits fairly simply.

Layer necklaces for a complete look, and switch up 'textures'.

Let some of the necklaces be chains, one piece of jewelry be leather, and another one be a snake chain for a different appearance.

Chain necklaces are typical of cute outfits, the same way that black eyeliner is.

So it's important to add but break up the monotony with some other critical items.

This is why leather and lace are so important.

A romantic aesthetic is perfect for the coming year.


Some woman streamers use wigs to change their appearance drastically.

It's a straightforward way to change up styles when someone feels like dressing up.

It's also easier for streaming if someone wants to have a specific look while streaming.

Some people may work jobs that don't allow for certain hairstyles, in which case they may opt for a wig rather than dyed hair.

They're a versatile option, albeit tricky to style.

This year, red wigs are growing in popularity.

Red has always been a distinctive hair color, but it seems to emerge as one of the most favorite this year.

And, of course, a straight black wig with straight bangs is an e-girl favorite.

Tie space buns in on either side just to spruce up the look, and add ribbons over the hair ties to help accessorize.

As for hair clips, try anything that sparkles.

It helps to take some of the attention from the rest of the outfit.

It also pairs nicely with glitter eyeshadow, which takes precedence in the holiday season for streamer woman makeup.

Winged eyeliner especially looks good with wigs since the bangs can be styled so easily.

And if you're not one to enjoy an entire wig, consider clip-on bangs!

Girl streamer won her game round
Girl streamer won her game round


Bracelets are an excellent addition to a lady streamer aesthetic.

For this piece of clothing, opt for simple bands, such as cords or leather straps.

But, be on the lookout for friendship bracelets.

They're charming and coming back into style due to many people emerging from quarantine, back into school, and their workplaces in person.


Earrings for women streamers are so fun!

Split them up so that neither side is the same.

It's fun to have multiple ear piercings, but of course, never a necessity.

If need be, you can also use clip-on earrings, which are starting to garner more support for anyone who can't have their ears pierced.

As for styles, think pink, cute, and edgy.

Adorable accessories are in this year and perfect for soft girls.

Bunnies with knives, a smiling strawberry on one side, and an axe on the other.

It fits with the pink military boots and the sparkling eye makeup.

Headset (Gaming and Anime-Inspired)

Gaming and anime headsets cannot be left out of the equation when referencing streaming trends!

Cat ears are a fan favorite, but headphones with LED ear cups have become more appreciated these last few months.

Grab a pair with both if you really want to stun your audience.

Add some colorful hair clips to the look to frame your face.

You want attention drawn towards your eyes and cheeks.

This is a staple of girl streamer looks, which takes inspiration from anime.

Buy gaming headsets and game headphones on Dubsnatch
Buy gaming headsets and game headphones on Dubsnatch

E-girl trends are beginning to form specific styles to rely upon.

These include graphic shirts with gaming designs, skirts with plaid patterns, loudly impressive boots, and fun jewelry.

Mixing these outfit ideas before your next streaming will surely make your audience engaged and in love with your unique style!

Please enjoy this guide, and let me know how you dressed up for your last stream on Instagram!

Sophia Connelly
Sophia Connelly

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